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1/2 through my boil on a Smoked Porter. Man my kitchen smells good! Going to clean some kegs and such later as well.

Trying my hand at a Russian River Blind Pig IPA Clone. 

Since this is oaked and an IPA that should be enjoyed somewhat young, when should I add the oak chips? I was thinking just after the krausen collapses but before I DH... Thoughts?

FYI RR no longer uses oak in Bling Pig. That is there old recipe from years ago. So if you are looking for a clone of what they do these days Zymergy has recipe in this months mag.

No brewing this weekend the conference. Brewed a Brown Ale on Tuesday though.

The Pub / song title game
« on: June 20, 2012, 06:23:28 PM »
Down on me-- Janis Joplin

Family is in town this weekend to go to a wine festival.
So got ahead of the game and brew a Hefe yesterday. It was a great brew day. :)

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Sadly nothing. At a conference the next couple days, then heading down to the Firestone Walker Invitational Brew Fest in Paso Robles.

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I would go with the Oatmeal Stout or Boont Amber. I've had the Oatmeal on pump before and it is a really perfect beer for it. Boont amber would also lend itself to a hand pump but my first choice would be e Oatmeal. Have fun, looks like it is going to be a great party!!!

Got a couple friends coming in from out of town this weekend. Hitting up Bear Republic, Russian River, and Iron Springs on Saturday. But getting up bright and early to brew a Blind Pig clone before they get here.   ;D


chesirecat-   As for those current participants that may be changing or not honoring offers, please let me know of those occurrences. Sometimes with employee turnover, or locations that may not get a lot of AHA member traffic, there can be a lack of communication resulting in errors like this. Fortunately, when AHA members let us know it can be fixed with a quick phone call or email.

Thanks Steve... will do!

I am always surprised at how many breweries I know were started by homebrewers and are not a part of the program.

On the other hand I have a such an issue with places that are part of the program not honoring it or "changing" it on the spot. Examples, Firestone (one of my favorites breweries) is 10% off beer and merchandise. One time I went in and had a couple pints at the bar and was told the discount only applies to packaged beer. Another time I went in to get packaged beer I was told it only applies to draft beer. Rogue Public House in SF only applies the discount to the first pint (I think it is $.75 off or something) despite the listing on this site at .75 off of pints (plural).

Just mashed in on an Irish Stout.

Last Thursday I brewed my Saison. I loved it last year, one the first beers I made that I really loved. Split the batch between WLP Sasion II and American Farmhouse. My fermenting fridge with the Farmhouse smells totally funky. :)

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Nothing this weekend. Heading to Anderson Valley for the Boonville Beer Festival.

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JZ's Evil Twin clone. Commercial version.

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Well, can't brew this weekend because I am going to be at a conference with my students. But I took the day off of work today and brewed a Mild. Nice fairly smooth brew day. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Sunday I am having a double brew day. Making my CDA and my second attempt at a Firestone Walked DBA clone.

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