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General Homebrew Discussion / Quick Hop Aroma and Flavor Loss
« on: December 07, 2012, 04:06:00 AM »
Since I started kegging IPAs the hop flavor and aroma drops off very quickly, like a week or so. I leave in primary for 10 days, cold crash for 3 days and then dry hop in the keg for about 7 days. When I carb, I turn the psi to around 20 for 3 days and then turn down to about 7ish for serving. The last IPA I used 9 ounces total, a blend of Simcoe and Centenial. All of my more malty beers seem to turn out very good. Btw, my hop schedules are usually 40 ibus for my 60 minute addition, a big addition at 15 minutes, a nice hop stand addition and then dry hop. Can anyone offer any insight? Thanks.

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