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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Share Your 2015 Brew Season Stock Up
« on: September 30, 2015, 09:14:41 AM »
I'm pretty set for the moment at my new reduced brewing rate.  I got fermenter #s 27 - 30 purchased and ready to go though. 

ah, forgot.  Spent, like, a mortgage check on varietal honey.  Super painful; Keep telling myself it was worth it.   

The Pub / Re: AB Acquires Golden Road
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:35:59 AM »
cue the usual AB hate on the Golden Road fb page when they announced it.  Because you know the evil "bean counters" will demand rice and a bunch of GMO cost-cutting measures.   ::)

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Sierra Oktoberfest 2015
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:07:01 AM »
I'm far from a connoisseur of the style but I enjoyed the Left Hand Oktoberfest 6 pack I picked up last week. Just a touch less roasty and it would've been even better.

Not sure if they distribute outside of Colorado but I tried Prost's Marzen on tap over the weekend. It was perfect for what I like! As mentioned a lot, many examples are overly malty and sweet. This was perfectly balanced. Considering they specialize in making excellent German beers, I shouldn't be surprised. I still have yet to try Sierra's version.

I've not been very happy with the bottled versions of Prost's tasty on-tap beers, but I snagged a 6-pack of the Marzen at a liquor store before it was released at the brewery (didn't know that was a thing) and was very pleasantly surprised.  Liked it better than Sierra, probably better than Free State, just short of Ayinger, and my own.   ;)

Homebrew Competitions / Re: 2015 Category Question
« on: September 04, 2015, 08:31:27 AM »
judges understand character limits on entry forms, and almost everyone has a smart phone.  You could attach a more thorough description of the beer to the bottles.  However I've seen those sometimes passed on to judges and sometimes removed so at a minimum I'd also explain the situation to the organizer if going that route.

yeah, some people seem to have trouble with separating "biggest" or "most popular" or "favorite"...from "best"

Marshall -  good stuff, thanks.

side note, on a lot of the BJCP writtens that I grade I see people using extended protein rests, and very cool ones at that, on the recipe question.  Sometimes I have to question whether they are spouting something they read in a book, or if they've actually had success with this method.
I personally use brief, warm protein rests quite often, AND always use decoction for certain styles (I named one beer "Whatever Denny, *I* taste the decoction")  ;D

I'll reiterate - To each their own.  Whatever gets one the result they want - go for it.


General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Quick turn around on BJCP Tasting Exam
« on: August 16, 2015, 05:56:51 AM »

That's really the target all the grading teams should aspire to.

How about just a "Thanks graders, ADs, and EDs!"?  ::)
Because what I mean is 'that's really the target all the grading teams should aspire to'.  Not sure what exactly is eyeroll worthy about that.

As a grader, it becomes quite old to hear time and time again that graders need to do "x" or "y". It is a very thankless job, all the while listening to the peanut gallery about how and when it should be done. Meanwhile, I chugged away at another exam on my lunch hour... hence the eye roll.

For me its more that people forget what's involved and just say "slow graders" seems to take around 18 days to get the avg set to me, and on avg over a month after I turn it in to get closed out. So to get things closed in 2 months would leave me barely over a week to grade and write RTPs if everything else was avg.

So, my goal as a grader is to turn them around on my end in 1 month. I almost always make it.  Can't control the rest.

The Pub / Re: Devil's Backbone Vienna
« on: August 12, 2015, 06:55:32 AM »

 Yuengling Lager tastes decent, while DB Vienna is fricking delicious.

fixed it for the OP.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: What's your favorite hidden gem
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:07:50 AM »
A few thoughts:

I'm a sucker for Capital Autumnal Fire, which is sort of like a big malty cross between an Oktoberfest and a doppelbock.

Here's another one for you..... Gordon Biersch.  Yes, the big chain.  Talk about fantastic German lagers, man...... I'll have a beer with you there anytime.

Love me some Autumnal Fire.  The blonde doppelbock I had from them was tasty too.

Had a very good Kolsch in a GB sampler not long ago.  Still trying to find bottles of that Golden Export of theirs I had on tap out in the bay area a few years back. 

...ever had Metropolitan's lagers?  I hear pretty good things; thinking of making a stop next time I'm in Chicago.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Dumping 5gallons
« on: August 07, 2015, 06:47:13 AM »
Udubdawg, sounds like you need to brew smaller batches.

OP, dump it and be done with it. Nothing wrong with dumping beer as long as you learned something from it, which it seems you have. I dumped a whole keg of oatmeal stout last winter...that was sad. Pitched some bad yeast, I think. It had a whiskey-like flavor in it, but there was no whiskey added and it fermented at 64. I can only think the yeast was bad or it picked up some kind of infection. That was very disappointing.

I brew about 3.3 gallons per batch.  What I needed to do is brew less often.  That's been accomplished this year, unintentionally.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Dumping 5gallons
« on: August 07, 2015, 05:19:00 AM »
honestly I dump as much beer as I drink, as I like brewing more than drinking, and the beer gets old. 
(#1 consumer is neither me nor the drain, but my boss.)   ;D

"low and slow is the way to go"

i get that it is not for everyone but it damn sure works for me.   8)

op, I've not used this yeast for cider but I'd absolutely expect that "lagering" will help this cider...though I'd also hazard a guess that the decision to age it -period - is more important the the temperature of said aging.

obligatory:  "I guess I could give this a try, but I generally just use hops."   

Homebrew Competitions / Re: Final Round Scores
« on: July 28, 2015, 07:51:55 AM »
Scoresheets arrived. 32, my lowest Finals score yet.   :o
 Man this was really not my year!  I guess ya never know; even that slam dunk you call your best ever just might not hit the judge's palate right that day. 
...see ya in Baltimore. I plan to return to that stage!  8)

Events / Re: 2015 NHC Impressions
« on: July 22, 2015, 07:58:59 AM »
after several years of attending, having seen most of the topics that are going to be covered, and knowing they'll be online shortly after the conference, I started just picking ones where the best beer would likely be served.  The Mead Panel was a no-brainer, and I think I had 7-8 pours of AleSmith Nut Brown and Speedway Stout at the final seminar on Saturday.

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