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Kegging and Bottling / co2 regulator usage, blow by blow
« on: June 01, 2013, 10:17:35 PM »
Hi all,

Sorry if this is a duplicate, so many hits on 'regulator' out there.. if so pls point me to the right article..

I have a corny keg, co2 tank & dual head regulator, which I've used.. but am still not 100% on the operation.  I've seen conflicting articles on the net on what you should open/close when.  This can be dangerous so I want to be 100%.  So, can someone please comment & correct the following.

Assuming regulator is already attached to the tank, and tank valve closed:
Connect outlet hose to keg in.
Close the regulator's 'shutoff' valve (90 degrees out of phase with the hose to the keg)
Open the 'drum'/center valve completely in a anti-clockwise direction
Open the tank valve completely, this will register tank pressure on gauge 'A' (leftmost dial for me)
Clear gauge B by pulling the pressure release valve
Slowly close the drum valve until gauge 'B' registers ~12 psi
With outlet hose connected to keg, open the shutoff valve.

When done, close shutoff valve, tank valve, bleed pressure release valve, and disconnect from keg.

And thats it.  Is this the proper sequence?   

Couple of general questions while I'm here:
If the keg is unused for a while does it lose co2 pressure?
Is there any oxidation risk as co2 escapes (if possible) and is replaced by air?


Beer Recipes / Pliny the Elder extract clone..
« on: January 24, 2013, 06:41:28 AM »
Hi all, first post..

First, I know there have been other posts regds PTE, but I didn't find my question.. sorry if it's a dupe.

As an xmas gift I got the ingredients for a PTE clone, all extract, woohoo!  The recipe it came with was a photocopy from a magazine article, said it was 'from Vinnie from Russian River', great! The ingredients I got didn't match up perfectly, but it was pretty close.   (thx for image help..)

To clarify some stuff I searched around on the net and found _another_ recipe, on this site, for the same brew, with a very different recipe, which is also supposed to be from Vinnie from RR, now I'm confused.

If they were even close (to my untrained eye), that'd be one thing, but there are different hops (warrior), different times, all sorts of things.  Wondering if someone could opinionate on this - did I get the wrong recipe or has it just evolved?  And since I have what I have, can anyone see anything wrong/suggest any improvements to it?

Many thanks,


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