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Homebrew Con 2018 / Re: Homebrewcon 2018 -Who is Going?
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:55:05 PM »
I'm registered. I'll be there for a week (26 June - 3 July). I've been to Portland, OR. eight times since 1993 [This is the 25th Anniversary of the Chicago Beer Society's "Crazy Train" from Chicago to Portland.]. Last there in August 2014.
I am seeking a hotel room roommate. :)

Homebrew Con 2018 / Homebrew Conference hotel roommate
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:43:40 PM »
Another year, another A.H.A. National Homebrew Conference. :D
Yet another year when I seek a roommate for one of the A.H.A. conference hotels.
I'll strive to keep this terse. I will spend seven days in Portland, OR. This will include days both before and after the three days of the conference [28-30 June]. I will not stay all seven nights in one of the official conference hotels. One hundred eighty nine dollars a night is beyond my budget. It might not even go far enough for me to be the only occupant of an official conference hotel for three nights.
I suspect there are other people attending who are in a similar situation. Last year in Minneapolis, MN., I did hook up with somebody else (from Florida). This year, he has an area roommate who will be in Portland with him.
I've visited Portland eight times since 1993. I know where are the less-expensive hotels along Sandy Blvd. NE towards PDX Airport. However, the lowest rate is commonly advanced-booking-only without cancellation availability, so I cannot make a provisional reservation to any of them.
I have no preference for or against any of the official conference hotels.
So if you need (or want) a roommate for the conference, please contact me. Message me here, or E-Mail fbwknd1.pudgym29 @
   Steve De Rose 8)

Events / Re: Share Hotel Room for NHC?
« on: April 17, 2015, 09:24:12 PM »
Did you get a confirmed response yet?
I am booked into the Conference.
I have lousy luck at sharing a room with another Conference attendee. From 2011-13, I thought I had somebody with whom to share a room, but all three years, the other person bailed out less than a week before it began. (In one instance, he completely dropped the Conference.)
Last year in Grand Rapids, MI., I did not even try to get a roommate. I found a cheap motel room on the route #9 bus from downtown to Walker and stayed there. Was not a crimp on my after-hours socializing. ;)
I will share a room at any of the official hotels. My contingency would be the Super 8 Motel, just beyond the underpass from the Town & Country. Respond here, or send an e-mail to cbs-hb05.pudgym29 [at] {Know: I check e-mail once, maybe twice, a day.}

Events / NHC 2014 - Lottery System for Registration?
« on: March 10, 2014, 07:01:13 AM »
AHA NHC attendance going from 1,800 in Seattle in 2012 to 3,000 in Philadelphia in 2013 was predictable and understandable since it was the first NHC held on the U.S.A.'s east coast since Orlando, FL. in 2006. (Cincinnati, OH. in 2008 was Eastern Time, but not east coast. Baltimore, MD. in 2005 was the prior time in the mid-Atlantic.)
For Grand Rapids, MI., the cities which conceivably might motor in and out are triangulated by Madison, WI.; St. Louis, MO.; and Pittsburgh, PA. I will be driving from Chicago, IL. I suspect a lot of beer people from here haven't been to an NHC since 2010. I am unsure how soon I will arrive in Grand Rapids, but I will get back to Chicago on Sunday.
Now to find a hotel room for these nights. Ehh boy: I have a rough time dealing with hotels for NHC. For the last three years, the person who had agreed to share a hotel room with me dropped out within a week of the NHC and I got stuck for the entire humungous hotel tab. :P
Gazing at the list of prior NHCs, the most eyebrow-raising location which has not hosted in a long time would be somewhere in Wisconsin.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Who's going to NHC?
« on: June 25, 2013, 10:16:52 PM »
You and me both, buddy!  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find decent beer in Surprise, AZ?
My condolences about your mother, Denny.

If I recall correctly, I think Arizona has both Leinenkugel's and Genesee. In Los Angeles, CA. in 2001, somebody had to bootleg Genesee Cream Ale from Arizona for a seminar.

{O.K. When was there the homebrewers' conference in Milwaukee, WI.? I know I wasn't registered.} :-\

Oh, one last thing: I am looking for a roommate for Thursday - Saturday. I have a room at the Courtyard for those three nights.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Who's going to NHC?
« on: June 25, 2013, 04:59:57 AM »
Let's see. This is the 20th Anniversary of the fabled "Crazy Train" from Chicago, IL. to Portland, OR. {It'll never let us get away with that again!} I still have the T-Shirt, the green jacket, the neck glass, the early-90s Chicago Beer Society cap, and even the Genesee Cream Ale soft-sided luggage. Probably only the T-shirt, neck glass and cap will be in Philadelphia, PA.
Which AHA Conferences have I attended? Hmmm...
  • 1993 - Portland, OR.
  • 1995 - Baltimore, MD.
  • 1996 - New Orleans, LA. (CBS wins Homebrew Club of the Year)
  • 1997 - Cleveland, OH. (Have that T-shirt too.)
  • 1998 - Portland, OR.
  • 1999 - Kansas City, MO.
  • 2000 - Livonia, MI.
  • 2001 - Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2002 - Irving, TX.
  • 2003 - Chicago, IL.
  • 2010 - Bloomington, MN.
  • 2011 - San Diego, CA.
In 1994, I was a World Cup Soccer volunteer during June; I made a cameo appearance one night in Milwaukee, WI.

I will be motoring in from Chicago this year. Wednesday night will be in Youngstown, OH. I hope to get to the Marriott by 4:00 pm on Thursday.

Events / NHC 2013 Hotel?
« on: February 05, 2013, 11:21:41 PM »
The Philadelphia Downtown Marriott has already sold out. :P
The AHA has noted that its next hotel is the Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown, but it has not yet posted booking information on its registration W-WW page.
Looking at my AAA Tourbook, other hotels in the vicinity include the aforementioned Residence Inn by Marriott, the Loews Philadelphia, a Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City, and a Hampton Inn Center City.
I have managed to register for the entire conference, and shall be motoring (from Chicago). I am seeking somebody with whom to share a room for Wed-Sat (or Thu-Sat) of the conference.
The last time I was in Philadelphia, I found an unmetered parking spot two blocks away from a subway station. I parked the car there, rode the subway to my events, and checked back on it the next day (moving it slightly). Obviously, it was still there, and hadn't suffered any damage. ;)
I'll be checking this thread for more information about parking. Thank you.

Events / Re: AHA NHC Hotel accommodation
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:14:30 AM »
Hello again, everybody.
I just moved on my flight to San Diego. I had to pull back to the 15th, because Southwest's airfare for the 16th went up, but its fare on the 15th went down.
I have sent both a PM and an E-Mail to hunderdog indicating my willingness to share the room with him for the 16th & 17th. It is still available for the 18th. I suspect it will be in demand by then.
As it is, I am staying in southern California through the 28th. I'll be going to Los Angeles (Pasadena) to cover the CONCACAF Gold Cup™ Soccer Final on Sat., the 25th.

Beer Travel / Tokyo?
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:31:39 AM »
There are lots of solid beers available in Tokyo (& Yokohama). :)
I link to some beerworthy English-language World-Wide Web sites on my regular bookmark page.
But I'll break out these two:
1) Boozelist (Chris Chuwy tries to annotate what beers are on tap at scores of beer bars in Tokyo [including the Tama region] and Yokohama.)
2) Japanese Craftbeer events ("Beerkat" [Rei-chan] denotes upcoming beer events, at beer bars, and detached venues.)
Baird has two brewpubs in Tokyo: In Naka-Meguro and in Harajuku; and a third brewpub in central Yokohama.
If you want more venue suggestions, please request them here. 8)

Events / AHA NHC Hotel accommodation
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:12:36 AM »
Hello, everybody. I am Steve “Pudgy” De Rose.
I am attending this year's AHA NHC in San Diego, CA.
I post here and now because this year, I managed to book a room at the Town & Country.
But $139 | night hotel rooms put a damper on my enjoyment, and a crimp in my budget. :P
So I offer accommodation in my room for one person who is willing to share this room and halve the price on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.
I have not yet booked my flights. At this moment, it looks as though I'll fly into SAN on Thursday morning, arriving at 11:00 am {Southwest}. But this could change to Wednesday or Tuesday, in which instance I would need to share a room at the Town & Country for that night(s). :D
If there is anybody out here looking to lower their hotel cost, please respond here, or via a private message. Thank you.

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