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Beer Recipes / Re: Converting an APA to extract
« on: September 05, 2011, 11:04:44 AM »
Since it's only a lb. of Munich I'd be tempted to throw that in with the mini mash and not have to deal with Munich extract.  I've always added all the extract at the beginning, but I'm beginning to experiment with adding some early and the majority late.  No preferences yet.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Bottling from a keg
« on: September 05, 2011, 09:23:45 AM »
Make sure the stopper is securely seated in the bottle neck.  Open the tap and start the beer flowing.  when the bottle is maybe 1/2 full, the pressure will build up and the flow will stop.  With the tap still open, very slightly crack the stopper with your thumb.  The flow will resume at a very slow rate, proportional go how much you crack the stopper.  That's how you control the flow rate.  When the bottle is full, close the tap.

All Grain Brewing / Re: First AG, water volume questions
« on: September 05, 2011, 09:18:43 AM »
What I understand Denny does is run off the first batch, measure how much more wort is needed to top up the kettle and add that same amount of water to the mash.

Yeah, that's the pragmatic way to do it!  Although, after all the batches I've done, I've got a pretty good handle on volumes and can estimate really closely what I'll need for the sparge.  But I still always measure the mash runoff forst to make sure my calculations match reality.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: First extract in years
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:15:43 AM »
In the process of helping Northern Brewer develop extract versions of some of my recipes, I've brewed with extract more in the last year than I have in the 10 years before that.  What I've found is that the process improvements I've picked up as I became more experienced, combined with really good, fresh extract, means that these beers are a quantum leap from the extract batches I brewed years ago.  In most cases, you;d be hard pressed to tell them from AG.

The Pub / Re: Changes
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:05:31 AM »
I noticed your absence, Mark, and I'm glad there's a good reason!  Hope you enjoy the new job and that it turns out to be everything you hoped it would!

Beer Recipes / Re: Is this to much crystal malt?
« on: September 03, 2011, 09:57:49 AM »
I say that if you want the flavor from the C40, 1 lb. isn't too much, especially if you use the sugar to cut the body.  Follow your taste buds, bud!

Beer Recipes / Re: Wit Recipe
« on: September 01, 2011, 10:12:14 AM »

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Pasteurization, cooling rapidly the wort?
« on: September 01, 2011, 09:45:49 AM »
Is it safe to pasteurize with no pants?
Wait, you can pasteurize with pants on? :o


Ingredients / Re: Setting up a hop yard
« on: September 01, 2011, 09:45:20 AM »
+1 on lots of labor.  I know a guy here that has 8 acres planted and he has been at picking for a couple weeks, some times with as many as 50 people picking.  Plucking hop cones by hand is time intensive.

There's a guy down the road from me who has a hop farm.  He hires a mechanical harvester to come in.  But I live in heavy hop growing territory.  That option might not be available everywhere.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Ask the Experts - Patrick Rue
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:51:34 AM »
Hope everything is alright.

Just a lot of family stuff requiring unplanned travel all over the US for most of Aug.

Ingredients / Re: Setting up a hop yard
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:48:47 AM »
Don't disount the labor involved with tending your hops through the season.  The harvest can be tough.  A guy in the club has about 1/2 acre planted with a partner, and they need the help of the brew crew from theh brewrey that buys them to harvest the hops that go directly into a beer.

THIS!  People seem to think that after you plant them, they grow by themselves and that's all you have to do.  The harvesting, and especially the drying and packaging, are where all the work is.  This is not intended to discourage the OP, but just to make sure he thinks his plan through.

Beer Recipes / Re: Wit Recipe
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:45:17 AM »
Should I stick with the dried peel from the LHBS?  Some sources suggest that this gives more pithy bitterness than flavour and fresh zest would be better. 
I agree, I'll leave out the chamomile next time and see how it goes.  I like it but it doesn't fit the "traditional" flavour profile, that's for sure.

The dried peel is traditional and I prefer it to fresh.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Refractometer
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:44:00 AM »

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Ask the Experts - Patrick Rue
« on: September 01, 2011, 05:35:32 AM »
I hope very soon.  I've had some personal issues that have prevented me from following up in this like I should.  I'll get back on top of things next week.

No brewing here...again.  Sigh.  Going on 2 months, my longest stretch without brewing since I started.  Life has gotten complicated recently.

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