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Hello everyone, I was hoping you could help me shine light on what i am looking for. I will be purchasing two Sabco Fermenters, there dimensions are 20″diameter x 26″ tall.

So im looking for front door access refrigerators that can hold one of these suckers, i have heard of dual refrigerators but am leery as i will want to have a temperature probe inside my fermenter that i will plug the unit into. (two door fridge may only have one plug in).

I have looked at kegerators (the mini fridges to serve beer, just without the faucets etc.) that way they will each have there own plug in so i can stack one on top of the other (to save space) and control two different batches independently. That way i can use two Ranco Digital Temperature Controller. and since they already have a hole drilled in the top thats where i can feed in the temp probe using a bung of sorts.

Looking for a fridge big enough to hold the Sabco Fermenter, and small enough to save space (to hopefully put two in the same location as a standard home fridge) has been a frustrating google, ebay, crags list search.

So, If anyone has a Sabco Fermenter, or the likes, or has any idea of how to help me get something like i am looking for set up, let me know, pics are always nice too so i can get a better idea. =)

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