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General Homebrew Discussion / Saving yeast from bottle-conditioned brew
« on: January 17, 2012, 09:34:06 PM »
I'm about to crack into my 1986-Vintage Thomas Hardy Ale and I'm wondering if it's possible to harvest any usable yeast from the leftover (26-year old) sediment. Does anyone have a link to a step-by-step procedure for this? If I do get any usable yeast, is there any way to be able to store it long-term? I'm just starting out homebrewing now at a really basic level (partial-boil extract with dry yeast/no starter), but it seems like a waste if I don't at least try to save this yeast and stash it away for later use.

General Homebrew Discussion / Reputable kits online
« on: January 07, 2012, 08:21:24 PM »
I'm getting ready to brew my first batch of homebrew and from what I'm reading here a lot of you seem really down on using kits. because of my work/family schedule it's kind of hard to get to my LHBS, so I was planning on buying a kit online from either Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies or Austin Homebrew Supply. All of these shops offer various yeast options for their kits and most of their reviews seem pretty positive.

Is it safe to use one of these online stores for kits? Does anyone have experience with these stores?

Cellaring hoppy beers rarely works out well.


FWIW - I've had great results cellaring beers in the basements of my past 2 houses. Both have been raised-ranch style, my current basement is completely unfinished/unheated and my old house had one room that was unfinished. Up against the concrete wall that is deepest underground holds the most constant and cool temps. I haven't checked the temps regularly, but it holds in the mid-to-upper 50's most of the year, maybe pushing low-60's during a real heat wave in the summer.

The best beers for aging tend to be big ales, barleywines in particular. I usually stash away a 4/6-pack of my favorite barleywines each year and come back to them every year or so. My prized possessions are a 4-pack of 2004 Thomas Hardy Ale and a 1997 Sam Adams Triple Bock. I also recently acquired a 1986 Thomas Hardy, but I don't think I will be aging that one much longer.  ;D

As far as the shelf life of homebrews goes, i was wondering a bit about that myself. I'm just about to brew my first batch of homebrew myself and once I get a few under my belt I was planning to brew my first vintage barleywine. Aside from being really careful about avoiding oxygenation, is there anything else that a homebrewer can do to increase the shelf life of their beer? Would wax-dipping the caps be helpful for brews you're intending to age for several years?

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