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Kegging and Bottling / Re: Bottle Bombs, ...oh my.
« on: July 02, 2013, 05:49:20 AM »
Thanks for the help folks, I greatly appreciate it!  I found a priming sugar calculator on Northern Brewers and if it was accurate, and I will assume that it was, it called for 5.25 oz. for that mix.  Since what I was sold was right at 5 oz, I am under carbonated I guess.  Will this .25 make that much of a difference? 

Also, when I took the final gravity it was 1.020 and was supposed to be 1.012, should I worry about that little of a difference?  After being in the primary for 2.5 weeks, I transferred to the secondary for another 2 weeks.  So I feel that it should have been done with the fermentation process. 

Finally, and this is something that I did not take into consideration any, is that I am at 7200 ft.  Can this altitude have an effect on brewing like it does with baking and cooking?

I greatly appreciate the advice that I have received.  Thanks!

Kegging and Bottling / Bottle Bombs, ...oh my.
« on: July 02, 2013, 01:28:25 AM »
So it has been a while since I have brewed any beer, but I now have a batch ready to bottle.  After reading through some of the postings, my biggest concern obviously is with bottle bombs.  I have followed a very strict regiment of cleanliness and intend to use the recommended amount of priming suger.  One of my store reps just gave me a pre packaged amount for my kit, so I will assume that I can just use this in a cup of water boiled for the right amount. 

Now my concern is with the subject of bottle bombs...  Will this phenomena occur at any time after the bottling process? Up until it is all consumed? Or can I safely assume that after a week if it has not happened, then I should be OK.  I have never had an issue in the past in the batches I have brewed, but I am curious.


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