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It's time to swing way South of the Border and head to Chile with Denny as he attends the 2nd Annual South American Cup in Santiago, but first we look at your canning feedback. In the pub, we sit down with a couple of special beers (and Drew gets to be right!), talk about Ostrich boot based silliness, bootleggers in Peru (Indiana) and what the new model of acquisitions seems to be currently with Lagunitas buying part of Shorts and Brooklyn, 21A and Funkwerks teaming up.

In the library, we take a swing around Dr. Charlie Bamforth's recent speech in Australia about Craft Beer and the things he thinks brewers really need to be focusing on. While in the Brewery we talk about the upcoming Green Hop extravanganza from YCH Hops.

And then in the lounge, we sit back and listen to Denny's memories of his trip to Chile and we even hop in the back of a crowded vehicle shepharding Denny to the foot of the Andes mountains and Tübinger Brewery in the middle of some of the world's premier wine country. While there Denny talks with Chris Flaskamp about the brewery and his beers.

Finally we race over Q&A because hey - you should be getting us questions for Episode 48!

But we do take a moment to hit a quick tip about saving your beer for review and Drew drops two things in Something Other - a podcast about interviewing (The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn) and the return of last year's mention from youtube - the very charming "Alice in Paris".


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, it's the second part of our exploration of Wine making with Dave Lustig of Old Oak Cellars. In this episode, Dave picks up at the fermentation side of the wine making process and gets our wine tasting great and in the bottle for our enjoyment! Remember it's almost wine time so get exploring!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, it's the start of a two parter all about Wine making with Dave Lustig of Old Oak Cellars. In this episode, Dave gives us his history as fermentation curious brewer/vintner, walks us through procuring grapes, prepping the juice and running your fermentation. He makes good wine and begins laying out the case that brewers actually make better vintners at home!

General Homebrew Discussion / Time's running out!
« on: July 09, 2017, 05:08:55 PM »
The deadline for the Experimental Brewing Belgian recipe contest is getting close!  Come up with a recipe for one of Wyeast's Q3 Belgian strains and you could win yeast from Wyeast, books from Experimental Brewing and swag from both!  All entries due by 7/31/17.  Rules at


We start, as always, with your feedback and recap our successful charity effort, before we head to the Pub, where we reminisce about HomeBrewCon and what we did and enjoyed. We talk about a new seal (no not that one - that's later) and about Russian River's success and planned sale.

In the library, Drew takes a little bit of time to talk about Patrick McGovern, the Indiana Jones of Beer, and his latest book, Ancient Brews.

In the lab, we break down the results of our UnderPitch experiment - what went right and how Drew sorta, kinda goofed part of the whole thing. (Yeah, he's fired). What does happen when the freshest yeast you can get meets wor in two very  different quantities?

Then in the Lounge, it's another double dose of interviews - first, live from the Southern California Homebrewers Fest, Drew and Marshall Schott (Brülosophy) interview Joshua Kunkle about his portable pocket randall infuser with a less than work safe name! Then, Denny and Drew sit down with Bob Pease, the CEO of the Brewers Association about the newly introduced "Independent Beer" seal (note - not craft beer seal as Denny states).

We skip over questions this week (Hey, Episode 48 is a Q&A - get some questions to us!) We do drop a quick tip and Drew reminds us why movie trailers can remind you of some awesomely non-family friendly music. (Seriously!)

General Homebrew Discussion / Brew Files Podcast Ep. 13 - Grisette
« on: June 28, 2017, 03:58:56 PM »

The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we're going deep with Dave Janssen of Hors Catégorie Brewing as we dig into the city cousin of Saison - Grisette. Just what the heck was it, how did it get it's name and how it ties into the larger realm of beer history. Dave walks you through the info he's discovered over the past few years and why he thinks so many "grisettes" really aren't all that grisettey!

General Homebrew Discussion / Win free yeast and swag!
« on: June 22, 2017, 03:36:28 PM »

Win a Wyeast and Experimental Brewing Swag Bag!

For Q3, Denny and Drew have chosen a bunch of yeast strains to take advantage of the summer heat to make some damn fine beer! Here are the Q3 strains (releasing to homebrew shop in July 2017!)

    This well-balanced strain from northern Belgium will produce moderate levels of both fruity esters and spicy phenols while finishing dry with a hint of malt. Flanders Golden Ale is a robust and versatile strain that performs nicely in a broad range of Belgian styles.


    A unique blend of Belgian Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces for emulating Trappist style beer from the Florenville region in Belgium. Phenolics, mild fruitiness, and complex spicy notes develop with increased fermentation temperatures. This blend will produce subdued but classic Brett character.


    This unique Belgian ale yeast is a high acid producer with balanced ester and phenol production allowing a good expression of malt profile, especially the strong flavors of darker malts and sugars. Spicy, tart, and dry on the palate with a very complex finish.

Now the question is - what would you make with these strains? Winners get to brew them!
The High Level:

Pick a yeast, generate your recipe, give it an awesome name and email by July 31st!. Denny, Drew and folks from Wyeast will evaluate the entries for quality, fun and expression of the best of Wyeast's strains characters!
The Rules:

    Send entries to
    Entries must be received by 11:59PM on July 31st 2017
    One entry per person
    Winners of each yeast will be picked Drew, Denny and representives from Wyeast.
    Three (3) winners will be chosen, one per yeast strain, and will receive swag and prizes from Experimental Brewing & Wyeast
    Winners agree to let Wyeast use, distribute and publish the recipes
    Judging is completely subjective and winners will be chosen by the judges opinions of the entries quality and expression of the fun and interest of brewing. (aka it looks good to the judges!)


Another year, another Conn appearance at the best homebrew party on the planet - HomeBrewCon! Live from the Expo booth of our sponsor BrewCraftUSA, we sit down and visit with a number of folks and vendors you know and talk to them about where they see the homebrew world going. We announce our new Wyeast Contest - Get your recipes in! We have a visit from a homebrewer Corey, who brewed a beer that's the perfect synthesis of Denny and Drew - shudder at the thought of their beery love child! We even have a visit from Mr. Water - Martin Brungard - on the importance and ease of water controls. And we closed out with a visit from our friends at BrewCraftUSA and their new toys including some primo wine kits from Mosti Mondiale.


Hey, guess what - it's our first repeat guest! (We think - who can keep track?)

But first, an announcement:

Homebrew Con (15-17)
        14th - 6:00 PM Trivia at Chop & Bru Party - See for ticket details
        15th - Hold My Beer and Watch Me Science
        16th - Panel: Building a Great Homebrew Club / Craftmeister / Book Signing / Podcast at BrewCraftUSA Booth
        17th - Denny Rests, Maybe

In the feedback, we take a moment to re-visit some questions about Bio-Transformation and address some very pointed criticism about our Brew-Tan experiment.

In the pub, we enjoy a pint or two we raise a pint to Peter Simpson,  talk a big beer slide, how to avoid selling out to the IPA-borg and a Chinese Bud Bust.

Inspired by the MBAA Master Brewers podcast, we stop by the library and look at Barth-Haas's latest dissection of hop flavor and aroma as spurred by all these fancy new hops we have at hand.

We stop in the brewery to review Drew's reviews of several malts, including those from our sponsor, Mecca Grade Estate. Which malt will reign supreme?

Then in the Lounge, it's a double dose of interviews - first, live from the Southern California Homebrewers Fest, Drew and Marshall Schott (Brülosophy) interview Kevin Baranowski about his attempt to wake everyone up at the Fest with a Sweet Stout served through a Randall stuffed with Bourbon soaked coffee beans. Then, with podcast magic, we blink our eyes and suddenly Drew swings up to the Bay Area and catches up with Nick Impellitteri about what's happening with the Yeast Bay.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip from a listener and inspired by our last Brew Files episode and Denny talks about his newest PBS obsession!


The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we're hanging with the homebrew video master - Chip Walton and we talk about how he came to brew, create BrewingTV and finally become an All-Grain brewer with the help of a bag.


We're loaded up and trucking right through your feedback.

In the pub, we enjoy a pint or two while looking back at a big retirement, talking some new guidelines and wondering maybe we've been looking at the whole "bubble" thing wrongly.

We stop in the brewery to look at Sierra Nevada's Ruthless Rye recipe and why Denny gave them a bunch of guff for it when they were making it. (Plus Drew's weird feelings about late additions of Magnum)

Then in the Lounge, Denny talks to Rebecca Schranz - the Queen of Getting s*** Done- at St. Louis's Earthbound Beer about expansion, taking over an old brewery space and what happens when you find a hand to god Bat Cave in your cellar.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip on ya and Drew reveals he's deeply weird about notebooks.


The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we're exploring the controversial style of the moment - New England IPA. And since Denny spits nails about anything "hazy" and "juicy", Drew's bringing in Ed Coffey of "Ale of the Riverwards" to talk the style he's been brewing since before he knew it was a style. Together they talk about the ingredients, the hops, the flavors and of course the haze and it's meaning.

General Homebrew Discussion / Wondering what to do at Homebrewcon?
« on: May 15, 2017, 08:34:32 PM »
Just in case you don't already have your schedule planned for HBC, I wanted to mention a couple things we're doing...on Thur. at 3:15, I'll be doing a seminar called "Hold My Beer and Watch Me Science" along with Drew, Marshall Schott, and Malcolm Frazer.  We'll be talking about how we choose and set up experiments, how we interpret the results and more importantly, how YOU should view our results!  Then on Fri. Drew and I will be book signing at 1:30 at the Brewers Publication both.  And because we're not tired yet, we'll be recording a live podcast from the Brewcraft booth on the trade show floor from 2:30-4:30 on Fri. afternoon.  We'll be doing live Q&A, so come on by and try to stump us!  Not to mention the ukulele sing along....

Equipment and Software / Spiedel Braumeister
« on: May 13, 2017, 08:04:39 PM »
Anybody here using one of these?  Could you fill me in how it works?

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