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Like a lot of you (mxrob as well I'm sure) I got tired of hugging the bucket while holding onto a wimpy 3/8" drill that overheated before I could mill enough for a strong (or large) batch. Unlike mxrob, my solution is much more on the low end, employing mediocre carpentry skills and less than elegant (ghetto?) engineering.
For the motor I found a low-speed heavy-duty 1/2" drill at HF that just needed a way to apply latching speed control and a method of mounting to the cart. Not so pretty, but it works just fine:

I had a hard time finding a real motor (with gear box) to fit my budget, so I looked elsewhere. The drill does not have a trigger lock, which is kind of lame - even for $50 (I believe that Blk&Dkr make one in the same price range but I think it only locks at high speed). So as you can see the latching speed control is provided by a bar clamp. Actually quite functional and adjustable.

I figured once we're on the low road, let's keep the theme alive for the whole project. The drill is mounted into a cutout and positioned in a "saddle" provided by some pieces of vinyl baseboard screwed down to the cart top. I mounted my trusty Barley Crusher on it's original baseboard to shim it up; the drill and the mill mate up very well indeed.

I had thought of wiring up a nice switch box to take it up a notch, but for $7 the power strip does the job, and again - stays with the theme.

A couple of coats of poly, some medium duty casters and two blocks placed provide foolproof positioning of the bucket and there you have it.

Pimp My System / I REALLY need a brew stand!
« on: March 12, 2011, 12:57:22 AM »
After looking at the video I made of my new sparge arm in action (see below) I realized that I just can't take it any more.

The set up shown in the video is when I'm brewing in the garage, when I drag everything out to the back yard (on a nice day) I use my built in BBQ side burner to fire the HLT. But it takes SO much time to set this up not to mention so many trips when I use the back yard.

I'd opt for the Blichman but it won't fit down the narrow opening on the side of the house. So I have been designing a stand that I can make out of Superstrut pieces, but I wish there was a 3 tier stand that was reconfigurable that I could just buy.

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