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It affects the hop utilization rate.  A higher gravity boil will provide less hop utilization.

Oh interesting, i had it backwards. So for an IPA you want a late add for the malt?

Not exactly.  Late additions really only come into play when you're dealing with less than a full boil.  If, say, you're doing a 3 gallon boil of a 6 gallon batch (topping off later to get to 6), then the gravity of your boil would be twice what is expected if all the fermentables are present.  With gravity that much different than expected, your hop utilization calculations will be all wrong.  If, instead, you only added half your fermentables to the 3 gallon boil, then the gravity will be right where expected.  Add the remaing half of your fermentables late and then, post-boil, top up with 3 more gallons and again, you're gravity is right where it should be.

If you're doing a full boil, then it all becomes moot as your gravities are going to be correct throughout the process.
Does it really become moot with a full volume boil? Looking at hop utilization vs gravity, there could still be benefits in waiting to add a portion of extract until the end of the boil in order to more fully utilize hops. Don't know this from experience at all, but it would seem that if you're doing a high gravity, highly hopped beer you could take advantage of that. But then maybe I'm way off base. My knowledge is still mostly book knowledge, with only three real brews under my belt so far.

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