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The Brew is Out There!


Drew sits down with Michael Tonsmeire, aka the Mad Fermentationist, and walks through how you can get two juicy beers of radically different natures from one brew session. So sit back as we explore his Apricot infused Sour and super juicy New England IPA.


On this week's episode, we correct things we got wrong, sit down and look at some different responses to the whole beer name and respect issue, talk about how an early San Francisco craft brewer is coming back and why their move feels similar to Widmer's recent moves and explore the idea of Black Friday Counter Programming the Goose Island Bourbon County Frenzy. We stop by the library to get Drew's recommendations on books for brewers and why Denny doesn't have time to read anymore. In the brewery, Drew talks about a stubborn brewery imperfection that he's got to solve and Lallemand's new dried "New England IPA" yeast. Then we sit down in the lounge with Kevin Osborne of Cellador Ales to talk about running a fermentorium, his giant next door neighbor, how he looks to build sour flavors and hold onto house cultures.

And then of course we answer some questions and Denny goes back to basics before Drew leaves you a new podcast exploring old crime.


Drew sits down with Craig Gravina of the Albany Ale Project to discuss this almost completely forgotten strong ale style from Upstate New York. Learn how this style got started, how it mirrors the Dutch and English heritage of the state,  how it transformed over time and what finally happened to a beer that was shipped around the world at one point! (And of course, how you can make it yourself!)


On this week's episode, we sit down and look at more trademark disputes, interesting business moves and why social media is ruining beer before heading to the lab for secret experiments, the brewery for ingredient explorations and then into the lounge where Drew sits down with a couple of award winning home brewers - Derek Springer (aka Five Blades Brewing) of the Society of Barley Engineers and Nick Corona (aka 2016's AHA Homebrewer of the Year) of QUAFF. Find out what it means to homebrew in America's brewery mecca! And then of course we answer some questions before Drew leaves you with the nerdiest sports thing to nerd.


The Brew is Out There!


Drew sits down with Jeff Alworth, writer of the Beervana blog and podcast and the recent The Secrets of Master Brewers to talk what lessons Jeff discovered while touring a bunch of different brewing cultures. Together they explore the notion of national brewing identities and why many factors, including the Cold War, make the beers of Bohemia radically different from the beers of neighboring Bavaria. Also, does the US have a "brewing identity"?

General Homebrew Discussion / Best of both worlds
« on: November 10, 2017, 01:36:35 PM »
Had a sudden inspiration today.  My Grainfather excels at mashes, especially step mashes, but is slow to boil and the pump filter has a tendency to clog.  So I did a step mash in the GF, then pumped the wort to my converted keg for boiling and whirlpool hopping.  Perfect!

Ingredients / Guess I'd better fine time to brew
« on: November 09, 2017, 11:42:53 AM »
Got a care package from YCH Hops yesterday.....


On this week's episode, we sit down and look at the world of trademarks and lawsuits involving some of the biggest and smallest breweries, pay to play in the barroom and the most British pub story, ever. Then we dive into a wonderful presentation from lambic master Frank Boon and the BA's newly announced hop breeding program before Drew sits down with "Doctor" Bill Sysak and Bill Sobeiski at the newly (30 days is new right?) opened Wild Barrel Brewing of San Marcos. Find out their long beer history and how they moved from Stone to a place of their own. And then of course, we hammer out some questions - including what do you think - should you be required to create your own recipe for competition? Then a quick tip and a super something other to get you set for your week.


The Brew is Out There!


Inspired by a posting on Milk the Funk Facebook Group (, Drew sits down with brewing partner in crime, Kent Fletcher and they revisit their experiments with Methode Champenoise - aka how make your beer into Champagne! So sit back and relax as you figure out how to legitimately play with dry ice!

General Homebrew Discussion / Help us out and win cool stuff!
« on: October 26, 2017, 10:43:30 AM »
It's time for the Experimental Brewing Podcast yearly survey.  Tell us what you want on the podcast and get a chance to win cool brewing stuff!


2 full years of podcasting! No time to celebrate - we've got things to cover! We'll talk transcripts, O2 in hops, the BA's second phase of Craft Beer independence, the beery witchy connection and a bunch of interesting brewing developments before we sit down and talk hops, hops and more hops with Bryan Pierce of YCH Hops about where the hop industry is going, how great this year's harvest was and what's new and exciting in the hoppy world (and what happens if IPA's stop being the thing). And then of course, some tips, some questions, some answers and the best comedy you need to be watching.


Once more it's feedback - this time on the safety of canned starters and our cider episode. Denny gets his mushroom correction on. We stop by the pub to talk a whole bunch of beer news, including GABF breweries, more water canning, how a Ninkasi winner got his brewing shut down and how one restaurant stepped in to save a whole bunch of breweries from losing their kegs. In the brewery, Drew walks through a little math and a spreadsheet for brewing that he uses. In the lab we revisit the keg purge experiment with a couple of listeners feedback. In the Lounge, Drew sits down last year with John Wilkinson, the organizer of the Prarie Homebrewing Companions' Hoppy Halloween Competition and would you look at that - entries are open for this years comp! Then we hit a few questions , a quick tip, and we remember Tom Petty because seriously.


The Brew Is Out There!

On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we sit down in the pre-GABF mayhem to talk Pro-Am Competitions with Oleg Shpyrko, winner of the 2017 Romancing the Beer Competition, and Shaun Smith of Camarillo's Institution Ale Company about why Pro-Am's are a thing and what it takes to transform a potent homebrew (a 9.3% abv Imperial Stout with Cocoa, Peppers and Vanilla) into a commercial brew.


Festivus Feats of Strength Recipe:

T'Oaked's Romancing the Beer Competition:

Institution Ales:


Once more it's feedback - this time some tacos and some Q&A feedback. Do you want to help us transcribe some Q&A? - email us! ( We stop by the pub to talk the dangers of yeast and clean beer lines and what radical move CAMRA might need to take in the new beer world. In the lab we drop the results of our first Keg Purge experiment - does purging your kegs of homebrew make a detectable difference to our tasters? In the Lounge, Denny sits down with craft maltser (and sponsor of the show), Seth Klann of Mecca Grade Estate Malt. They talk Seth's long family connections, the challenges of growing barley and just why would you decide to add the complication of malting on top of it? Find out about liquid nitrogen, barley varieties and the future of craft malt. Then a few questions from the other side of the world, a quick tip, and Denny gets to Oontz'ing.

Episode Links:

    PicoBrew - Save $$ on a Zymatic with the code PICODENNY at
    Overpressured Wine Cask -
    Man Burned By Caustic -
    Roger Protz on CAMRA -
    The Great Purge Experiment -
    Mecca Grade Estate Malt -
    Oontz Angle -
    Desi Strong -
    Patreon Remember even a buck is good for charity:
    Experimental Brew Store -

General Homebrew Discussion / Brew Files Podcast Ep. 19 - The Bad Apple
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:07:45 AM »

The Brew Is Out There!

On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we get ready for the fall with a quick lesson in making America's founding beverage - cider. We come at it from two different points of view (surprise!) since Denny has actual apple trees and Drew has a giant city surrounding him (but apple orchards a short drive away!) But together, we'll get you to the right answer about to make great cider from some bad apples!


The Everything Hard Cider Book -

Drew's Cider Cheat Sheet:

Correll Cider Presses: (Denny has a Medium Plus)

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