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Beer Recipes / Pumpkin Juice?
« on: September 07, 2013, 11:17:50 AM »
The story on pumpkin beer in the Sept/ Oct Zymurgy got me thinking: if you can (as the author did) put pumpkin straight into the mash, couldn't you also (since I don't do all grain) put pumpkin juice straight into the pot? I thought I'd give it a try, but am finding that, well, no one makes pumpkin juice. When I searched on it, I did find some recipes for it, most of which involve mixing canned pumpkin with another juice (apple, pineapple).

Provided I strain the homemade "juice," is there any downside here that I'm not seeing? I'm obviously going to need to control for the sugar content in the juice. Isn't that just a matter of calculating the sugar content of the juice and reducing the DME proportionately?

All Grain Brewing / 5-gallon vs. 10-gallon cooler?
« on: November 27, 2012, 02:48:18 AM »
I'm trying to take the "next step" into doing both partial and full mashes. I've seen a lot of discussions and instructions for converting a cooler into a mash tun, and I feel pretty confident that I can do it. I know that you pretty much need to have the 10-gallon tun if you're doing all-grain and that a 5 gallon is generally fine for partial mash recipes.

My question is: Is there any reason NOT to build a 10 gallon rather than a 5? Would, for example, having only a few pounds of grain in the 10 gallon be a mistake? Am I right in thinking that a 10 gallon is suitable for both full and partial mash recipes?

Thanks for your help.

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