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Events / Re: Keynote speaker for NHC?
« on: March 28, 2013, 07:32:38 AM »
What about Bill from Victory?  Or Ed Stoudt... they were one of the first brewpubs in the state.

If you want to help, I'd approach them privately... doing it in front of the whole club would probably not be the best time to give them unpleasant news.  Tell them that you love their brand but think the beer has some flaws.  If they seem receptive to the unpleasant criticism you're about to give, elaborate.

Otherwise, let them fail.  There's going to be lots of cheap used equipment out there in a couple of years.   :)

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Time Crunch - What Would You Do?
« on: March 27, 2013, 02:25:17 PM »
Go with #2 and save 1/4 of the dry hops for the keg.  Crash cool a day or two before adding the gelatin to make sure the dry hops settle out.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Gilda corker with belgian corks?
« on: March 27, 2013, 09:54:37 AM »
That's a great idea, thanks.

I was just going to use a regular cage.  It was a bottle of corsendonk and I thought the one that came off of it was normal size.  It may have been missing the little cap at the top of the cage, but I can't remember.  Generally, any event where a 3L bottle is opened is going to obscure my memory  :D

Ingredients / Re: how long for dry hop pellets to settle out?
« on: March 27, 2013, 06:55:20 AM »
If you chill it, the pellets will fall out pretty quickly.  Otherwise, you might be waiting a while.  You can siphon from underneath.  A mesh strainer bag tied over the end of the racking cane will help filter out any debris.

The first 1.10 gallon batch sparge is just a hot water addition before draining the first runnings from the mash, right?  If so, that's not considered a sparge, and it's unlikely that the extra water is a problem... you're rarely going to extract tannins because of too much water in a single batch sparge.

The culprit is probably your water chemistry.  Although you're using too much water for your target recipe, you should be able to make a 1.042 ale easily without any tannin extraction or grainy flavor. High pH is most likely the problem, although the symptoms would show up more in lighter colored beers or smaller grain bills.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Oops...Session IPA
« on: March 25, 2013, 09:05:05 AM »
6 ounces includes the dry hops?  That better be for a session IPA, cause it's not going to cut it for a double!   ;)

Sounds to me like Stone is setting up an epic April fool's prank.  Since the release date and carefully guarded "secret" are set to be released conviently at the beginning of April.  Stone is notorious for their April fool's pranks and they surprising had no tricks up their sleeve last year. 

Curious to see if it's a "real collaboration."

But, don't be shocked if it's another Stone April Fool's joke.  And if so, it looks like Greg is going to great lengths to sell it this year.

Sounds reasonable, since Fark also does April Fools pranks, but what's the punchline?  It's not that hard to invite someone to come help brew, so why not just do it?

Equipment and Software / Re: Digital hydrometer kickstarter
« on: March 21, 2013, 11:48:09 AM »
Just came across this digital hydrometer kickstarter. Says it will measure percent alcohol too.

This is cool, but I wonder how it measures percent alcohol?  Seems like it's not possible without knowing an OG.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Whirlfloc and Fluffy Trub
« on: March 21, 2013, 07:48:16 AM »
I wonder if it is an interaction between a particular recipe and Whirlfloc.  The reason I say this is I do not recall  experiencing this until my most recent brew - and I always use whirlfloc.  It should be said that I have only done 9-10 brews since starting last Fall.  The recent brew where it showed up was a Zombie Dust clone.

The unique features for this brew were: lots of Citra hops (10 oz.), and Cara-Pils grain.  Honestly it looked to me like hop sludge.  I always use a hop-sack, which retains most of the hop material.  But maybe Citra hops have a higher percentage of really small particles that excape the hop-sack?

What do you more experienced brewers think of this idea?  Is it possible that the massive fluffy trub is due to a particular recipe ingredient?

Could be the recipe, though not necessarily the whirlfloc.  When pH isn't low enough, you get inferior protein coagulation and hot break.  Some of it probably is hop trub as well.

It *should* look like egg drop soup after flameout.

Homebrew Competitions / Re: NHC Competition question...
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:59:39 AM »
My entries are on their way.   Only bottle labels were required, right?  The rules and info on the region 11 site said to include your entry form and payment in box along with your entries along with bottle labels attached to your bottles (I know, rubber bands tape :) ).  I didn't see an entry form and the entries were prepaid as required by the AHA, so I assumed this was just the standard template for this competition software.

Good luck to all that are entering!

Are the results posted yet?  ;)

There used to be a form you sent which showed proof of payment, and before that, you probably could pay with check.  Probably just old instructions.

Beer Travel / Re: Small Town Brewpubs
« on: March 20, 2013, 04:56:16 PM »
Well, since we're all here anyway, I'd suggest a stop at Two Mile Brewing* in beautiful Leadville, CO (pop. 2600).

*Opening Spring 2013.

Spring? Can't you just fast forward 3 years in a wink like the time traveling OP did?

I swear the post looked new when I read it...

Kegging and Bottling / Gilda corker with belgian corks?
« on: March 20, 2013, 04:41:12 PM »
I was going to fill a Jeroboam (3L champagne) with Geueze for NHC club night but the thing is too tall for my floor corker.  Has anyone used a handheld with Belgian or champagne bottles?  This one seems to be the best of the bunch, since it has an iris.  I figure it will be a pain to get it right, but I only need to do it once.

Beer Travel / Re: Small Town Brewpubs
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:25:08 PM »
There were a few good brewpubs that we visited in Astoria, OR last year before NHC.  The town isn't 200 people, but it was small and seems like it would have seasonal tourism.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Do corked belgians lose carbonation?
« on: March 15, 2013, 06:06:52 AM »
Maybe it is gas gremlins.

Or it could be that the priming sugar wasn't mixed well enough.  If you bottled all the capped ones first, they could have taken more of the sugar if it sat at the bottom.

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