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Homebrew Clubs / Re: Problem with club growth in VA
« on: May 15, 2013, 11:26:33 PM »
We have a brew club here in Virginia and have experienced some of the same pains. We have currently landed in a good spot but it has changed the landscape of the club. We now meet at the clubhouse in some of the members neighborhood. The HOA Board has been very supportive yet they have some difficult rules namely one. Since our club has "non-residents" we were required to incorporate and are in the process of finding general liability insurance to ensure the neighborhood is covered in the event of an accident as the "non-residents" are not covered under the neighborhood policy. This has forced us to establish a dues structure and a lot of promotion in the neighborhood. This has actually worked out for us because it is forcing us to develop a strong infrastructure as we grow. If you have a member with a clubhouse, I would recommend checking them out.

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