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Oh okay - I was out of St. Paul.

I live on the border of Maine in Milton.  You?
I'm in Derry.  I am a member of the Seacoast Homebrew Club in Portsmouth.  We meet at A&G Homebrew on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  We are going to be doing a Big Brew event on May 4th in the A&G parking lot, starting around 10am.  You should stop by.

Thanks!  I'm introducing a friend to homebrewing that day but we might make it down there.

Oh okay - I was out of St. Paul.

I live on the border of Maine in Milton.  You?


What site was your beer judged at to get your score sheets so quick?  I didn't think we'd be hearing anything for another week or so... it's cool you received yours last week.  :)

*waits by the mailbox*

The more I look around, the more I realize that maybe I shouldn't have posted this so quickly.  I don't want the venue to get into trouble sending out the results too early.  This was my first competition (well since 1995) and was excited to get my results :-)

Regarding the other topic, I would definitely steward one of these events but they need to be a lot closer to my home (Northern New England)!

I haven't heard back from Janis but to be honest, I know that she's quite busy so I wasn't expecting one.

Thanks everyone for their posts.

You can also tweak the internal thermostat to bring the temperatures up to refrigeration temps and then use the temperature dial to adjust it from there.  Do an internet search for good posts.  (I'm not sure if this board minds if you link other forums)

Happy wife is the most important ingredient

Haha!  ;D So true!

Thank you both for taking the time to reply to my question.

Tim - yup.  I saw that disclaimer.  It would be strange though if one person gave it a 30 and one gave it a 29 and then they said, this a 27.5 beer.

Tom Schmidlin - thank you very much!

And I know that this isn't a big deal to many people but I really want my wife to be excited about brewing (which is getting more and more difficult the more gear I acquire!). She made the recipe "from scratch" and helped me brew it.

Thanks again,

Good evening!

I received my cover sheets today from the NHC and I noticed that one of the sheets was added up incorrectly.  I don't know if I should bother to contact them because with the mistake, the average comes up to 27.5  Without it, the average is a 29.5.

The score for a bronze cert is 25-29 and 30-37 for a silver cert.  Do you know if they round up?  If they do, who should I contact?

Normally I would be happy with the feedback but this is the beer that my SWMBO designed and helped me brew.  A silver would really make her more interested in brewing (a bronze will as well but...).

Thanks for any insight!

Events / Re: A new Nano Brewing law and the School of Beer
« on: November 24, 2012, 06:05:15 PM »
In conjunction with the Informal University, I'm teaching a class for those interested in starting a nano brewery. It covers brewery design, siting, zoning, local, state, and federal laws and paperwork, sourcing materials (we have NO grain distributors in New Hampshire, if you need a business idea!), financing, and distribution---plus oodles of experiences in losing money, so you don't have to. The link to the School of Beer is here:

Mongo, (AKA Kevin)
Candia Road Brewing Company and the New Hampshire Brewer's Guild

Hi Mongo!

I'm interested in any and all information you might have in starting up a picobrewery.  I have a few farms in my area that are interested in selling the beer that I brew.  I probably won't make any money from it but it would be nice to cross off another item from the bucket list.

aka Shawn.

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