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For you Opie and Anthony fans, this guy is the same dummy(along with an assistant) they had a sound bite on concerning some type of beer related legislation(if memory serves, it was about allowing higher alcohol beers to be sold); "what's wrong with beer we got? It drank pretty good..." SMH...

I loved O&A when they were local hosts in the Boston area.  Whip'em Out Wednesdays ( WOW ) were the best!!!!  Then they had to get fired for that April Fool's joke about Mayor Menino being killed in a car accident in Florida.  Haven't listened to them since they went to pay radio.

I'm not sure I agree with the adjustments to the bill with lowering the amounts and taking mead out of the equation.  I really don't think it will matter with these people.  Someday I believe they will turn it around.  I'm just glad the rest of the country isn't following suit.

I saw it after seeing the Facebook post this morning.  Truly unbelievable!

Let's hope the AHA and Alamba homebrewers can educate these folks!

"What is M-E-A-D anyways?  ::)

Also...if there's a bootlegger in your county and you know where he is...arrest him.  It's probably that guy's next door neighbor!  Geez!

The Pub / Re: new kinda mosquito repellent?
« on: June 03, 2011, 12:11:01 PM »
Mosquitoes area attracted to CO2

Fine.  Bite me all you want, but stay away from my kegerator!!!!
No mosquito-bourne diseases for this homebrewer.  I take no chances.   It's DEET for me!

After seeing what Babalu is going through right now, you can be sure that the family and I get covered head to toe in bug repellent.

Ingredients / Re: Show us your Hops 2011!
« on: June 01, 2011, 06:42:52 PM »
First major thunderstorm of the season and tornado watches in NH, so hopefully I'll have hops to take a picture of when I get home. 

The Pub / Re: Bucket List
« on: June 01, 2011, 06:08:11 PM »
My wife and I are going to Maine for 2 weeks, something we've always wanted to do but never took the time.  We always spend our vacations with either hers or mine family, but for our 30th anniversary it's all about us this time.

Enjoy!!!  Maine is awesome.  Portland is a good beer city too.

The Pub / Re: Universal Studios Orlando - Beer Hell!!!
« on: June 01, 2011, 06:06:44 PM »
On a side note, I went to Seattle two weeks ago and found a place called the "Tap House Grill", an ultimate beer heaven with 160 beers on tap.   :o  Made it through samples of 12....  Only 148 to go!!!! ;D

Maybe I can check this place out next June  ;)

The Pub / Re: Universal Studios Orlando - Beer Hell!!!
« on: June 01, 2011, 06:06:00 PM »
Every tap in the place (and that's a lot) was a sour of some sort.
On purpose I hope  :D

At least I know when I go to Disney, I can get Spaten Optimator in Germany at the World Showcase.

Beer Travel / Re: Love this board
« on: June 01, 2011, 12:32:50 PM »
This is a great board for anyone who has ever seen the rude comments posted on other boards. 

Yeah...bite me.  ;D 

I agree with you.  I know if I did a search on BA for recommendations for an area, there would be a bunch of threads, but sometimes it nice to get new, updated information.  Maybe that pub or bar is having a special event coming up or a limited release that only the locals know about.

I grew up in Vermont and the aswer their is (again in my opinion)

The Three Needs on College St, in burlington. And while your their hit up Vermont Pub and Brewery.

I grew up in VT as well and attended UVM.  Where is Three Needs located on College St?

VT Pub and Brewery is always a stop when I visit Burlington, like next month for the VT brewer's Festival ( haven't been able to make it for the past 3 years...really looking forward to it this year ).

The Pub / Universal Studios Orlando - Beer Hell!!!
« on: May 31, 2011, 03:24:39 PM »
I just got back from Universal Studios Orlando and the first thing I did was get a beer from the kegerator.

Talk about a craft beer lovers hell!  The best I could find was a Newcastle on draft at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Margarittaville had Landshark Lager which wasn't too bad but I'm not running out to the store to get it.

We didn't have a car and stayed at one of the onsite hotels.  I got a little excited when I say a street cart in one of the parks that had "Beer" on the awning only to find out that it was Bud or Bud lite.  I did have a Hogsmeade Ale at the Harry Potter park...again not the best but better than nothing.

Hopefully these parks will realize that after a full day in the heat with screaming kids and rude people, that we craft beer lovers would like some options.

Fun time with the family though.  Glad we went.

Got my scoresheets today...nothing advancing but I already knew that.

Got a 36 in American Barleywine...I'm pretty syched about that.  Especially since I still have a few bottle in the basement.

Other Fermentables / Re: Maple "Mead?"
« on: May 20, 2011, 06:57:35 PM »

Here's a place in NH that uses Maple Syrup, although I don't think the use 100% syrup and no honey.

The Pub / Re: Post your local Gas Prices here...
« on: May 20, 2011, 05:56:24 PM »
Gas is only $.22?!?!?!  WOOHOO!!!!  :D that one wrong!  ;)

Janis had posted earlier this week that the organizer was going to get them mailed out on Tuesday or Wednesday, so hopefully they'll be in your mailbox soon.

It's possible that if you did advance, you may get your AHA 2nd round packet before the NE scoresheets.  Some of the packets went out yesterday and some are supposed to go out today.

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