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Beer Recipes / Recipe Design Webinar
« on: March 23, 2017, 02:47:03 PM »
I'll be doing a Zymurgy Live webinar covering recipe design and evaluation on Tues. 3/28 at 6 PM PDT.  It's available to all AHA members and if you can't make it that night there will be a recording available.  During the live webinar you'll be able to ask questions.  For more info, check out


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, Drew and Denny tackle a question dropped on Facebook by listener Dan Tomkins. Dan asked just how do we tackle a new recipe - something we've never brewed before? Well, sit back and we'll walk you through just how we do the voodoo that is recipe creation.  Plus, Drew has an epic meltdown while while Denny plays the ukulele.


To start the show, we hit the feedback slush pile, including a voicemail feedback about the Walmart lawsuit.

In the pub, it's a little different today as we sit down with Nick Arzner of Block 15 to drink one of Denny's favorite beers - Sticky Hands IPA. We discuss the origins of the beer and the secrets behind the powerful hop character the beer carries (pro tip - new fancy hop powders)

From there - it's Question time and once again y'all provided so many questions- we're splitting it up! Today we cover Malts, Mashing, Hops and Yeast!

Next episode - even more Questions along with your brewing disasters!

Episode Links:

    Block 15 Brewing -
    San Gabriel Valley Humane Society -
    Patreon Remember even a buck is good for charity:
    Experimental Brew Store -

Equipment and Software / OK, this is cool....
« on: March 08, 2017, 09:37:22 AM »
I usually kinda pooh pooh things like this, but for some reason this strikes me as really cool....

General Homebrew Discussion / Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 35
« on: March 01, 2017, 10:57:56 AM »

We start with a round of feedback including a question about a potentially new style guideline and a reflection on one listener's experiment in making Cool Ranch Beer!

In the pub, rumblings are a foot about the Return of the Wrath of Conn at this year's HomeBrewCon in Minneapolis.  We tackle the problematic notion of "fake craft" beer and All About Beer's newly announced policy on sexist beer names.

Over in the library, a brief look at one of Drew's favorite malts - Maris Otter

And in the lounge it's a twofer as we talk again with over favorite Lew - Lew Bryson about 2017's Session Beer Day (April 7th). We encourage you to get ready for it by brewing up a batch of something "small". And then we leave the land of the small and head back to Fargo where Drew sits down with our good friend and long time BJCP/AHA leader, Susan Ruud, at her meadery - Prarie Rose.

Quick tip comes with video evidence this time - careful when you're degassing folks! And Denny closes us out with a PBS show all about music.

General Homebrew Discussion / Got a brewday disaster story?
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:58:58 AM »
You know how it goes. Drop a carboy, burn the mash, put 3 eyes of newt instead of 1. What's your disaster story?  OK, we've all had those brewing days where nothing seems to go right. Not just running out of know, the kind of day where you wonder why you're doing this! But we power through and keep brewing. For our April Fools show, we're looking for stories of brew days gone wrong..really wrong. Something to make us all feel better about our own brewdays from Hell! Email your brewday disaster stories to or call our Beer Hotline at 626.765.1ALE and tell us your story!

General Homebrew Discussion / Session Beer Day April 7
« on: February 23, 2017, 10:36:05 AM »
Session Beer Day is just around the corner!  The Session Beer Project ( has declared April 7 as Session Beer Day!  On episode 35 of the Experimental Brewing podcast (3/1/17), we'll be talking to Lew Bryson, its founder, about what it is and how to celebrate it.  To make things complete, we'd like to see your session beer recipes.  If you have a low alcohol (~4.5% ABV or less) recipe you'd like to share, please send it to  We'll publish it on our website so that the whole world can get into session beer!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brew Files Episode 4 - The Mighty Oat
« on: February 22, 2017, 09:44:43 AM »

The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, Drew and Denny talk one of Drew's favorite ingredients - oats, their origin, their use, their forms, pitfalls, styles and one of Drew's beloved recipes for Drew's beloved pup - Cookie.

Episode Links:

Thomas Fawcett Oat Malt:

Simpson's Golden Naked Oats:

The Original Cookie Celebration Ale:

The Pub / Beer Criticism
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:34:34 PM »

General Homebrew Discussion / Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 34
« on: February 15, 2017, 09:56:19 AM »

In the feedback we gather reactions from listeners about the love we gave to Cream Ale and the city of Rochester and doing to triangle tests.

Episode 36 is an all Q&A episode - so get your questions in at (or call us at 626-765-1ALE)

In the pub, we talk Nebraska's efforts to legalize what we think of as normal homebrew use and what's the government's role in alcohol control and also how it's not just a US problem.

In the lab, we announce our next experiment that explores how your method of carbonation affects your beer. Also we tease a new experiment with our sponsor Wyeast.

From the lab we swing out to West Fargo, ND and talk with Frank Clemens of Flatland Brewing about the upcoming brewing scene in the Fargo area.

For our quick tip, we get really cold and small!

And then lastly, Drew talks about an amazing sporting event that had an incredible finish. Watch and be wowed.

All Grain Brewing / Out of my comfort zone
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:56:01 AM »
Today I'm brewing my 511th batch.  It's 11 gal. of Rye IPA.  Out of those 511 batches, I bet 500 of them have been 5-5.5 gal., but I need to crank out a lot of beer quickly right now.  I've been kludging together various equipment I have around, but for some reason I'm feeling a bit of trepidation at how it's all gonna work.  Silly, huh?  I'll split it into 2 5.5 gal. batches.  Both will be fermented with a slurry of 1450, but one half will also get some "special" brett that Wyeast is sending to me to test.


The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, Drew sits down with Mike Tonsmeire, aka Old Sock, aka The Mad Fermentationist and author of American Sour Beers. The focus of their talk - Mike's love of and attempt to brew in the vein of De Dolle's Oerbier Reserva. He talks about what went right and what went wrong and how to respond when things don't quite go to plan.

General Homebrew Discussion / Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 33
« on: February 01, 2017, 10:03:17 AM »

In the feedback we take a moment to not only reflect on the launch of the Brew Files, but to also remind folks about the difference between companies and people particularly when the snark is flying in podcast land.

We donated $688 to the Children's Tumor Foundation in the name of the listeners. Thanks to Robert Allaway for the suggestion. Reminder our charity is now the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. Let's try and raise enough funds via Patreon to hit a cool thousand by July!

Episode 36 is an all Q&A episode - so get your questions in at (or call us at 626-761-1ALE)

In the pub, we talk Sierra Nevada's Beer Recall from North Carolina and how Firestone Walker is switching to smaller bottles for their "special" beers Hey whatever happened to the nip?

In the library, Denny covers a timely article from Scott Janish looking at the impact of dry hopping on final beer bitterness

In the lab, we get our IGOR on and try to better understand the results that we saw in our IBU experiment. Why were some of the IGORs dead on and others way low? We talk to five IGORs about their brew day experiences and try and see is there a common culprit? Saw Hi to Kevin Kolk, Dave Matson, Ben Myton, Mike O'Toole and Jeremy Wickham.

Lastly, we swing through a super quick suggestion of a not so super quick podcast. They just dropped a six hour episode!

General Homebrew Discussion / Small Batch Brewers - Let's Talk!
« on: January 18, 2017, 04:32:16 PM »
I'm doing some reseach into small batch brewing....3 gal. or less.  If you brew small batches, I'd appreciate your point of view on this stuff...

1. What's your usual batch size?
2. Why do you brew small batches?
3. Do you brew, extract, partial mash, all grain?
4. What's your basic process?  I.E., BIAB, tiny cooler (😉), just stir in the extract, etc.
5. Do you have a favorite piece of equipment that you like to use especially for small batches?
6. If you've brewed larger batches how would you comapre the two in terms of effort?  Time?  Equipment needs?  Recipe consistency?
7. What am I missing that should be known about small batch brewing?

Thanks so much for your time.  I owe you all a beer!


In the feedback we tackle Denny's favorite Myths according to our friends and some early feedback about our new show - The Brew Files!

Reminder our charity of is choice is the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. Let's try and raise enough funds via Patreon to hit a cool thousand by July!

Episode 36 is an all Q&A episode - so get your questions in at

In the pub, we talk ABI's latest beer "innovations", what Asahi taking over Pilsner Urquell from SAB Miller will mean for the original Pilsner and the annual hop crop report and what we can expect to see.

In the brewery, Denny covers his recent experience with the Grainfather.

In the lab, we finally get to the results of our Great IBU Experiment brought to you by, the AHA, Oregon Brew Lab and the IGORs! First you'll hear from Dana Garves of Oregon Brew Lab describing her journey into Beer Science and how she opened OBL. She'll describe the testing she performed for us and even offer more testing suggestions. And then we bring in special guest star of the episode - the man behind the equation - Dr. Glenn Tinseth.

We tackle a few more of your questions in our Q&A segment and then a listen offers a quickly tips about winter brewing before we close out with Drew's new book - Eight Flavors!

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