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Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Stir plate question
« on: January 03, 2013, 08:21:55 PM »
Do you bother cold crashing if you are planning on brewing in the next few days or would that be if you wanted it to keep longer?

If it is an ale starter, and on the lower end (i.e. 1 liter or so, I'll pitch it right in ).  Anything bigger or if it's for a lager, I cold crash and decant, then pitch. 

If you have a few days, cold crash, decant, and pitch it.  You may want to let it warm up a bit if you are pitching at ale temps as well.

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Stir plate question
« on: January 03, 2013, 03:30:12 PM »
It depends.  Some people like to pitch ales at high krausen (18-24 hours) and some like to ferment out, decant and pitch ( 24-36 hours depending on the strain ). 

But either way, the stirplate runs for the whole time. 

The Pub / Re: PC help - dern wifi won't work
« on: January 02, 2013, 06:05:43 PM »
Yeah...what Tom said.  Dell in their infinite wisdom made a change to some of their laptops where you had to press the FN key when you want to use F1, F2, etc functions.  And of course, the F2 key, which is what most programs use as edit, just happened to be the wireless toggle.  That one pissed my off for a while.

The newer laptops we have are now back to normal ( i.e. you want F2, press F2 ).

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Hop Pellets
« on: January 02, 2013, 02:35:30 PM »
I use a hop spider (cheap 'n' easy to build ):

The bag is loose enough for water to exchange during the boil.  It seems to work well for a several ounces hop recipe, but something like Pliny would be pushing it (1 gallon paint strainer bag).

All Grain Brewing / Re: first AG questions
« on: January 02, 2013, 02:18:55 PM »
This is the grain bill from the 6 gallon Can you Brew it? version.  Does their grain bill look similar to this, when you adjust it down for 3 gallons? 

11 lbs 1 2.5 oz  Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)  86.9 %
1 lbs 5.8 oz      Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L (80.0 SRM) 10.1 %
6.1 oz             Chocolate Malt (350.0 SRM)  2.8 %
0.4 oz             Black (Patent) Malt (500.0 SRM) 0.2 %

As far as my mash tun, I do the same as above...dump and rinse.  Maybe I'll take it apart once a year and give it a thorough cleaning ( 72 coleman xtreme rectangular cooler - blue of course  ;) )

The Pub / Re: Happy New Year
« on: January 02, 2013, 01:54:25 PM »
Happy New Year!!!

My resolution is to take my work more seriuosly and not spend a lot of time on the brewing forums during working hours...

DAMN!!  Oh well, maybe next year!  8)

I'm brewing a German Pilsner on New Year's Day, using the yeast that is working on my Munich Helles right now.

That is if it stops doing this crap:

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Christmas Presents
« on: December 27, 2012, 01:29:21 PM »
We got some earthenware steins from my sister in law.  Got a barley crusher (tm) for my birthday (today).
Happy Birthday!  The BC is an awesome gift...

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Christmas Presents
« on: December 26, 2012, 09:48:34 PM »
My wife got me "Beer Lovers New England" by Norman Miller.  Looks like it's going to be a great reference for brewery-hopping this spring and Summer.

She also got me a document box, with hanging files and folders.  I know, not really a brewing present, but she constantly hears me complaining about all the paper in the brewhouse ( i.e. basement ).  Between recipes, water reports, certificates, other misc notes, etc., it's a mess.  Probably going to be one of the more useful "brewing" gifts I got.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Home Depot Deal of the Day!!
« on: December 19, 2012, 02:53:26 PM »
Nah...I have a six tap chest freezer kegerator.  I just thought it was funny it is on sale at Home Depot.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: cold break
« on: December 17, 2012, 02:28:35 PM »
You need to add an end square bracket to the image "]"

I copy the link to view it...nice cold break layer.  I do this with lagers and cannot believe how much cold break there is the next day I transfer.  Sometime I have a hard time getting 5.5 gallons transferred even when I've filled my better bottle to almost the top from the kettle.

« on: December 11, 2012, 09:05:45 PM »
Can y'all do that to the 49ers next weekend?


No problem.  I'll send Bill and Tom a text right now.  ;D

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: AHA Membership
« on: December 11, 2012, 02:13:27 PM »
Happy Birthday AHA!

Are these guys going to play at the birthday party?

« on: December 11, 2012, 11:00:27 AM »
Who-ston? Thanks to Staples for sending the button, "Well, that was easy"

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