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Kegging and Bottling / Re: Flat Beer
« on: May 03, 2010, 01:02:49 AM »
I just began kegging and my first batch went flat due to a leak.  I still haven't figured out the leak, I just know that my CO2 tank is empty and my beer is flat.  I am going to fix the leak and recarbonate my beer, but I was curious if the beer will be "skunky" or not?  What makes a beer taste "skunky" anyway?

Sun light

I am helping a friend set up a kegerator and have been looking for an inexpensive regulator.  Micromatics site states that their soda regulators are "Not for beer use!"  I am assuming that the regulator is less sensitive and harder to dial in to the lower pressures since the range is 10-110psi compared with 0-60 with a beer regulator.  Is there any other reason?

I have seen some sources for refurbished soda regulators for $30 or so and I also know of a local science surplus place with regulators and valves for quite a bit less.  Unless there is some reason why not I think I am going to go with one of these for my friends kegerator build.

You want to get a beer regulator if you doing both soda and beer.  Just turn the pressure up high to force cab. ( about 50psi ) the turn down to pour.  The soda regulator would probly not be good in pouring beer, it the pressure starts at 10 psi.  That is way to high for me anyways.  Good luck, there are my companies that have good deals on regulator. try Kegworks

Greetings All,
I am a novice brewer on my 3rd batch.
Got creative and converted my kegarator to accept Cornelius kegs as well as commercial kegs.
I kegged my double hop IPA (a first) about a week ago.
I have had about 11 lbs of pressure on the 5 gal keg.
It pours nicely and tastes great but it has not picked up any carbonation yet.
How long should it take for the brew to pick up the C02?
Should have I went through the secondary fermentation to pick up the C02?
Seem like it should have picked up quite a bit of carbonation on a weeks time.

Any advise is appreciated!
I would just turn the pressure up to about 40psi and leave it alone for about a week in the fregerator, releace the pressure and pour it with about 5psi ( my lines are pretty short ) and it will be perfect.  Other wise, if you try to rush it the beer will have a head but the body will be flat. I have tried all the other methods and found this to give me the best results, fully carbinated great homebrew beer.

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