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Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Fat Head's Hop JuJu
« on: February 17, 2017, 11:25:09 AM »
I thought I posted about this beer last year. Sorry to bring up an old thread.

Fat Heads Hop JuJu is my favorite IPA ever. There I said it. This year's is particularly DANK! Love it. It showcases an irresponsible amount of chinook, simcoe, Columbus, centennial, and Citra. The aroma reaches out of the glass, slaps you in the face, and calls you a B word. It's extremely dank up front and then the Citra dominates the back it leaving that beautiful Citra flavor lingering on your palette. It's a 9% beer that drinks like a 7% beer. I look forward to this beer every year. I was lucky and got it the day it was distributed this year on Tuesday. My bottles were bottled on 2/3/17. Uber fresh!

Ok... Yeah... I've already imagined this... Mader's Burgers and Beers will feature a variety of house brewed beers and huge variety of gourmet, hand-patted burgers.

I'll probably have 8 handles. 6 of them will be staples, while the other two will rotate.

1. Pale Ale
2. American Stout (Breakfast style)
3. IPA (House)
4. American Amber
5. Czech-Pils
6. American Porter

7. This tap will be a rotating IPA tap. There are way too many hops out there to settle on one IPA. So, this tap will be more of an experimental tap.

8. This tap will rotate monthly with specialty beers.
       -January - RIS
       -February - Barleywine
       -March - Irish Red
       -April - Saison
       -May - Habanero/Mango Pale Ale
       -June - Berliner Weisse
       -July - Golden Ale
       -August - Kolsh
       -September - Black IPA
       -October - Ocktoberfest
       -November - American Strong Ale
       -December - Quad

I don't want to brew sour beers anymore. Too many crap sour and Brett beers out there. I don't want to be mixed in that noise.

You can flavor it with a sour beaver butt!

Bananas aren't really good until about Thursday.

Yeah, for sure. And on a different note, I really like duct tape. It's pretty useful for stuff.
Penalty!!...5 yards for delay of thread.  NOT an "unpopular" brewing opinion.

Ok in that case, duct tape's adhesive is actually derived from beaver anal gland secretions.

Wow.... that's a blast from the past!

Bananas aren't really good until about Thursday.

Yeah, for sure. And on a different note, I really like duct tape. It's pretty useful for stuff.

It works especially well in adhering my ferm wraps to my carboys!

Bananas aren't really good until about Thursday.

Ingredients / Re: complimentary hops with Ekuanot/Equinox/366
« on: January 12, 2017, 03:27:16 PM »
I'm planning to do two beers with my pound of ekuanot (13 gal batches give me enough beer for two kegs with a kittle wiggle room for dry hops). My thoughts were a single(ish) hop pale ale (bittering with CO² extract) using 9 oz of Ekuanot, split between whirlpool and dry-hopping; then 7 oz in an IPA blended 1:1 with chinook (understanding that Ekuanot will dominate the hop character). Here I would bitter with CO² extract, then drop 2 oz of hops at 5 min, 6 oz whirlpool, and 6 oz dry. Both beers would have fairly dry/neutral malt profiles, with CaraHell or perhaps CaraBlonde as the sole specialty grain (though some wheat malt and acidulated malt may be added for body/pH). And both would be fermented with a neutral American yeast (probably BRY-97 or Imperial Joystick).

Do these sound like reasonable approaches to get the most out of this pound and get to know Ekuanot better?

These will both be really good. Ekuanot is very good as a single hop. I'll be using it in an imperial hoppy amber within the month with 1:1:1:1 Ekuanot, Chinook, Cbus, and Centennial. Last year I did it with Simcoe instead of chinook, but I'm fresh out of Simcoe and seems to be a slight shortage on it with the places that I order from, so Chinook it is. This is one of my favorite beers.

Ingredients / Re: Malt choice
« on: January 12, 2017, 12:38:03 AM »
I'd pick the C45, Caramunich 80, or Caramunich II - any could be used in a large number of styles.

Edit -  Or you could use the peated malt for traction if your driveway gets icy. I just wouldn't put it in beer under any circumstances.  :)

It's good to carry bucket of peated malt, a shovel, and a blanket in your truck during the cold winter months.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Glass Disaster
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:37:21 AM »
I've always used plastic Better Bottles. It's what we started with. I use ferm wraps on them for just about every batch.

Though I have no issues with the Better Bottles, I won't be buying anymore. Buckets are easier. They store way better, easier to clean, protect from UV better, and have a built in handle for easy carrying.

My uncle brought home about 8 glass carboys one day. I refuse to use them. They are collecting dirt in the barn. I'd rather end up with a rare infected beer (though probably not dependent to plastic) than to break glass and chance slicing my wrists. With your experience, your choice should be very easy.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Glass Disaster
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:29:45 AM »
I have no desire to go back to glass carboys whatsoever. I'm just too much of a klutz :)

Perhaps it would be helpful to add that I've been using the same hydrometer for >100 batches since 1999.  ;)

You need to brew more, Dave!  :P


General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Pics of recent brews?
« on: January 10, 2017, 01:40:42 AM »
My latest APA. I'm really digging this beer. New malt bill of 75% two row, 20% Munich, and 5% C60. I think this will be my new APA bill in order to differentiate a bit more from my IPA bill. 3:1:1 Cascade:Citra:Amarillo at FWH, Whirlpool, and dry hop. Killer combo. This beer has cleared much faster than another beer that I've ever kegged. The only fining I used was whirlfloc. The secret might have been discovered by accident. I accidentally froze all of my kegs in my keezer solid by accidentally leaving the temp controller probe out of the keezer. It Screwed with the carbonation a bit, but was easily corrected. The beer was this clear about 3 days after tapping. It might end up Being my new practice except I'll do it before carbing.

My unpopular opinion is that too many people reach a comfort level in brewing, stop learning, and think polite praise is a sign of quality. A lot of homebrew sucks. (Not that I go around saying that).

And I don't like Amarillo and Mosaic.

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Seriously! Just because I don't overtly say your beer is s*** and I'm polite doesn't mean you should start a brewery.

And I may just be moving your direction on Mosaic... been struggling with that hop lately.

New England, Hazy or Juicy IPA's are a fad that need to stay in 2016.  Happy Brew Year.

Agreed.  I expect them tp go the way of the Black IPA.
I've never cared for mosaic. I like Amarillo, but it's not my favorite.

Not so funny story about cloudy NE beers. My local brew pub got a keg of 3F's Zombie Dust (Not a NE IPA) over the weekend. The first one was perfect and crystal clear. My second pour was very cloudy. I asked the bartender if the keg kicked on that pour. He said, "No. I just went back and lifted the keg to see how much was left. I must have kicked up the trub. It's actually better now that it's cloudy." Facepalm... No. Now I have one of the best and hard to get IPA's in the country that has yeast and whatever else unwanted sediment mixed up in it. These people believe that if you mix all the trub up, you get a "juicy NE IPA." I wanted to smack the guy.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Pics of recent brews?
« on: January 08, 2017, 07:48:35 PM »

Quick lager, fast carb dunkel.  It's not bad...

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If you ever find your home burgled and that glass is the only thing missing, I will say right now that I will have an alibi.

Where did you get that?  I need that in my life.

Looks like a Libby glass. If so, they have them at just about every department store.

You can safely pitch a large amount of yeast trub without a starter with no negative effects, months after collecting it.

You can brew great beer with recipes you make up in your head on brew day.

You can make great beer using guestimation.

Simcoe hops are delicious and in no way taste or smell remotely like cat pee!
OK, this one I can't resist.  How do you know simcoe hops don't taste like cat pee?  :)

Blind triangle. :)

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You cheesin'?

LMAO.... throw back to the good ol' days of South Park!

Apparently a lot of people are cheesin'. I didn't look that hard, but the two places that I placed orders at last night (included Yakima Valley) were sold out of simcoe. I suppose I'll just have to try to replicate the cat pee by blending some equinox and chinook.

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