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You know the rule - when the remainder of the division of an episode number and the number of months in the Gregorian calendar is zero, the sleeper awakens and sounds forth with pronouncements induced by the querying missives of the seekers of truth.

*cough* What we mean to say is every 12 episodes, we take your questions and try our best to give you an answer or two or three in some cases. Sit back! It's answering time!


The Brew is Out There!

Last year, Peter Symons led us all through a discussion of early Australian brewing practices and he promised he had more up his sleeve. Get ready to look up his sleeve and we explore the unique Australian take on Prohibition and how the Australian brewing industry modernized in his new book 6 O'Clock Brews


In our ongoing efforts to try and learn everything - and fail miserably - we revisit Denny's question from Episode 58 about dried lager strains labelled like ale strains. After much listener input, Drew sits down with Bryan Heit of Sui Generis Brewing to get the current scientific picture on yeast genetics. It turns out science makes for really complicated answers! Plus, we talk retirement, rough times for craft brewers, charity and how lasers are making better beer before digging into your questions. Finally, we close out with Denny's favorite new cooking show!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brew Files Podcast Ep. 28 - Go Big
« on: January 24, 2018, 05:34:04 PM »

The Brew is Out There!

Although the season marches invariably onwards towards the warmer temperatures of Spring and Summer, we still have our nice cool climes and the opportunity to enjoy our cellar treasures. But while we're digging into the cellar for those riches, maybe we should replenish them while long brewing days are still pleasant! In this episode, we'll walk you through our expriences making big beers - our secrets - and offer up two of the finest we've made. Sit back and break out the barleywine!


On this week's episode, it's fully the new years which means it time to see just what we're going to fail at this year! And we're bringing you along for the ride! But first, a Christmas Miracle, some expired LME and being mindful in the pub. In the Brewery, Denny has some questions about dried lager yeast - can you help him out? In the Lab, we get an update on the IBU test Denny's operating through. And then finally we hit the list - we talk about how "well" we did last year and what we plan to try and win at this year! You listeners also had a bunch of suggestions for resolutions, so let's see! Finally, we close out with a pair of new history podcasts from Drew and get you on your merry way!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brew Files Podcast Episode 27 - Lager Myths
« on: January 10, 2018, 08:12:34 PM »

The Brew is Out There!

While it's nice and chilly in most of the US, we figured what better time to sit down and talk with Zymurgy editor and Lager afficionado, Dave Carpenter about the wide world of lagers, myths about them and why you should be making them at home. Oh and did we mention Dave has a book about Lager as well?


On this week's episode, we announce our new charity - it has a personal connection for Denny. We hit the pub and talk a fund raiser for IGOR Miguel's daughter's cancer fight at Rouleur Brewery and we dig out the crystal balls to see what we can see for the world of homebrewing and craft brewing for 2018. In the brewery we look through Drew's notes from the latest Zymurgy Live with Dogfish Head. In the Lounge, we sit down with Garrett Garfield, a transplanted Texan turned Chilean homebrewer and professional mead maker about the scene in Chile and what challenges he faces.

And after we tackle a few listener questions, Drew will leave you thunderstruck with his something other than beer.


The Brew is Out There!

New Years is almost here with it's Janus like powers of transformational drive. Denny and Drew sit down and review how they organize things in the brewhouse to make the brew day easier and more likely to happen. How do you organize things?


On this week's episode, we hit the pub to talk the beer business before jumping into the hot unwanted guest topic of the day - What is Saccharomyces Distaticus, why is it in the news and how do we kill it? And then we take a listener suggestion for an end of the year wrap up - with a revisit on some of our favorite questions and answers from the non-all Q&A shows.

And then of course Drew leaves you with the most obvious current movie recommendation every because yeah..

Yeast and Fermentation / Rehydrating dry yeast
« on: December 14, 2017, 09:15:26 PM »
Yeah, I's been debated to death.  But I'm not interested in whether or not to rehydrate.  I'm curious if anyone knows the science behind it.  We're told that rehydrating means that you're pitching more viable cells than if you don't.  But why?  What's going on to increase the viability?


The Brew is Out There!


Drew sits down with Michael Tonsmeire, aka the Mad Fermentationist, and walks through how you can get two juicy beers of radically different natures from one brew session. So sit back as we explore his Apricot infused Sour and super juicy New England IPA.


On this week's episode, we correct things we got wrong, sit down and look at some different responses to the whole beer name and respect issue, talk about how an early San Francisco craft brewer is coming back and why their move feels similar to Widmer's recent moves and explore the idea of Black Friday Counter Programming the Goose Island Bourbon County Frenzy. We stop by the library to get Drew's recommendations on books for brewers and why Denny doesn't have time to read anymore. In the brewery, Drew talks about a stubborn brewery imperfection that he's got to solve and Lallemand's new dried "New England IPA" yeast. Then we sit down in the lounge with Kevin Osborne of Cellador Ales to talk about running a fermentorium, his giant next door neighbor, how he looks to build sour flavors and hold onto house cultures.

And then of course we answer some questions and Denny goes back to basics before Drew leaves you a new podcast exploring old crime.


Drew sits down with Craig Gravina of the Albany Ale Project to discuss this almost completely forgotten strong ale style from Upstate New York. Learn how this style got started, how it mirrors the Dutch and English heritage of the state,  how it transformed over time and what finally happened to a beer that was shipped around the world at one point! (And of course, how you can make it yourself!)


On this week's episode, we sit down and look at more trademark disputes, interesting business moves and why social media is ruining beer before heading to the lab for secret experiments, the brewery for ingredient explorations and then into the lounge where Drew sits down with a couple of award winning home brewers - Derek Springer (aka Five Blades Brewing) of the Society of Barley Engineers and Nick Corona (aka 2016's AHA Homebrewer of the Year) of QUAFF. Find out what it means to homebrew in America's brewery mecca! And then of course we answer some questions before Drew leaves you with the nerdiest sports thing to nerd.


The Brew is Out There!


Drew sits down with Jeff Alworth, writer of the Beervana blog and podcast and the recent The Secrets of Master Brewers to talk what lessons Jeff discovered while touring a bunch of different brewing cultures. Together they explore the notion of national brewing identities and why many factors, including the Cold War, make the beers of Bohemia radically different from the beers of neighboring Bavaria. Also, does the US have a "brewing identity"?

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