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Thanks Denny!

mmmm... after 4 days of fermentation i checked the FG in this moment and is already in 1.005... thats aprox 7.5% abv at this moment... so i adding 1 pound of dextrose to the fermentor... how much will add in alcohol.... please help!

yes! really the worst part is time wating,

i agree! thanks Joe Sr.!
wow, what a pleaseant smell in the airlock, first time i use a WLP500,... wow

i forgot to stablilize the mash with salts, otherwise have had better results and efficiency... >:( :(
i learned the lesson now
well Joe, i think im going for dextrose disolved in hot water then cooled, just for precaution for me, don't want to fail on this too...

cheers! Al

si, if im right adding 1 pound of sugar (dex) will aporting 9 points? 1.062 a 1.009 = 1.071

thanks Nateo, good advice!

Well, yesterday i was making my first attempt to a tripel, but saddly for me i missed the OG  with a final 1.062 instead a 1.080, i just add a pound of Dextrose at 10 min before the boiloff, of 13 punds of grains ( 5 gal batch)... so i heard a method of adding table or corn sugar after fermentation takes off most of the sugars...
can anywone help me with this issue? it is safe? how much sugar do i have to add?



it turns good afterall, i make an infusion and tastes greats, i add it chamomille also a little bit of pepercorns

As for the OP's situation, I'd probably add the spices to the hot bottling sugar, steep for 10min or so, then bottle.

i was thinking that procedure too, but i was a little confused about the results dextrose-coriander-dried bitter orange peel,...

well, so i"ll be trying a little bit with a sample and let you know how it ends


hi everyone, i made a mistake in my last brew: while i was brewing a witbier i decided to open a beer, then a second one, a third one (in the boiling process) so, when i was closing the fermentor after i pitched the yeast... gsus!, i forgot to add the coriander and orange peel!!!
So, my question is, can i make a tea infusion with these spices and then add it to the bottom of the bottling bucket just before i add the sugar and the beer?? should it help to flavor while conditioning in bottle? or just save it for my next brew....
im bottling tomorrow


me too!
interesting thing uh??

All Things Food / Re: Bagels
« on: April 02, 2012, 06:46:50 PM »
they look very good and tasty Euge, is been so long since i baked my last bagels
like the color

All Things Food / Re: They're Baaaack (pic)
« on: April 02, 2012, 06:43:02 PM »
ataulfo mangos, that's reminds me that in the next weekend i'll be making some special ceviche using mango. The combination sweet-and the sourness of the lemon with fresh halibut gives you a nice way to spend the afternoon with a nice beer beside...

that salsa looks very tasty

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