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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Twin Cities Brewery Tour
« on: June 11, 2010, 02:25:33 PM »
I am getting confirmation from the organizers, but I am almost certain the tour bus leaves from the Sheraton. Have fun, should be a blast...
The precon site reads:
"5:00 PM - Bus returns to Sheraton Bloomington"

sorry- i don't know if they fit better bottles- i have glass carboys. but they do say "universal"...

but will it be safe to let these beers sit until i keg them in about three or so weeks?    once it stops and the co2 goes, would i then be exposed to contamination?
since CO2 is heavier than air you shouldn't worry. when you remove the airlock, you'll still have a blanket of co2 on your beer. i would remove the blow-off tube and put an airlock on it. you'll probably get some bubbling and that will make you feel better! i like the universal carboy bung ( that you can put an airlock in rather than the orange caps myself.

What type of water are you using? Although you haven't mentioned it, I am thinking that is the only constant ingredient between your beers. The kits you mention have different extracts- light is different than pale. I can't speak to MoreBeer kits, as I've never used them, but I'm sure the NB extracts are reliably fresh. I assume from your recipes that you are using different yeasts. I suspect the water.

I am also an extract brewer. Have been for a long time. Never went AG. I make very good beer- but it took a lot of trial and error. I advise taking the time to repeat at least one of these recipes, changing only one thing at a time. You may not think, as I didn't when I started, that the water makes any difference because you are using extracts. I guarantee you that it makes a huge difference. I thought that if the water tasted OK to drink, it would make OK beer. But your words reminded me of EXACTLY what I said when I started brewing! All my beers tasted the same! Couldn't figure it out. Every time I would just brew a different style fuguring it would change and get better. It didn't. Until I changed the water. Turns out my tap water makes lousy beer.

Good luck...

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