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Ingredients / Re: Water Water everywhere
« on: March 18, 2015, 07:20:34 AM »
I have been very happy with a copy of bru'n water, a jar of calcium chloride, one of Gypsum, and one of lactic acid and RO water for a blank slate to work from. then just aim for a middle of the road profile to start and once you've got a handle on those other things, and water chemistry is the thing that's holding your beer back from jumping to the next level, you can start tweaking your numbers there.

^^^^  Perfect advice.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Gelatin Fining
« on: March 18, 2015, 05:07:09 AM »
Yep, I've used gelatin in a carbed keg many times. Actually that's the norm for me when I use it.

Homebrewer Bios / Re: Bio - HoosierBrew
« on: March 17, 2015, 06:47:28 PM »
Speaking of homebrew club, I've been trying to sweet talk him into the FBI (Foam Blowers of Indiana), but I guess we are just a little too far away from New Pal.

Good to put a face to the presence, Jon. Keep up the good work.

Martin, I'd love to sit in on a meeting sometime, to say hi if nothing else.

Homebrewer Bios / Re: Bio - HoosierBrew
« on: March 17, 2015, 06:45:52 PM »
Your avatar is appropriate.

Yep. Hopefully a little more muscular version, but the resemblance is definitely there.  ;)

Homebrewer Bios / Bio - HoosierBrew
« on: March 17, 2015, 06:23:47 PM »
Ok, maybe a little overdue (or incredibly overdue).  Figured a pic from the Hofbrauhaus in Newport would be a good touch. Hence the s^%t eating grin.   ;)

Who Are You (please include a picture):   Jon Hughey
Home Town (City, State):   New Palestine IN
Homebrew Club:   none currently
I've been a homebrewer since:   1992-1993
Do you have a homebrewing disaster you'd like to share?   Lots. Broken carboys resulting in stitches, yeast geysers from not enough head space, plenty of garden variety rookie mistakes.
What is your favorite style(s) to brew?   American hoppy styles, Belgian anything, German lagers.
What style(s) will you never brew?  Funny how things evolve. I never thought I'd brew a sour beer, thinking I preferred to buy them. But I've been dabbling and enjoying learning how lately. American light lager would be the closest to a 'never brew', but who knows ?
What was the first beer you ever brewed?  How did it turn out?   A Munton's ESB kit (2 hopped extract cans, packet of 'ale yeast') that I got as a gift from my Dad. I brewed it to the letter and , at the time, it was very good . I'm sure not as great today, but I'll never forget how good it was then, and it definitely turned the light bulb on for me and brewing beer.
Have you ever had a homebrew mistake that turned out great?   I brewed a Dubbel once that unintentionally ended up with a subtle but really pleasant sour character. My first sour beer of sorts, but I was anything but pleased about it, at least until the flavors melded. I stepped up my sanitation game afterward in a big way.
What is your favorite beer recipe?   Gonna cheat - I have APA, IPA, Trappist, saison, and stout recipes I keep coming back to.
Are you a BJCP Judge?  If so, what is your rank and how long have you been judging?   No I'm not and I want to test soon.  I haven't given back to the hobby in that capacity like I should be.
Do you have a good beer judging story you'd like to share with the rest of the homebrewing world?   N/A
Do you have a favorite homebrew trick or gadget that you've found to make your beer better/brewing easier, etc?    Nylon hose over a racking cane and mash tun exit hose, 5 gallon paint strainer bags for dry hopping - not so uncommon nowadays.
Describe your brew system.    Dennybrew Coleman Extreme (blue, so it's less prone to leakage) all the way, with a Bargain Fittings bulkhead conversion with a valve,  10 gallon SS pot from a restaurant supply store, SS hop spider, Blichmann burner.  I have the urge now and then to upgrade, but I honestly doubt I will. I like the simplicity of my system. Never say never, though.
How frequently do you brew (times/month or /year)?   It varies (I have kids), so between once and  four times a month. Most years I average twice/month.
What is your favorite malt?  Why?    European Pils is just great malt period, even for American styles.  But I love Munich for its rich malt character, even in place of most of the crystal in American styles, in porter and non-Irish stout, ie., many beers.
What is your favorite hop? Why?   I am a true hophead, so it's like trying to pick your favorite kid. But in American styles it's impossible to go wrong with Centennial for its ability to blend with pretty much anything American. I like to try new hop varieties pretty regularly, to find new hop blends to try out in various beers. 
Do you have a favorite or house yeast? What qualities do you like about that yeast?   I like to use lots of different strains, so no house strain per se, but WY 1056, 3787, 1762, 2124 and WL833 have made a lot of good beers here.
Do you have a good homebrew club story you'd like to share?   N/A
What haven't we asked that you would really like to answer?   Aside from brewing and reading on it, I am a big sports fan, a pretty damn good cook/bbq smoker guy, like to fish, grow tomatoes and share it all with family and friends.
If you could serve your homebrew to someone famous, who would it be and what would you give her/him?    Michael Jackson (the awesome, not creepy one) or Charlie P.  They have been ambassadors for beer and homebrewers and fueled the excitement for everybody.
What's the most unusual ingredient you've ever used in a brew?  Lots of unrefined sugars like piloncillo and others.
Do you have any pets or kids named after beer styles or ingredients?  Nope, a couple loyal brew dogs though.
How many medals have you won from homebrew competitions?  Several but years ago. I'm planning to enter a few comps this year, to see how these beers stack up against the huge number of entries in the big comps today.
Do you brew alone, with friends or with someone you live with?  Often alone, but there are times when I do several beers in a row with friends, or occasionally a new brewer. I love to show new brewers the basics of AG.
Are you an indoor or outdoor brewer?   Mostly outdoor, but if it's just stupid cold, I will come indoors to the stove top. Probably has my man card on thin ice.   ;)
List some of the names you've given your beers. Which is your favorite?   They don't usually get a name, but when they do, it's often not suitable for print.

Equipment and Software / Re: sourcing for refridge tap
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:54:39 PM »
Nice !  Great faucets.

Beer Recipes / Re: Rye Pale Ale
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:22:08 PM »
Was the recipe for 3 gallons ?  If so, more like 3.5 oz dry hops for 5 gallons would be good.

Ingredients / Re: Does Pilsner extract require a 90 min boil?
« on: March 17, 2015, 03:00:25 PM »
OK, I emailed Briess about their Pils extracts and got a response on the long boil question. Since I use it in 30 minute boils regularly to try hops (and heard anecdotes here about even shorter boils) and never gotten DMS, I expected something along these lines :

"Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting in touch.

In general, our extracts are boiled gently and then evaporated.  Both of these processes will drive off DMS.  We essentially use a large brewing system, and of course the malt and process will be a bit different each time.  If you boil the DME at all, you should be left with no excess DMS, as this is the second time this pilsen malt has been boiled.  So no, 90 minutes isn't necessary.


Aaron Hyde

Homebrew Products Manager
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co."

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Mashed in!!!
« on: March 17, 2015, 02:51:36 PM »
FWH with 2oz of Sorachi Ace. Thinking about dry hopping, any ideas?

Brewed up an American Wheat last week and it is ready to be dry hopped.

I used 2oz of Sorchai Ace FWH for about 25 IBU

I am wanting to use either my Meridian or Galaxy at about 3-4 oz...

I do have other hops too, just looking for some feedback.


I like Galaxy the best of the two, but I would maybe hold it at 3 oz dry in American Wheat - it's a great but strong hop. Sounds great !

Ingredients / Re: Does Pilsner extract require a 90 min boil?
« on: March 17, 2015, 02:40:00 PM »
I use a lot of Breiss Pils DME.  Always added late to the boil with no issues.  It's by far the palest and most fermentable DME I've encountered.


Ingredients / Re: Water Water everywhere
« on: March 17, 2015, 12:46:44 PM »
Great advice from all the above.

Ingredients / Re: Does Pilsner extract require a 90 min boil?
« on: March 17, 2015, 10:05:39 AM »

I also think it's possible , regardless of being labeled as pils dme, that it's a very pale 2 row extract that's sold as pils, more as a color designation. Given production constraints, it makes more sense. Regardless it's clean boiled 60, and I think Eric actually boils it like 15 or 20.
Briess Pilsen Light DME extract is made from 99% Pilsen malt and 1% Carapils according the data sheet.

Cool, good info. Nonetheless, I get no DMS from it on a shorter boil, so they are managing to remove it by boiling (or whatever).  Plus, it would probably discourage a lot of brewers to have to boil an extract for 90 minutes.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Grain Bill
« on: March 17, 2015, 10:02:16 AM »
For this style you really want to make sure it finishes dry. I would recommend using 10% simple sugars (regular table sugar will be perfectly fine).

I'd follow Steve's advice, but I'd substitute 10% of your total fermentables worth of base malt with sugar.

+1.  IIPA is often a sweet mess without the sugar IMO.

Ingredients / Re: Pellets vs whole hops
« on: March 17, 2015, 09:44:43 AM »
I am using whole hops from a bulk buy in 2008. Found them in the bottom of the freezer after it thawed from being accidently unplugged last month. Sealed in their vacuum bags there's no degradation that I can see.

Wow, that's amazing.  I've had some varieties that seemed on the decline after 2 years.

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