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Equipment and Software / Stuck recirc in blichmann mash tun
« on: April 07, 2013, 04:53:46 PM »
I got a 15gal blichmann boilermaker and false bottom to use as a mash tun.  Also a pump with a ball valve on it's output to control flow rate.  Two batches of beer with it and i'm getting stuck recirculations every time.  Didn't use wheat in either batch.  On the 2nd batch I tried a couple handfuls of rice hulls and that didn't help.
I've run recirculation at the recommended rate of 1gpm. I've tried it lower and higher but eventually the flow will slow and then stop completely.  I have to stir the grain up for awhile in order to get the recirculation moving again.

I have contacted my LHBS to see what they set their mill to as I was wondering if that could be the issue, their response:
Our gap is .037.  However, I say that with a long caveat: Our mill is a pro brewery-grade mill with two, dual-driven smooth rollers that are each 9" in diameter, unlike homebrew mills that have knurled rollers. Our mill more or less pops the barley out of the hull, leaving the hull pretty much whole. Most homebrew mills actually do some grinding and tearing of the hull, so setting them this close together won't yield the same results our do (OK, I'm assuming you're asking in order to set your own mill).

Any suggestions?

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