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Homebrew Competitions / Re: Fourth Annual Midwinter Home Brew Competition
« on: February 18, 2013, 12:37:05 AM »
Results are available on line now for the competition at:

BOS - Beer
Place Brewer(s)    Entry Name    Style    Club
1st    David Merz     Wild Brew            17B: Flanders Red Ale    Palmetto State Brewers
2nd    Matt Koval    Jabberwock    22C: Wood-Aged Beer    
3rd    David Merz    Dexter Ale            16E: Belgian Specialty Ale Palmetto State Brewers

BOS - Mead

Place Brewer(s)                            Entry Name    Style                      Club
1st    Mino Choi & Molly Noyes    P(Bc X 2)    25C: Other Fruit Melomel Northern Brewer Fermentation Brigade

I wanted to make all Wisconsin Homebrewers aware of an exciting new event by the Wisconsin chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts in conjunction with the Beer Barons of Milwaukee Cooperative.  Anyone wishing to participate should contact the AIGA at the email listed below.

Jason Heindel
Beer Barons of Milwaukee Cooperative

Katie McCormack
Homebrewers and Graphic Designers to Work Together in Home Brewed Craft Beer & Logo Competition
Submissions now being accepted

February 18, 2013 
Milwaukee, WI - AIGA Wisconsin and the Beer Barons of Milwaukee are pleased to announce the first ever Home Brewed beer and logo competition. The goal of this event is to pair local designers with local homebrewers to create custom craft beer logos.

Entries will be evaluated by a panel of celebrity judges. Winners will be announced at a final event happening Thursday, April 25th at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. Prizes will be awarded for best beer/logo coupling. Among the celebrity judges will be Chicago-based designer and homebrewer Randy Mosher. Mosher will also speak about his process of designing beer labels for Lakefront Brewery, Three Floyds, and others.
All designer/homebrewer teams are welcome to attend the final event, along with beer and design enthusiasts. Beer samples will be available for tasting, as well as a final presentation of the logos and packaging. Attendees will be able to cast their own votes for best beer-logo pairing.

Wisconsin designers and homebrewers interested in participating in this Home Brewed event should email Katie McCormack at
About AIGA Wisconsin
The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design. AIGA Wisconsin is a state-run chapter with 400 active members that works to connect designers to one another, business and the broader world. The mission of the AIGA is to advance design as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. For more information, please visit

About the Beer Barons of Milwaukee

The Beer Barons of Milwaukee Cooperative (BBMC) is a group of over 200 homebrewers and beer lovers who meet monthly to learn about beer and brewing. Started in 1989, the BBMC supports homebrewing and beer enthusiasts throughout their community. For more information, please visit

I am the cellar master for the two competitions that the Beer Barons of Milwaukee Cooperative operate.  We are in the planning stages for our Midwinter comp held in February.  We have been discussing how to optimize our entry sorting, categorizing, flight sorting, etc among the organizing committee.  I would like know the processes other cellaring teams use when receiving, sorting and organizing entries.  The volume of entries is 800 for the Midwinter.

How do you all work your cellaring magic?

Let's use the power of positive thinking.  Best of luck to our friends in Alabama!

Good luck to Alabama.  Let's keep up the trend of legislatures acting on behalf of homebrewers.  Today the Governor of Wisconsin signed SB 395 the homebrewing bill in to law today.  Now all we have to do is wait for the law to be published in the Madison paper, then wait 90 days and the law is in effect.

Thank you again to everyone to helped with this momentous event.

I can't find a link to it, but there's an Associated Press article in today's Tampa Bay Times about Wisconsin Homebrew legislation.  It is accompanied by a photo of Kevin Flynn 46, of Caledonia and his brewing system.  Is Kevin a forum member?

I don't know if Kevin is on the AHA forum or not.  Can I help you with anything?  I am also quoted in the article.
No, just spreading the word about a Wisconsin beer article in a Florida newspaper.

Here is a link to a copy of the story from Business Week.  It is an AP wire story.

I would like to thank everyone that helped call, write and otherwise contacting WI legislators in this whirlwind process of getting SB 395 passed.   Way to go everyone.  Time to make some homebrew!

I can't find a link to it, but there's an Associated Press article in today's Tampa Bay Times about Wisconsin Homebrew legislation.  It is accompanied by a photo of Kevin Flynn 46, of Caledonia and his brewing system.  Is Kevin a forum member?

I don't know if Kevin is on the AHA forum or not.  Can I help you with anything?  I am also quoted in the article.


Please contact your state Senators and representatives and the WI tavern league and point out that homebrewing has nothing to do with homemade bathtub gin and moonshine.  The Tavern League just showed how dumb they really are.  Remember this the next time you go to one of their constituent bars.

Dear Fellow Wisconsin Homebrewers:

As some of you may be aware, there have been some developments in the past year with how the WI Department of Revenue interprets the current State Statues relative to homebrewing. The current statutes can be found here : . If you take a strict interpretation of those statues, the only place one can make or enjoy your own home brewed beer is at your home or farm. This means you could not legally brew a beer and hand it over your fence to your neighbor. The Wisconsin statues are outdated and not conforming with the overall Federal statutes regarding homebrewing. you can review the AHA's copy of the Federal Statues here: . One of the highlights of the Federal Statute is the following section:

§ 25.206 Removal of beer.

Beer made under §25.205 may be removed from the premises where made for personal or family use including use at organized affairs, exhibitions or competitions such as homemaker's contests, tastings or judging. Beer removed under this section may not be sold or offered for sale.

All of those activities are not allowed by Wisconsin statute. So the State Fair beer and wine completions would not be allowed, tastings and homebrew club meetings would also not be allowed.

A group was formed earlier this year to address these problems. The AHA formed the Wisconsin Homebrewer's Alliance. The group was comprised of a member from as many homebrew clubs as we could find contacts for, homebrew shop owners, etc. This group has worked to introduce legislation to the Wisconsin Senate to correct these deficiencies. We have been asked to voice our support to our State Senators and Assembly members in support of this legislation. The proposed legislation can be found here:

Now is the time for all Wisconsin Homebrewer's to take action and ask for your representative's to support this bill. Below is an except from an email to the Wisconsin Homebrewer's Alliance from 1/5/2012:

"...Sen. Ellis's office and a "Dear Colleague" letter is going out within minutes asking for co-sponsorship of our legislation. The co-sponsorship period is for 2 weeks starting from today. So, now is the time for all of our memberss to contact their respective Clubs to get them to contact both of their legislators. The most sponsors that we can get the better. The legislation is LRB 3101 The Ellis/Kaufert legislation. We can also contact breweries, distributors, homebrew shops, etc. We can also alert the press ...

He did give me one word of warning. Time is running short. The January floor period is taken up already leaving only February and March. The legislature is going to shut ASAP due to the recalls."

Find your local legislators here :

All Grain Brewing / Re: Using whole kernel corn
« on: May 04, 2011, 11:02:22 PM »

Oh yeah mashed in a pound of hot air popped popcorn for some extra corn flavor to malt liquor we made. The popcorn reduces down to about nothing after it gets wet. 

All Grain Brewing / Re: Snap, crackle, BURP!
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:54:38 PM »
Popcorn will work if you want to go that route.  Some brew buds and I made a malt liquor with a pound of fresh popped popcorn in the mash tun.  Lots of volume to start with, but once you get it wet it pretty much disappears.  It did add a nice popcorn flavor to the young beer.  The popcorn has pretty much dropped out.

bailing twine.  If you have a farm supply store, go buy some.  cheap, lasts the season, rip it down, put new up, you'll never use the spools up.

Homebrew Competitions / Re: Bottle Submission in to a competion
« on: February 22, 2011, 04:05:49 AM »
Sock it to me stout
Foot funk Flanders Red
Ok Toe Ber Fest
Dirty laundry lambic
Tenactin Red Ale
Solefull 70/-
Beet Feet Bitter

Nice, I love it.

Homebrew Competitions / Re: Bottle Submission in to a competion
« on: February 21, 2011, 06:14:05 PM »
Make sure you roll up his score sheets and re-insert them in the sock when you mail them out.
It's worth the extra couple of bucks spent on postage in return just to show your loathing. New Rule... Submissions wrapped in dirty laundry will only be considered as category #17 Sour Ale, even if entered in any other category.

That is the best suggestion yet.  It was allowed in, in the end.  Trust me it never made it to BOS. 

How hard core do you other folks enforce your bottle entry rules, no 22 oz, not flip tops, etc?  We had regulations against them, similar to NHC, but still received entries like that. 

All Grain Brewing / Re: March pump weather-proofing
« on: February 21, 2011, 02:58:38 AM »
Check this out....

One minor issue...  the switch that was used in that BYO article is in no way shape or form water-proof, weather tight or for use in a damp environment.  The wiring as shown on the article is not rated for a wet environment. If you are going to build this project:
1- use a GFCI cord cap, so you always have it with you.  Something along these lines :

2- Use a waterproof switch (this will not be rated for a pressure washer, there are switches that are rated for that, but the hobbyist is not going to afford it) something line this:

Just letting some of my 16 years of experience as a commercial/industrial electrical contractor out.

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