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No im talking about the guff Mark toleratted for like two months. My thread about the video was about the laundry list of wrong stuff on that AHA yeast video. The video was so bad it got taken down before I could get my post typed.

The tape thing was simple. With photos showing that if there's an increase in volume, probably its from yeast growth. That got slammed as not being possible, or it was gas bubbles, or some other thing.

My point is, this forum is not free of its issues. And this side debate is kind of proving the point.

I gave two other examples Steve. Do you know anyone here who has gotten wound up about starters without stirplates?

Feelings hurt? Am I your 12 year old sister? No dude, I didnt cry about it. If theres no one interested in my simple little problem fixes, thats cool by me. But it is an example of how we go after anything that doesn't fit out world.

In fairness, if this guy Brian has been brewing and on these forums for all these years, I can see how he might have snapped and turned out this way. As cool as this forum is, there is a constant push back against anything new. Or against old ways that are different from the cool new accepted way. It can be a simple as a peice of tape showing volume increase in a starter, or a chunk of pvc with a gas-in connector on it. Or something insanely out there like not using a stir plate. The knee jerk reaction is almost always to tear it down rather than try it. I dont think most people mean anything by it. Its just habbit probably. So I could see some possibly legit reason why someone might say they know a trick but their not going to share it. It does get a little tiresome.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Blue moon Belgian Pils
« on: April 16, 2016, 09:04:26 PM »
How do you pronounce that?

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: First starter
« on: April 16, 2016, 07:45:03 PM »

For some reason the narrator voice from that old super heroes cartoon is stuck in my ears. "Meanwhile..."

Switched up the Dunkel at the last min. I bumped up the bittering to 20 and added an ounce of Saphir at 10. I guess that makes it a Vienna

Saphir Wiener!

Pomposity is an off flavor that is similar to putting your foot in your mouth. The only cure is one ounce prevention mixed with a pound of humility

Using up the last of my 2352 with a Helles and a Dunkel tomorrow.

I still think, as far as a forum goes, ignoring things that rub you the wrong way is probably the best option. If a post is meant to cause anger, and people respond out of anger, then the poster won their little game.

Now, regarding step mashing, I tried the Hochkurtz step mash from Troester's website on two beers one day and got nothing out of it. But I'm not on a crusade to stop others from doing it. In fact I might try step mashing again.

Honestly, I dont hang out here to try to get anyone to do things my way. I have always tried to keep an open mind about suggested methods, and I have tried many, adopted several, rejected others as not working for me. If someone, who has not tried my beer, claims to know its wrong, claims to know the fix, but won't say what it is... whatever. Maybe he's right, but since I'll never know if he's right, I'm not going to waste any time being upset about it.

I'll say it again. Ignore it, dont feed it.

Ignore it rather than feed it

I learned something. I have been pronouncing it Ur-Kell and when I heard you pronounce it Ur-Kwell I thought "Oh, come on!" Then Annie pronounced it that way, and I figure anyone who has brewed PU at the brewery in Pilzn ought to know how to say it. Its Pilsner Ur-Qwell for me from now on.

On that note, tell Drew its pronounced Teets. At least it is here in cattle country

For me, the most fascinating thing in the episode was the discovery that hops contain diastase.  Blew my mind!
When I heard that I thought "Denny just found the true reason behind Mash Hopping" LOL

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: strange flavor after bottling
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:34:02 AM »
It was just a thought. Carry on

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: strange flavor after bottling
« on: April 14, 2016, 02:17:18 AM »
So you had about 4 bottles left in the keg that had been sitting still long enough for you to drink from the tap all but those 4?

Did you wiggle the keg at all prior to bottling?

The symptoms and tasting notes sound to me like you disturbed some sedimentary yeast and dark malt particles back into solution.

When I bottle with my beergun I enjoy from the tap until its hit that "perfection" stage, then I attach the beer gun without moving the keg AT ALL and bottle what I need.

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