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The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we're exploring the controversial style of the moment - New England IPA. And since Denny spits nails about anything "hazy" and "juicy", Drew's bringing in Ed Coffey of "Ale of the Riverwards" to talk the style he's been brewing since before he knew it was a style. Together they talk about the ingredients, the hops, the flavors and of course the haze and it's meaning.

General Homebrew Discussion / Wondering what to do at Homebrewcon?
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:34:32 PM »
Just in case you don't already have your schedule planned for HBC, I wanted to mention a couple things we're doing...on Thur. at 3:15, I'll be doing a seminar called "Hold My Beer and Watch Me Science" along with Drew, Marshall Schott, and Malcolm Frazer.  We'll be talking about how we choose and set up experiments, how we interpret the results and more importantly, how YOU should view our results!  Then on Fri. Drew and I will be book signing at 1:30 at the Brewers Publication both.  And because we're not tired yet, we'll be recording a live podcast from the Brewcraft booth on the trade show floor from 2:30-4:30 on Fri. afternoon.  We'll be doing live Q&A, so come on by and try to stump us!  Not to mention the ukulele sing along....

Equipment and Software / Spiedel Braumeister
« on: May 13, 2017, 01:04:39 PM »
Anybody here using one of these?  Could you fill me in how it works?


New opening to the show this time through. Let's see how you like it (let us know!)

In the pub, we stop by and take about brewery charities and one in particular for Denny's area. We talk about one previous guest's new "kid" rules and the response, before we tackle the big Wicked news of the week and the really insidious piece that virtually no one is talking about behind the scenes.

We stop in the brewery to talk the latest malt report from our good friend Teri Fahrendorf and Denny reminisces about the good old cow and hog reports of his youth.

In the lab, we announce our latest experiment - the IGORs are taking a stab at the Brulosophy gang's Biotransformation ale - aka can you tell a difference between a beer dry hopped at high krausen and one dry hopped in secondary. Of course, we're adding an extra special twist to the whole thing because we're required to by law. Twist one, testing two different strains with some IGORs pulling out Wyeast 1318 and some pulling Wyeast 1056. Twist two - we're going to have some visually blind trials vs visual trials. Woo...

Then in the Lounge, Denny talks to Jessica Davis of the Bruery about what it means to do QA work for a brewery with as many on going projects as they have. It's seriously interesting to learn what it means to work in the beer world and be tasked with keeping an eye on things

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip on ya and explore just why Drew wants to subject one of his chihuahuas to dangerous acrobatics.

General Homebrew Discussion / I'm in the library....
« on: May 05, 2017, 10:11:49 AM »

A few months back, I was contacted by Tiah Edmunson-Morton of Oregon State University and the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives. In an interesting turn of events, they wanted to talk to me about Oregon, homebrewing and my part in the whole scene. They are even archiving all the work we've done and adding it to their collection which includes the pioneering and humbling work of Fred Eckhardt. Watch below to learn about me, Iowa, concert touring, how close I came to corrupting America's youth as a teacher and, well, the whole brewing thing (as well as my partnership with Drew and where we differ)

After you're done there, go listen to the other pieces that Tiah and company have collected - including some of our favorites like Dave Wills of Freshops, Lisa Morrison of Belmont Station (amongst other efforts) and see previous guests like our favorite lab guru, Dana of Oregon Brew Lab and Teri Fahrendorf. Seriously, go spend a few days on their interview page and learn a ton!


The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, it's time to pour one out for the parents in the brew world. Drew sits down with Tiffany Ashrafi, a Los Angeles area homebrewer, beer fanatic and mom-to-be, about her unique spin on making a beer for mom. With Mom covered, Denny and Drew sit down to talk about a beer for dad to have when tots are all grown up.


In the pub we congratulate our new members of the  Governing Committee; explore what we think of the Brewer's Association recent announcement regarding sexist beer names and celebrate the sort of beery fool hardiness that lead one "intrepid" soul to attempt a beer half-marathon.

In the lab, we take a piece of feedback from a listener about what we did wrong with our BrewTan announcement and then, like a dog with a bone to worry, we decide to revist the results thanks to some new IGOR reports and watch how the numbers change. We'll discuss new directions that we want to explore as well.

Then in the Lounge we visit one of Drew's favorite brewers - Bob Sylvester of St. Somewhere Brewing in Tarpon Springs, FL. Learn just why we have a photo of a pump and a skateboard in the show notes and just how Bob produces "Florida terrior" and what measures he took to preserve it when the brewery moved.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip on ya and explore Drew's new found home companion.

The Pub / Santiago Chile
« on: April 22, 2017, 07:39:46 AM »
I realize this is a long shot, but has anyone been to Santiago and have tips for me?  I've been invited to go in July.


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, Drew sits down with Peter Symons, the author of Bronzed Brews - a collection of recipes and research of Australia's fascinating history of brewing. We talk about the experience of delving into brewery archives. Why Foster's isn't Australian for beer. How historical Australian beers were brewed (what their goals were, etc) Lastly, we'll even grab some tips and tricks for making your recreations spot on!


 Stand back everyone and hold our beer - we're going for a shorter show today! (Suspect Denny might need a temporary break from editing or something)

We do the feedback circuit, including a visit to the Correctional Department of Corrections, and then hit the pub for our recollections of Session Beer Day, some of our favorite April Fool's pranks from brewers (including one that wasn't actually a prank) and the upcoming Big Brew

In the lab, we finally have our results in from our BrewTan B experiment that we started last year. What do the guys make of the results and we talk with Joe Formanek of Anjinomoto about what they mean.

Then in the Lounge we actually visit a question that came in from a listener about her challenges making truly gluten free beer. Since neither of us are gluten free experts, we rope in an actual expert - James Neumeister of Portland's Ground Breaker Brewery, a gluten free brewery.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip on ya and explore one reason Drew would have something positive to say about the New York Yankees. (No, hell has not frozen over and yes, it involves dogs.)


The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, Drew and Denny hit the phones with Jay Ankeney, a long time homebrewer in Los Angeles who's been brewing longer than most of us. And interestingly - Jay still brews with extract and grains. Why does he still brew with extract? What are some of his tips and tricks and what does he do that either agrees or disagrees with prevailing wisdom. Well, you're going to have to listen!

General Homebrew Discussion / New Beer Style
« on: April 01, 2017, 10:40:22 AM »
I'm proud to be quoted in this scholarly article discussing a new beer style....


A little different show this week and we warn you - it's a long one! We hit three main topics today, but first feedback.

With April Fool's Day right around the corner, it's time to explore how foolish we brewers are with a bunch of disasters stories! Stay safe people!

Then it's back to the Jeopardy stage where we questions answers about Recipes, Water and Troubleshooting - wait, strke that, reserve it.

And then - we talk with Gary Glass of the AHA about the Governing Committee and the election. Final votes are due by 3/31! So stick around and listen to the candidates! (Special Thanks to the Brewing Network for providing the statements!)

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