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anyone know where to find a recipe for (or some clues for tracking down/constructing) a typical 19th century norwegian farm hand ale?

not a special holiday one, just a one a church or farmhouse would give to farm hands. specifically south central / valdres area. I don't read or speak norwegian, but if someone knows of a book or website from a society in norwegian, I may be able to get translated. thanks

Yeast and Fermentation / using half of a white labs vial
« on: June 16, 2013, 11:36:27 PM »
Hello everyone,

I'm making a 2.5 gallon batch and have a white labs vial. I'm half inclined to just pitch the entire vial anyway (though I've read most suggest doing a starter instead of straight pitching a vial but that's another story) but I pitched half. I closed up the vial and put the remainder back in the fridge. I'm new to yeast, but would like to start mixing and keeping strands alive/dormant - previously only used dry yeast packets.

1. Did I just waste what was left?
2. Will it just hang out until the expiration date or now that freshness seal is broken it will never be the same? What will happen to it?

3. What else can I do with it? 

All Grain Brewing / brewing all-grain with less water
« on: June 09, 2013, 01:40:38 PM »
Hello everyone,

longtime lurker, first time poster. I've been partial mash/extract brewing from about one year and a half. I've done five batches and have been pleased with the results.

I have three questions (for now! ha ha) about all-grain.

1. How do you guys feel about halfing recipes? (cutting the recipe in half, making 2.5 gallon instead of the full five)

2. Is it possible to extract sugars mashing/sparging with less water than 1.1qt. / ~ 1 lb grain ratio?

3. I understand some integrity of the brew is lost, but is possible to do a 3 gallonish wort and add water to make the full five with all-grain as is often done with extract brewing?

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