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Kansas homebrewers, support your brewing rights!  Substitute for HB 2223 passed the Kansas House today and now moves on to the Senate.  Please contact the members of the Senate Federal and State Affairs committee as well as the state Senator for your district and ask them to support Substitute for HB 2223.

See the action alert at:

Woot!! 111 yea to 7 nay. I'm in full harassment mode for the Senate.  8)

HB 2223 passed on House Final Action this morning! We are going to the Senate!!

111 yea to 7 nay.  Sounds like 7 people need a homebrew.  8)

All Grain Brewing / Re: PH Test Strips
« on: February 10, 2014, 07:05:56 AM »
  If you do take the plunge and buy a ph meter....don't skimp.   Most brewers I know, have 2 - 3 cheaper models they purchased before buying a more expensive model.

I used to be guilty with this on many occasions. Now I just buy the best and don't buy it again. Saves money in the grand scheme of things.

Also I have a Hanna pHep 5 and like it a lot.

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: What to expect when it's too cold
« on: February 10, 2014, 07:03:52 AM »
007 is crazy flocculant. You may need to rouse the yeast at some point.

I would worry a bit with 007. It can stall if it gets too cold

+2 I've had that issue with 007 as well. Rousing and warming could help.

Beer Travel / Re: Initial thoughts on Munich
« on: February 10, 2014, 06:53:50 AM »
Well, looking at the pricing for Munich during Oktoberfest... It would be as much as 7 months of my house payment. Jesus. I think we're staying in America.

I hope to get there someday.

Homebrew Clubs / Re: Club in stl
« on: February 09, 2014, 06:07:08 PM »
There are some good guys in both StL Brews and Garage Brewers. That's where I would start.

    My first few brews were as frustrating as yours.  Once you get to know the system and it's'll love it.   I'd take my system over a finicky cat any day.  But then again, I have finicky "partial" cats.

That is encouraging, especially the part about Karen's kitties. :)

I just PM'ed you the BM Operations Manual, for your reading pleasure.  In there you'll find the whole mashing in procedure and even how a light stirring will benefit before starting the recirculation.


I'll give it a read. To be honest, I'm much better at doing things than reading about doing things.

BTW, John at Sabco told me not to stir. Aaaaand I'm convinced this thing is too finicky. Its like dealing with a temperamental cat!

When heating strike water....I always go at least 5 degrees higher than the calculation says.  It will drop to the proper temp very quickly(under 5 minutes) and reduces the re-lighting step.  The "heating slowly" is more for stepping up in step mashes.  If I heat slowly, it dials in immediately.  If I crank up the heat....I have to go through the re-light sequence several times until I dial in the temp.

So, let's say I want to Hochkurz mash at 145 and then 162 or something like that. I would mash in after heating the whole system with a water recirc, I fill the fun from the bottom until it flows above the false bottom. Then I pour in the grain, and fill with more water. No stirring. I get the water 1" above the grain bed. Then I let it sit. Do you let it sit? How long? Then recirc the mash, starting around 145, 2 degrees/hour, until I hit 162. Turn off burner and let the RIMS take over.

Am I thinking correctly?

The secret to Sabco brewing in sub freezing temps is a $15 Harbor Freight heat gun.   I frequently need to thaw some or all of the piping.  I find I can dial in my recirculation temp by heating more slowly.  For some strange reason, this greatly reduces the need to re-light the burner several times.    I brewed Tuesday in -5 degree weather and once I thawed the system worked flawlessly.   The hose from the house to the garage did freeze up when chilling though.

I knew I should have asked you Scot.

Can you describe your mash process by chance? You mention heating more slowly, which makes me curious.

From our lobbyist:
Sub HB 2223 was just passed to Final Action by voice vote. Congratulations! This is the next step, there will be a FA(Final Action) vote on Monday, if/when it passes it is on to the Senate. Time to renew messages to the Senate Federal and State Affairs committee and the entire Senate.


Bummer to hear about your woes guys.  I brew in an insulated garage, and keep a carbon monoxide alarm nearby, open the garage door about 6" off the ground, same with a back door to increase the amount of airflow.  I brewed when it was 9ºF outside, not sure how cold it was in my garage when I started, but during the boil it got up to the mid 50s in there.

Although, during winters like this one, I wish there was an electric version of the brew magic system; so that we can brew totally indoors.

I tried this method this morning, except with the garage door open to the height of the burners. Garage was 42F when I started, but with the door open (even with a CO detector, brewing alone makes me lean to the safe side) the outside temp was freezing the pump/dump valve. No dice.

Next weekend will be 45F, so I am hopeful for a successful brew day then. In regards to my RIMS temp issue from earlier, it sounds like I was doing several things from my old system (stirring the mash, crushing fine, etc) and not letting the element get proper contact with the recirculating wort. I haven't been able to test this with the current temperatures in the area though.

What a timely post. I'm quitting again today as it is just too cold for this thing to work. The dump valve before the pump is frozen shut and the seals on the pump itself have contracted enough to allow a bit of water to seep through the seals while it is running. In order to not do any real damage, I'm throwing in the towel.

Apparently 8*F is too cold. How in the hell am I supposed to brew on this thing? I wish I hadn't given away my old cooler mash tun brewery. It was way less finicky than this thing.

Beer Recipes / Re: Secret ingredient in dry stout?
« on: February 07, 2014, 08:01:47 AM »
Yet another excuse to buy a sack of dark Munich... :)

Thanks guys.

Looks like one of our members bought the serviceman and his wife a hotel room for the night as well. I freakin' love this club.  ;D

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