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Going Pro / Re: Logo Feedback
« on: April 25, 2013, 09:08:12 PM »
I realize that they are a first wash, but still stand by my assertion that they are all a little to "cutesy", which would make me not recognize it as a beer company.

I completely agree. If you're going to have a non-relevant logo, it needs to have a good story, or be a really good logo. Left Hand is a good example of a distinct, easily-identified logo that's not brewery-related but has a story.

Apple logo has a "byte" out of it, Twitter has a little bird, etc. I could maybe see "Big Bug" being a name for an all-wild fermentation brewery. But it's kind of a terrible name and I'd change it before you sink a lot of money/effort into the brand.

I think the name of the brewery itself is a problem. It's probably the worst name I've heard for a brewery, beating out my previous worst "DC Brau Brewing Company." At least that name is relevant to the place and product, though it's also sort of gibberish.

Man its hard to keep a group of brewers/drinkers focused haha

The full story of the "BigBug" name can be found in this blogpost on our website

Our name is meaningful and has a great back story / metaphor which jives nicely with the current craft beer culture. It's about doing what you want, being true to yourself, and not letting people discourage you from living your life by your own rules. We will follow this philosophy when brewing our beers and I believe that people will appreciate our individuality, and enjoy the unique flavors and atmosphere we will provide. While the name may not scream beer in the traditional sense I think that it will set us apart from the crowd. I don't believe that logo's or names need to incorporate the product as long as the story is good and the brand is strong.


ps lets get this thread back on track and talk about logo feedback please!! ;) 

Going Pro / Re: Logo Feedback
« on: April 25, 2013, 03:38:13 AM »
Sadly we didn't make it to you're brewery. If I had known about it a month ago we certainly would have stopped by! We actually found the other two breweries in Champagne by luck while trying to find a hotel. I just watched your video on kickstarter. Congratulations on getting your brewery up and running!!


ps do you know why they call it Destihl?

Going Pro / Re: Logo Feedback
« on: April 25, 2013, 02:55:12 AM »
SHAZAM!! That is way more feedback than I was expecting and I love it. I appreciate everyone being so willing to share their opinions with us!

First, I'd like to thank "anthony" for posting the images directly to this thread for those who don't have facebook. (sorry to the rest for not doing that myself. I just liked the idea of having feedback on facebook so I could easily look at likes and comments on each individual logo without having to parse the comments out myself)

Second, I'd like to clarify where in the design phase we are. This is currently a "first pass". I am working with a professional designer and these are basically the rough draft for where we could be headed. Once we choose a logo (or not) from this set we will be working with our designer to get revisions made and make bring the logos up to a professional level. I should have clarified this in my initial post but wasn't expecting nearly the response we got! Very exciting.

Third, if you one logo or parts of a logo jump out to you please let us know. We can work with our designer to incorporate any of the feedback we get. Ideas for how to modify these logos for the better are greatly appreciated!!

Also, just some FYI for those who were looking for more info on our brewery in planning

Thanks again for your help! I am pumped about the amount of feedback we received. Even the facebook debate part ;)


Going Pro / Logo Feedback
« on: April 24, 2013, 01:42:22 AM »
Hey fellow brewers,
We are currently working on developing a logo for our soon-to-be brewery and could use some feedback. Please check out the logos posted on our facebook page and leave comments on the logos you like (or hate)!

ps like our facebook page while your at it! haha

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