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Equipment and Software / Re: Hop Pellets clogging fermenter dip tube
« on: January 06, 2011, 04:19:41 PM »
I too ferment in a 10 gallon keg and dry hop with loose pellets.  This is the solution I came up with.

I just place it on the end of my dip tube before I sanitize and fill my keg.  It is a little bit of a trick to hold it onto the tube as you insert it into the keg, because it will fall off occasionally.  Once it is in place you are good to go.  I have a dip tube that I have cut off the last inch and one that is normal length.  With the sure screen or similar screen I have never had an issure with the out tube clogging with pellent or dry hops in any amount or length of tubing.  It may not be of help in your present situation, but I would definitely do this for future batches.  You could certainly attach the sure screen to a racking cane to get your latest batch out of the fermenter, although I don't think it works as well.  


General Homebrew Discussion / Re: cocoa nibs vs. powder
« on: November 30, 2010, 03:39:34 AM »
Always go nibs.  You get a way better chocolate flavor.  I believe their is a discussion on how to use them on the Maltose Falcons website?  I have found that if you bake them for 10-15 minutes at 350F it really brings out that chocolate flavor.  I don't ever use the powder.  Only the nibs. 


Ingredients / Re: Jasmine and Green Tea
« on: September 27, 2010, 05:31:25 PM »
Secondary or at racking time would be my choice.

Primarily the hops are my concern. I'm presuming you'll want citrus types such as Amarillo or maybe even Sorachi Ace?
I was thinking of using either citra/amarillo and sorachi ace,14g/5gal at 10min and knockout.
I probably will layer the jasmine and green tea by late WP additions and dry hopping.  Just not sure on the amounts and when.

Check the ph of hot green tea and if it's in the realm for a mash. If it's okay try it as your brewing liquor. Adjust the ph if slightly off.  Some green teas can have a delicate flavor. Others stronger.  I call it "seaweedy."  Might as well eat a sheet of Nori.

Another idea would be to make a couple of pots of green tea, reduce it all down to a pint to concentrate the flavor. If it tastes good use that with your priming sugar, or with out if you force carbonate.

I like your ideas Steve, my one concern is that boiling tea, like coffee, is not recommended because it extracts too many tannins.  That being said, mash hopping and first wort hopping, are a similar concept and the opposite of expected result happens would great success.  Boiling it down and reducing it I think may be a bad idea as it would concentrate these tannins.  Could one make an extract with vodka and still retain the aromatics of the green tea and jasmine?  Thanks for all the help guys!


Ingredients / Jasmine and Green Tea
« on: September 27, 2010, 03:38:00 PM »
I am thinking of making a Green Tea Pale Ale with Jasmine.  I have had plenty of Green Tea in my day, but have limited experience with adding green tea or jasmine to beer.  I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as a starting point with both ingredients.  I will probably add them both loose leaf as a flame out/WP addition, quite possibly dry hop with one or both of them as well.  Likely a very simple pale ale recipe base with some low additions of NW hops late in the boil.  Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Wood/Casks / Re: oak source
« on: August 11, 2010, 08:39:22 PM »
The JD chips are ground up from their used barrels so they are already charred to their standards for whiskey.  Probably medium to medium heavy toast.  You should definitely look into using them in your brew.  If you don't like them you can always use them on your grill or smoker ;D

Wood/Casks / Re: oak source
« on: August 11, 2010, 01:40:49 PM »
What about the Jack Daniels oak chips they use for smoking?  They are essentially ground up JD oak barrels that have been used.  I believe JD only uses new oak barrels so they discard of them after they have been used.  I have used them in the past with great success.  They carry over a mild wiskey flavor to go along with the oak flavors.  Otherwise I would buy some American or French oak and soak the chips in your whiskey of choice for a couple of weeks and then toss them into your keg or secondary.  I would dose the whiskey that remains to your taste because sometimes people throw it all in there and  it throws the beer out of balance.  So be careful not to add to much whiskey or oak.  Jason Petros has a great article in a past issue of Zymurgy that explains oaking in great detail.  It is a good read if you can get your hands on it.

Ingredients / Re: Durango, Co Water Report
« on: June 28, 2010, 02:12:43 AM »
The only info Bill at SKA brewing gave me is that they "Burtonize" Durango, CO water.  Now I could certainly Burtonize my own water source and likely be just fine.  I have been doing water adjustments for quite some time and I am very comfortable with this.  I would just like to know exactly what the starting point of SKA's water supply is before I just start throwing brewing salts into my local water supply.  I will certainly try and contact a more knowledgeable public works official in the fine city of Durango, CO later this week. 


Ingredients / Durango, Co Water Report
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:40:32 AM »
Fellow Homebrewers,

I am hoping to clone SKA's Modus Hoperandi.  In communication with Bill Graham, he mentions they Burtonize Durango, CO water.  I tried looking for the Durango, CO water report as well as contacting Durango's public works dept..  Needless to say, they may have one of the least informative water reports in regards to homebrewers I have come across!  I don't want to "completely" Burtonize the water, but I also need to have an idea of Ska's starting point.  I plan on Buronizing my local water source which is moderate in hardness and alkalinity.  I imagine Durango's water supply is low in mineral profile because of it's location.  If anyone in or around Durango has an accurate water supply from Ward's lab or a similar resource I would greatly appreciate it!


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