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Ingredients / Happy mistake
« on: December 09, 2014, 11:13:19 PM »
A while back I accidentally subbed German Pils for Golden Promise in a Scottish. Kegged and lagered for a few weeks and just sampled it. I didn't waste time trying the gallon to quart reduction.  If you are familiar with Fullers London Pride or Landlord,  or some of Samuel Smiths beers, that hard to describe nuance they have... almost carmel almost amaretto... this beer has it in spades. Makes me wonder. I'll have to brew this again and see if it repeats. Its missing the bite of a bitter but it would be a dandy northern brown.

Edit to add recipe in case anyone is bored and wants to try it

5.5 lbs weyermann german pils
5.5 lbs munich 10L
.5 C40
.5 C80
1 oz carafa 2 spec
Mash 156 with 75ppm calcium from CaCl
90 min boil
1oz EKG pellets at 60
Wyeast 1728 (1500ml stir start) 65º till done done
Carb 2 volumes

The Pub / Back yard lovin
« on: November 16, 2014, 05:58:03 PM »
Watching the rut from my living room window. Its getting dark so not the best quality picture. This brute is a 4×5.

All Grain Brewing / Protein Rest
« on: November 05, 2014, 05:40:49 PM »
In about 6 weeks I'll be full up on ales and it will be good weather to get started on some lagers. I'm going for a couple Munich Helles'  (Helleses... Helli?) and a couple German Pilsners.  Kind of the malty vs hoppy option. Anyway, I faintly recall Gordon Strong saying in some pod cast that he likes to do a 130 protein rest for 15 min with these even will highly modified malt. I think he said he feels it helps clarity and draws out more of the malt aroma and character.

I'm curious if any of you rock star Helles/Pils brewers do this. What do you get from it? Or why dont you do it?

My recipes will be extremely simple and using Weyermann german pils, pretty much 100%. With two batches of each I'll be using mittelfruh in one and tettnanger in the other. Germ pils will be bittered with magnum then late hopped with the previous two. Probably 2124 for yeast in each.


General Homebrew Discussion / Flashback Brewday
« on: November 04, 2014, 08:49:46 PM »
The thread on how we all got started gave me an idea. My next brewing weekend wont be for Christmas 3 or 4 weeks, but I'm going to rebrew my very first beer. A morebeer porter extract kit with US05, but using my current fermentation equipment.

Might be fun if a bunch of us joined in. Kind of a walk down memory lane.

Homebrew Competitions / NHC 15
« on: November 02, 2014, 11:19:45 PM »
It can't be too soon to start planning yet? What are you entering this year. For me, I got a 40 (38/42) on my Scottish so I'm going for it again. The National level judge picked up oxidation and gave it a 42. The rank pending said it was lacking peat earth. So I'm going to change one thing. I'm bottle conditioning instead of bottling off the keg. Fingers crossed.

Then I'm cheating. Entering my peat earth lacking Scott as a Northern English Brown since my wife can't tell it apart from New Castle Brown. Then I'm doing one with more hops to enter as a Special Bitter.

Depending on how my NW Wild turns out I might enter it as am American Mixed Fermentation 28b in new guidelines, if they decide to use them this year.

So 3 maybe 4 entries planned.

General Homebrew Discussion / Nov/Dec Zymurgy
« on: October 29, 2014, 12:39:43 AM »
First, congrats to Steve Parr! I am 99% sure that I judged with him at 2014 NHC in Seattle. He's a super nice guy and very helpful. Or the guy who I judged with from AHA, who looks just like him is....

What do you guys think of the Decoction article? I enjoyed reading it and it would be nice to have a club that dedicated! I was not surprised by their findings.

What caught my eye was that they under pitched by at least a third (assuming the wyeast smack packs were brand new) and that they pitched at 62º, 11º higher than their desired fermentation temp, and left it there for 12 hrs, then crashed it to 51º. Not surprised to see too much esters, alcohol warmth, and phenols in the judges comments.

So anyway, if curiosity ever kills this cat, I don't think I would boil the actual grains. Yes, I know, they say that a true decoction calls for that. But since Dr Denny's study and this one show no clear difference or improvement from doing it the way you're supposed to, maybe I can get away with drifting from the way you're supposed to. I would do more of a step mash but bringing calculated amounts of runnings to a boil to accomplish the step temps. I can't wrap my mind around why you would want to have a near dry glob of malt grains in a pan with enough heat to boil. But then when we're talking about direct fire on a mash tun the worry is scorching the grains... doesn't make sense to me. Later this winter maybe I'll try it out. Then again, maybe I won't since I have direct fire recirculation for my mash tun, why not just do a step mash and call it good?

Commercial Beer Reviews / Fullers
« on: October 24, 2014, 04:21:45 AM »
Just got off work (graveyard guy), its my Friday. Cracked open a "best by 5/15" London Pride.

I almost spotted.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Went shopping
« on: October 18, 2014, 11:25:58 AM »
Fuller ESB and London Pride, Westmalle Tripel, Belhaven Scottish, and a six pack of plain old Weihenstephan Pilsner. It's going to be a good weekend!!!

The Pub / Got to meet my idol today
« on: October 05, 2014, 03:41:31 AM »
Me and Gunny! In the big city of Klickitat

The Pub / New hobby
« on: September 30, 2014, 02:36:43 PM »
After 40 years of noodling around on a six string I picked up a double bass. This summer I had the opportunity of backing up some really talented guys on stage at a small local bluegrass festival. Fell in love with the dobro sound. So the wife said if I teach her the bass I could get a dobro. Deal!!!!

After some research I decided on a Red Line Rambler. Red Line is an up and coming custom builder just north of Nashville. Fortunately they also hand build a reasonably priced instrument. It will be here Monday and I'm stoked!

The Pub / Scary tv
« on: September 27, 2014, 11:04:05 PM »
As if insomnia isn't bad enough. You wake up, grab some ice cream, turn the tv on...

What the?

A 63 year old version of cheap trick, live - sort of - at budokan. Freak me, like, the hell out.

The best part was a fan in the with a t-shirt that had two letters, a lightning bolt, and two more letters. Not AC/DC... no, hers was AA/RP! And very fitting.

Ok, seriously. I have not been that freaked out since Tim Curry killed Meat Loaf.

The Pub / Techy Help
« on: September 25, 2014, 07:19:16 PM »
I have a Galaxy Tab 2 10". I want to get a cheap printer. Black n white is fine. I suppose it needs to have WiFi. I was at Staples today and the musky troll who was trying to help, didn't. With a $70 Epson and cannon my tablet said I can only print on a Samsung. So we tried it on a Samsung. I was able to connect and according to my tablet, it worked. But it was a 6 page document and their printer only spit out one page that had some error code on it. I didn't have the time, and the employee didn't have enough hygiene so I left.

Question. Is it true my Samsung will only print on a Samsung? And, well what do I need to do?

Commercial Beer Reviews / Icicle Crosscut Pilsner
« on: September 18, 2014, 04:24:15 PM »
I'm a huge fan of Leavenworth and Icicle Brewing, so this is probably biased. Ive had Crosscut at the brewery, but my podunk local store started carying it so I'm enjoying one now.

It has low level aromatics of peppery sulfur lager esters, and bready malt, with a faint spicy nobel hop in the background. If you are big on appearance this one is awesome. Straw yellow and brilliantly clear with persistent champagne pin point bubbles rising till your done with the pint. The head was bright white and fairly persistent for a pilsner. Light lacing, no legs. The flavor is spectacular,  with a soft bready crackery malt, perfectly balanced against that peppery match head ester and spicy hop flavors. The bitterness is artfully balanced with the maltiness but not puckering. The mouth is full initially but the carbonation and bitterness sweep across the tongue making it finish clean crisp and dry. No lingering odd flavors at all. No off flavors at all. No faults. Yum!

If this were a home brew entery I would give it a 43-45

General Homebrew Discussion / My tasting exam
« on: September 14, 2014, 07:48:17 AM »
Well, it finally happened. Yesterday was the road trip to Hanford for the big test. I was nervous for oh about 9 months leading up to it. James, who by the way is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, put on a great exam experience. I had long lost in laws waiting at home so I couldn't stick around to hear what the proctors thought of the beers. James peeked at my scores and mentioned the 39 I gave the Belgian Blond was going to be out of wack, but I got it right because it was a freshy sample of Leffe. I initially gave it a 42 but panicked and lowered it.

The line up, if I recall correctly, was Schwartz - Helles - Belgian Blond - APA - Weizenbock - RIS. A challenge for sure. I've had world class commercial examples of two of the six. So for me it was all about describing, trying to get some flow/balance comments in there, one or two reminds me of comments,  a style comment here and there, and each one got at least one or two suggestions. 

I don't know for sure if I was right, but the Schwartz seemed too ale-like to me. More of a robust porter than Schwartz. The Helles seemed like a hazy light struck cream ale. The blond was awesome obviously, but I dinged it slightly for having strong esters that made it too spicy. (I guess the proctors called it out of style for adding spices) The APA was great but could use a bit more complexity. The Weizenbock had some fusel alcohol. The RIS was tasty but starting to show its age, I got some soy in the finish. It took me the full time allowed for each beer, but I did complete all of them.

Now for the 3 month pins and needles waiting to see how I did. Frankly, I wont be surprised by anything. Maybe I failed, maybe I did well. I know it wasn't a Master level though. Couldnt have been.

Beer Recipes / PNW American Sour
« on: September 05, 2014, 12:07:07 PM »
Just started the boil. I'm shooting for something similarish to a Berliner Weiss but ale, and bit more color, and PNW character.

6# GW Munich 10L
5# GW Washington Select
Mashed at 145°

No bittering hops
2oz Willamette at 10 min

I did a 2L starter of lacto, ran it for a week. Decant and pitch at 85°. Run that for a week then chill to 65° and pitch a starter of 1332 NW Ale.

I'm looking forward to the results.

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