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Equipment and Software / Re: BrewEasy
« on: April 22, 2014, 05:56:36 AM »
I am a big fan of the quality of Blichmann products.  I own 2 30g kettles, saving for a 55g kettle, a therminator and the beergun.  Their items are well made with quality craftsmanship.  That being said this items are VERY expensive compared to other things on the market.   If you have the extra cash and want something Shiny and ready to go, this will be for you.

I think that s alittle beyond my use.  I was more thinking of a hood with a window that will controll up and downdrafts and keep me from breathing on my cultures.

Ill check it out when i get some free time.  I know the Vials Kai used are incorrect but ill practice with them ebcause they are cheap.  i also bought a dozen culture tubs but they are smaller and will be hardcer for me to work with.  Parafilm has already been ordered.  Im also thinking about building a hood.  Should be able to do it with MDF fairly cheaply.  probably 2' wide, 2' deep and 3' High.

Equipment and Software / Re: Filters - Who does it and what's best
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:37:45 PM »
Gelatin vs. Irish Moss...debate!

While technically doing the same thin they are applied at different times to treat in different ways.  Not much debate really.


Hmm ill have to ponder over dryheating my dishes.  Ive been following the guidelines set down vai Kaiser on Braukaiser.  I Put 2 of my dishes inside the incubator yesterdat afternoon and neither have grown anything that i can see thus far.  I just opened one up.  Altho the surface of the agar is erratic as hell, the whole dish seems clean and sterile(before i opened it anyway)

Yup. i bought 4 on someones recommendation. I think it was yours:P

I think as long as you learn to schedule your brews and carbing correctly you could do this quite well.

Also, 2.5G kegs tend to be more expensive the used 5g kegs.  I know AiH had 3g pinlocks recently, might be worth checking in to. 

All Grain Brewing / Re: Was it something I did?
« on: April 21, 2014, 04:25:48 AM »
How are you measuring your preboil Gravity?  IF you are using a hydrometer are you cooling the wort down to room temp or are you correcting for the heat?  Ive read that correcting for gravity can be off a certain percentage?   Also id calibrate your hydrometer and thermometer.

Should take a week to step it up into a full starter at the least.  2 days in 200ML of wort, nother 2 days in 500ml of wort. 2 days in 2L of wort.

Just conservative estimates of course, others will chime in:)

Ingredients / Re: Apricot
« on: April 20, 2014, 07:55:13 PM »
How about Apricot Juice instead of Puree.

Stuff isnt exactly cheap, but your puree remainder issue would go out the window.

Also, another suggestion.  IF you make 15g batches and arnt 100% on the apricot, you could try testing 2-3 different fruits, so atleast if the apricot is a dud, maybe you will of stumbled in to a winner.


As long as they smell good, use em! Id keep them to dryhopping since you dont have an AA analysis, but if you dont care about bitterness being off a tad, use em before you lose em!

Equipment and Software / Re: Hopback
« on: April 20, 2014, 04:41:36 PM »
I know DIY follows the spirit of Homebrewings but im a big fan of Blichmanns Hoprocket in this instance.  Its sturdy and can hold 40PSI, so it can also be used as a Randell.  A lot of the DIY hopbacks ive seen leak quite a bit from the top because they dont seal properly.


I have a hard time believing that a brewery that only produces one type of beer would have more then 1 type of yeast on hand.  A brewery with a variety of brews at any given time seems more likely to use a bottling yeast with some of their more finicky strains.

That being said, put 1/2 inch of the beer from the bottom into 100mls of 1.020 wort and see what grows!

Could of sworn i read that Spencer uses the Chimay strain.   If that is true,t hen you can just get a vial of White Labs 500 as MrMalty has documented it to be the Chimay strain.


Thats what i did this time.  i laid them at an acceptable angle on my petri dishes because i was unsure.  the canner is still heating up.

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