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Thanks for all the replies. I will probably try to skip the secondaries. All the Northern Brewer kits recommended secondaries. Hence, why I planned to do it. Thanks again!

I will need to look into re-pitching yeast to save some cash.

The main reason I need to use a secondary is that I have a Igloo cooler modified to hold a fermentation bucket so I can get temps in the upper 60s by swapping a frozen water bottle morning/late evening. I then can put the secondary into a make-shift holding area by directing the AC vent on the ceiling around 71-72' as the picture shows below. No basements in FL.

Is 4 weeks too long to wait to bottle for most beers?

Assuming I am in no rush and really only have every other Saturday to brew, does my plan sound like something that can work well? Or should I squeeze bottling sessions in during the week?

I have just recently brewed my first 2 extract batches. I am planning on Brewing every other Saturday while my girlfriend is at work. I have a bi-weekly brewing schedule that I think would work really well. I was also wondering if anyone else does something similar?

As the title suggests,

This Saturday I will be bottling my first brew. I will be moving my second batch to a secondary. I will also be brewing a third beer Saturday.... obviously putting in a Primary.

My plan is to repeat this every two weeks. Most likely doing 2.5/3.0 gallon batches once I have a stockpile of beer that household consumption can't keep up with. 

Questions -

Is there any disadvantage to leave the beer in a Primary for 5-7 days after the fermentation stops?

If I am not dry hopping, should I just bottle after the initial 2 weeks or would the secondary still help?

If I missed a week, would 4 weeks in a Primary be ok to Bottle and would 6 weeks before bottling be too long? Or would I need to bottle and transfer asap?


I have been using this for all kinds of things.

For a quick couple reading, it is awesome. It seems to be very accurate as long as you don't hold it for a long time (5+ minutes). I have used the laser to tease cats and after a while the readings seem to be high.

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