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Yeast and Fermentation / nothing is Happening
« on: December 12, 2012, 02:45:34 AM »
So i dont like starting new threads every time i have a problem, but im a bit confused and lost at the moment im trying to get a English Brown Ale to Ferment but not having any luck. I used one of those kits i got from a local homebrew place. I started Fermentation on 11/30/12 and doesnt look like its doing anything. The kit came with a dry yeast, and i threw the yeast in there without getting it started, i keep it at around 65-67 thanks

Yeast and Fermentation / Fermentation Control During Cold Winters
« on: November 19, 2012, 03:56:45 PM »
hi new brewer here, as im getting close to starting my first batch im having worries about keeping my fermenter at proper temps, now the whole house is usually below 65, when no one is home then heats up to 68 when im home, now my question is, what do i do to get my fermenter above those temps? much thanks appreciated

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