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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Aging beer
« on: October 20, 2015, 07:58:17 PM »
Thanks Gents..  morticaixavier I think your correction "conditioning" is more accurate than aging. 

So would it be best to chill & carb while conditioning or just chill without fully carbing?
Carbonation does not interfere with the conditioning process. Might as well kill 2 birds with one stone and carb while cold-conditioning.

I have a lower standard for data. Given the ubiquity of a spray bottle of Star San in brewing and cellaring, the hundreds of thousands of clean batches of beer being brewed by craft brewers in this country are evidence enough for me.

I would love to know what a local craft brewery uses as a sanitizer because all of their beers are infected.  The fact that no one at the brewery recognizes that they have a persistent infection problem amazes me and most of the local brewers that I know.
If a brewery has a lingering infection and never addresses it, I guarantee that there is a lot more at issue than simple choice of sanitizer. That sounds like an operation that doesn't take quality seriously.

Personally, I feel that Star-San is sufficient the majority of the time. It works just fine as a bacteriocidal agent, and it is more effective in the presence of organic residues than bleach or iodophor.

I have seen no data that supports that assertion.
From the "Handbook of Biocide and Preservative Use" p320:

Compared to chlorine or iodine disinfectants, acid-anionic products are more stable at elevated temperatures, and their germicidal activities are less affected by organic soils.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Finding my Style
« on: October 20, 2015, 12:13:49 PM »
I find that I don't want to brew IPAs. There are too many good commercial examples to warrant the costs of hops at this level. It's cheaper to buy it in my opinion.
If you're a hophead you will be hard-pressed to find a commercial beer that matches the hop character you can get from a super-fresh, massively-hopped, homebrewed IPA. I rarely buy commercial IPA's anymore because I can have mine fresher, and stuff in more hops than is affordable at the commercial scale.

Beer Recipes / Re: 100% Vienna Lager
« on: October 20, 2015, 11:22:55 AM »
I've done it.  It was good, but almost insipid in its lack of complexity.
My experience, too.

My favorite Vienna recipe is the Mexican variety, 50% Vienna, 20% corn, 25% pils, 5% caravienne, then a little chocolate malt in the sparge to darken it a bit.
I might have to brew this one for Cinco de Mayo this year. Sounds damn tasty.

If you need the big guns, then bleach is the way to go. If this is for routine use, then iodophor works great on clean surfaces. It is inactivated rather easily by organic deposits, so you really need to be sure your cleaning is up to par.

Personally, I feel that Star-San is sufficient the majority of the time. It works just fine as a bacteriocidal agent, and it is more effective in the presence of organic residues than bleach or iodophor. Lactic acid bacteria are probably your top concern as potential contaminants in the brewery if you follow good cleaning procedures. But for persistent infections, you should reach for something a bit more broad-spectrum.

Beer Recipes / Re: 100% Vienna Lager
« on: October 20, 2015, 07:08:17 AM »
I can see how the biscuity character of MO could work in a Vienna lager if used with a balanced touch. Interesting idea.
Indeed. I've subbed Vienna for MO before with good results. I've never thought of going the other way, but I can see the potential.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Finding my Style
« on: October 20, 2015, 06:47:24 AM »
For me, it's all about experimenting and getting creative. Even when I really nail a recipe, I often don't rebrew it for a while. I go through a lot of phases, so even though my hoppy Belgian dark ale was one of my favorite beers ever, I haven't been on a Belgian kick in a while so I haven't rebrewed it.

I have a few basic recipes that get brewed more often, but those are typically styles I like but don't feel the need to get super creative with. My märzen and low-gravity porter get brewed pretty often with minor tweaks here and there. On the other hand, I brew Saison and IPA quite a bit, but I'm constantly using new fruit or hops each time.

When I'm planning my brewing, I like to use the same yeast in 2-3 successive batches. I tend to get in an English ale kick over the winter. This year I will be using WY1469 in some test batches, then repitching into an ESB, followed by a big porter or stout of some sort. I also try to make use of the big pitch I've grown up in successive batches by brewing a large, cellar-worthy batch as the final one in the succession.

TL;DR - Inspiration comes in many different forms. Whatever hits you, take it and run with it.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Gigantic/3 Floyds - Crescendo of Doom
« on: October 19, 2015, 08:37:30 PM »
I'm kicking into the first of the commercial brews I got from HoosierBrew for Swaptoberfest. This is an IPL collab from Gigantic Brewing Company and 3 Floyds. Color is yellow-gold with a short white head. Aroma is citrus hops with some spicy notes. Flavor is more earth/pine/herbal with a touch of dank/onion. The fruitinees from the nose is much more subdued on the palate. Bittering is moderate for the style. Finish is crisp with some lingering pine resin.

Overall, this is a tasty beer. I don't pick up much on the malt front, and there isn't much fermentation character here to make it stand out as a lager. I find a lot of collab brews to be a bit unfocused, and I get that a bit here. I'm not sure what specific hop varieties they use, but they mention English hops in the kettle and German hops for dry hops. It's a cool idea, and well-executed, but nothing really stands out.

It's all fine and dandy until you bring lagers into the equation.
I'm not sure it'll matter, but you better believe we'll test it out.
I agree, Marshall. I think if you have an adequate, healthy pitch of yeast, then it doesn't matter if you're brewing a lager or an ale.

If you're price shopping, check out White Labs lab supplies section on  I can't speak to the quality as of yet, but I just placed an order from them for some pre-poured plates to play around with plating and isolating colonies from mixed cultures. Prices were in the range of $15 for a 10-pack depending on the specific media you get.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Swap-toberfest '15
« on: October 19, 2015, 07:23:27 AM »
I enjoyed the stout I received from HoosierBrew while I watched the Patriots beat the Colts, who were hampered with some bad Luck (see what I did there :) )

The beer was deep mahogany-black with some ruby highlights, and topped with a solid 2 fingers of coffe-hued, creamy head that stuck around for a good long while. The nose was dominated by roast and coffee notes, with a hint of biscuity malt in the background.

The palate held more of the same - espresso and unsweetened chocolate notes. There was a lingering roasted-grain bitterness that was firm, but smooth. There were no acrid or harsh flavors to be found. The mouthfeel was creamy, but not heavy. The finish saw the roasted character fade and revealed some grainy/cereal notes.

I've been drinking a lot of cold brewed coffee lately, and this stout reminds me of when you get a cup that is spot-on. There's plenty of roast and bitterness to keep you interested, but it's still refreshing and leaves you ready for the next sip.

Thanks for sharing your beers, Jon! They were excellent.

The Pub / Re: Vent much?
« on: October 19, 2015, 07:04:51 AM »
This is why I hate being stuck hunting public land out my way. There are just too many idiots out there. I was actually told once by another hunter that the hunting was lousy at a particular spot because "there weren't enough people in the woods today". That scares the everloving bejeezus out of me, because a lot of them are morons that will shoot the first thing that moves or won't be sure of what is beyond their target.

I end up taking a vacation and driving 5 hours to the big woods of Northern NH to hunt. There are just as many idiot hunters by percentage, but a lot less per square mile.

If it's any consolation, most new hunters that I've met seem to have their heads about them and have a lot more respect for the sport and property. Hopefully that will mean that once the idiots start to hang it up you will have less issues with inconsiderate, disrespectful idiots.

The Pub / Re: Go Canucks!
« on: October 19, 2015, 06:49:50 AM »
Nothing against hockey, its a great sport, one of my favorites when I used to watch sports. I'm just saying there is just as much bad behavior as in any other major sport so I think its unfair to call NFL players thugs but say hockey players are OK. Anytime you give young men a ton of money, put them on a pedestal and make excuses for their behavior you have trouble whether it be athletes or music stars like Justin Beiber. As far as number of convictions go I think there are way more NFL than NHL players due to roster size.
Agreed. It would be hard for anyone to deal with millions of dollars being thrown in their face, but imagine when you're in your early 20's and still have a lot of growing up to do. It's no surprise that many can't handle it.

The Pub / Re: BeerSmith Podcast, brought to you by BeerSmith
« on: October 19, 2015, 06:46:18 AM »
I agree that citing in a paper is completely normal, but during a lecture it's weird. Use the possessive pronoun.

I poke fun at Brad's show, but I do certainly appreciate it. He manages to get pretty solid guests show after show.
Agreed on all counts. Brad's interviews have gotten a lot better since his early days. He used to cut off his guests a lot, and still push a lot of outdated information. He's gotten a lot better on both accounts in the past year or two.

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