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Kegging and Bottling / Re: Northern Brewer 3 Gallon Keg System
« on: December 14, 2014, 08:50:01 AM »
Depending on shipping thats a pretty good deal.  i am surprised if the poppets cant be removed? I flush mine with PBW and lube them as needed. They can go south on ya so it would be a deal breaker for me especially paying that much. One other thing is that depending on if your gonna throw it in the fridge or have a designated fridge for it. 2 1/2 Gal work better in the standard fridge without adjusting shelves and what not. Just go to your local Norco/medical supply for 02 tank they are ugly and SS but easier to exchange. Check williamsbrewing  also.

Equipment and Software / Re: Chest Freezer for Fermentation
« on: December 13, 2014, 07:29:50 PM »
That hole was through the plastic only. I did that only because I am type A:)

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Equipment and Software / Re: Chest Freezer
« on: December 13, 2014, 05:35:54 PM »
I never had a prob with it dropping to low. It's the only way to go in my mind. 1 degree diff from placing prob/covered on side and thermowell inside.

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Beer Recipes / Re: Seeking Old Ale recipes
« on: December 11, 2014, 07:42:44 PM »
i like this one

Recipe: Fuller's 1845
Brewer: Quattlebaum
Asst Brewer:
Style: Old Ale
TYPE: All Grain
Taste: (30.0)

Recipe Specifications
Boil Size: 4.90 gal
Post Boil Volume: 3.90 gal
Batch Size (fermenter): 3.25 gal   
Bottling Volume: 3.00 gal
Estimated OG: 1.063 SG
Estimated Color: 14.2 SRM
Estimated IBU: 50.0 IBUs
Brewhouse Efficiency: 72.00 %
Est Mash Efficiency: 83.1 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Amt                   Name                                     Type          #        %/IBU         
6 lbs 1.8 oz          Pale Malt, Maris Otter (Thomas Fawcett)  Grain         1        80.0 %       
12.2 oz               Amber Malt (27.0 SRM)                    Grain         2        10.0 %       
12.2 oz               Crystal, Dark (Simpsons) (80.0 SRM)      Grain         3        10.0 %       
1.21 oz               Goldings, East Kent [5.70 %] - Boil 60.0 Hop           4        35.5 IBUs     
1.00 oz               Goldings, East Kent [5.70 %] - Boil 15.0 Hop           5        14.5 IBUs     
1.0 pkg               London ESB Ale (Wyeast Labs #1968) [124. Yeast         6        -             

Mash Schedule: (208) Single Infusion, Light Body, No Mash Out, Fly
Total Grain Weight: 7 lbs 10.2 oz
Name              Description                             Step Temperat Step Time     
Mash In           Add 3.34 gal of water at 162.2 F        148.0 F       60 min       

Sparge: Fly sparge with 2.47 gal water at 168.0 F

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: underattenuated
« on: December 11, 2014, 07:26:31 PM »
I agree with Jim. Give it some time dont rush it.  You could bump up the temp a few degrees. 52 ish

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: getting beers dark but not overly roasty
« on: December 10, 2014, 08:35:09 AM »
I am really digging Briess Blackprinz Malt over carafa it doesnt give as much roast at higher %.

1-2%   Minor color adjustment with little to no flavor impact in lighter colored lagers and ales
2-5%   Adds color with subtle, smooth flavor
5-10%   Use in larger quantities for color plus mild roasted malty flavor

All Grain Brewing / Re: Review of CIP processes
« on: December 09, 2014, 08:01:33 PM »
i have a 3 vessel single level system with 2 pumps. one for HLT recirculation and one for MASH. Following end of boil i recirculate with some HLT water to flush the system (through chiller and Mash pump) I clean every 3rd batch with a PBW solution or a caustic/acid solution that a local brewery gives me. i am very grateful for that. 

refer to The electric brewery .com that may help

Ingredients / Re: Crisp Maris Otter
« on: December 09, 2014, 05:07:27 PM »
I am jealous! i would love to try Heirloom variety. i really love a bitter i make them frequently 

Beer Recipes / Union Jack
« on: December 09, 2014, 04:49:05 PM »
So one of my favorite IPAs is Union Jack and i thought i would give it a whirl. It's from BYO or zymurgy cant recall.
I was hesitant on the Mash schedule being that beer smith says it will finish at 1.018 but it went lower thank goodness to 1.014. I have yet to do a triangle but plan to soon. I Think it's all about the process. It took a good 7 weeks for it to come around but it is tasty.

Recipe: Union Jack   TYPE: All Grain
Style: American IPA
---RECIPE SPECIFICATIONS-----------------------------------------------
SRM: 5.5 SRM      SRM RANGE: 6.0-15.0 SRM
IBU: 65.5 IBUs Tinseth   IBU RANGE: 40.0-70.0 IBUs
OG: 1.066 SG      OG RANGE: 1.056-1.075 SG
FG: 1.018 SG      FG RANGE: 1.010-1.018 SG
BU:GU: 0.992      Calories: 151.6 kcal/12oz   Est ABV: 6.4 %      
EE%: 72.00 %   Batch: 6.00 gal      Boil: 9.22 gal   BT: 60 Mins

Mash and boil PH 5.6 room temp. I know this may seem to high for some but i like it this way.
Finished beer PH 4.6 room temp. Yes again i know but i like my PH a bit higher.

Ca 104
mg 3
NA 10
Sulf 180
Chloride 44
Bicarb 60
Alkalinity 49
8 grams Gypsum mash, 5 grams sparge
2.1 grams chloride mash, 1.3 sparge

Total Grain Weight: 15 lbs 3.8 oz   Total Hops: 7.95 oz oz.
---MASH/STEEP PROCESS------MASH PH:5.50 ------
Amt                   Name                                     Type          #        %/IBU         
13 lbs 5.6 oz         Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)           Grain         1        87.6 %       
15.0 oz               Munich Malt - 10L (10.0 SRM)             Grain         2        6.2 %         
7.6 oz                Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM)             Grain         3        3.1 %         
7.6 oz                Caramalt (Simpsons) (35.0 SRM)           Grain         4        3.1 %         

Name              Description                             Step Temperat Step Time     
Mash In           Add 6.86 gal of water at 154.7 F        145.0 F       45 min       
Mash Step         Error: Infusion temperature above boili 155.0 F       20 min       

Fly sparge with 4.38 gal water at 168.0 F
Amt                   Name                                     Type          #        %/IBU         
0.40 oz               Magnum [13.00 %] - First Wort 60.0 min   Hop           5        12.7 IBUs     
0.25 oz               Warrior [16.70 %] - First Wort 60.0 min  Hop           6        10.2 IBUs     
0.20 oz               Columbus (Tomahawk) [13.70 %] - First Wo Hop           7        6.7 IBUs     

---BOIL PROCESS-----------------------------
Est Pre_Boil Gravity: 1.057 SG   Est OG: 1.066 SG
Amt                   Name                                     Type          #        %/IBU         
1.00 oz               Cascade [7.20 %] - Boil 30.0 min         Hop           8        12.3 IBUs     
1.30 oz               Centennial [9.20 %] - Boil 15.0 min      Hop           9        13.2 IBUs     

Amt                   Name                                     Type          #        %/IBU         
1.30 oz               Centennial [9.20 %] - Steep/Whirlpool  15min Hop           10       6.6 IBUs     
1.00 oz               Cascade [7.20 %] - Steep/Whirlpool  15min  Hop           11       4.0 IBUs     

---FERM PROCESS-----------------------------
Primary Start:  at 66.0 F took 14 days really interesting a lot longer than i thought.
Style Carb Range: 2.20-2.70 Vols
After 3 days dry hop at 68 rack and dry hop again with the same amount for 3 days.    

Equipment and Software / Re: Washing Mash Tun/ Kettles
« on: December 07, 2014, 08:24:03 PM »
ya i clean outside with a hose and non scratch sponge  however not being in FL:) it sucks this time of the year snow/freezing. I do run PBW or mainly a caustic then acid solution though it every 4th batch or so ( EHERMS).

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Lager yeast starter at 50 degrees
« on: December 07, 2014, 02:46:52 PM »
Thanks. Makes sense to me. Any suggestions on a good lager yeast?

If ya want use Saflager 34/70 and skip the starter all together. that is if your gonna make a German pils. if maltier style this yeast will work well also but i like wlp 833 or wy2206

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Separating Trub from Yeast Slurry
« on: December 06, 2014, 05:48:55 AM »
i know this isnt a storing yeast question but this is what i use instead of jars. O and i really dig the 64oz $10 great growlers for on the river:) Hard to find these for a reasonable price. Shipping isnt the greatest but hell it's a hobby:) Merry X-Mas

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Help with English yeasts not fully attenuating
« on: December 05, 2014, 08:21:49 AM »
ya again i feel ya yet another thermometer:) i mashed lower also it helped but it did change the "character"/thinner mouth-feel of the beer in my eyes.  I love the Big mac analogy

OK so my oxygenation process is as follows: I use the little red O2 bottle with an oxygenation stone. I place the stone on the bottom of the carboy and turn on the gas, not full blast, but just until O2 is coming from every pore on the stone. Leave it on for ~60 seconds. Yeast is then pitched immediately. This has given me the same % attenuation regardless of starting gravity. How might I improve upon this? Crank up the gas to full blast? Oxygenate longer? Stir or shake while oxygenating?

Also I suspect a thermometer issue. I do not wish to purchase yet another new thermometer at this time, nor do I wish to enter a discussion on calibrating at mash temps so I will try mashing lower next time- maybe 147f.

Thanks again for the comments.

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Help with English yeasts not fully attenuating
« on: December 04, 2014, 06:51:36 PM »
I feel your frustration believe me i do. It ended up being my thermometer, even though i calibrated it ! i ended up buying a new one and it fixed the issue. i will say i am just not a fan of 002/1968 just because it takes some pampering, it is really fickle on "my system". i have moved to west york 1469 for most of my english and love it.  Good luck and let us know

Other Fermentables / Re: orange blossom honey online
« on: December 03, 2014, 06:09:47 PM »
Well i am partial but i always go with my home state. I use it in coffee and have done a mead or two but meads are not my thing. The Holly or gallberry  honey is really tasty this year. It's not cheep but the quality is sold

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