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Yeast and Fermentation / Bug brewers, please help me brainstorm
« on: January 20, 2010, 02:48:49 PM »
I'm starting to plan out a saison that I was going to brew once spring is on the way. I brew 10 gallon AG batches and I'm hoping to branch out a bit. I was planning on splitting the batch in half like always. Half of the batch would get either 3711 or the North Coast Le Merle yeast if I can get my hands on it and grow it. Anybody have success with that strain?

For the other half, I was hoping to go straight Brett on it. Does anybody have any suggestions on which strain I should use?  I was thinking about Brett C.  About how long would it take for an all Brett beer to ferment out? Any other advice from those of you who have done it? For the record, I know that I need to pick up a copy of Wild Brews, I definitely will do that in the next couple of weeks as part of the planning process. I already own and have read Farmhouse Ales and Wild Brews.

Another thing that I wanted to do with this batch is introduce a bit of sourness, along the lines of New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Saison. I don't want this to be a sour beer per se, but I think that a bit of refreshing sourness would be pretty nice in a beer like this. One idea I had was to either take 2 gallons of the wort and add some lactobacillus culture and then blend this in to the fermented beer at kegging time.  If I did a small batch like this how long would it take to sour?  Would I need to ferment with yeast first and then add the lacto?   Is this something I would need to do a couple of months before I brew the rest of the batch?  Other things I've considered are doing a sour mash with part of the grist.  The thought has crossed my mind to use some acid malt as well.   What do you think would be the best way to add a bit of sourness to the beer?

I know there are some experienced brewers on here that use lots of bugs, any help on this brainstorm would be greatly appreciated.

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