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Ingredients / Re: Simpsons Golden Promise extract potential
« on: Today at 11:32:43 AM »
Mark, in your example, you state that extraction rates should remain the same on a given brewhouse, and you use 75% in the example. What I would like to really know, is if that 75% is a good number? I actually hit 74.7 and 75.6% on 2 of my last couple brews, following your math above. I was happy with my results and they came pretty close to beersmith projections. So I am thinking I am doing well, just wanted to check out my 75% against others expectations. Some questions I have posed in the past got responses of poor extraction, possibly due to crush, but if 75% is good or even average, I am happy with that. Just wondering...

All Grain Brewing / Re: High mash efficiency
« on: Today at 09:32:36 AM »
My guess is stratified wort too

+2.  I take my preboil reading a couple minutes into the boil, to get good mixing of the wort. I used to get stratified readings that were all over the place before. Since I started doing this, my readings have been much more consistent and accurate.
A big +1

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Boil off adjustments.
« on: Today at 08:28:10 AM »
You want to adjust your trub and chiller loss to 1 gallon, that will adjust your pre-boil volume to account for that loss, the fermenter loss is what does not get packaged due to yeast, hop materials, and trub left behind in the fermenter

That does suck Ken. I just finished my two 3.5gallon batches. Just over 5 hours, had both tuns up and running, 2 kettles, etc. So much better than the last time I did a double batch back to back. Still need to clean 2 kettles, rinse 2 fermenters, and pitch yeast later tonight. Bought to Crack open something, likely one of my Evil Twin clones

Joe, now listen closely...

Joe, maybe you should do the time warp if time is fleeting

I'll be sure to let you know Jon. As far as the double brew day, this will be my second attempt. For this day, I hope to have 2 mash tuns set up and functioning, last time it was with just one tun and really stretched out my brew day. With these smaller batches, only 3.5 gallons into the fermenter, I am trying to add more variety to my brewing and experiment with some new styles. Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes better than the last double brew day

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: US-05
« on: May 20, 2016, 08:29:43 AM »
My experiences with 05 are that it finishes a lot dryer than I expect. I have gotten anywhere from 79% to 82% ADF with it, even on high gravity beers. My last batch with it was a 1.098 double brown that 2 re-hydrated packs took from that 1.098 down to 1.020, 78% ADF, and IPAs with it have run up into 82%. This does not say yours were not finished, just that it seems to outperform software and manufacturer expectations every time I use it. I have not experienced over carbing that I could attribute to the yeast itself, just improper weights and volume measurements on my part

2 3.5g batches planned for Saturday: first is a dortmunder recipe from Hoosierbrew Jon and the second is a Pilsner recipe from Brulosopher. Both will be second pitches of WLP835. Just bottled the first 2 batches with that yesterday: 2 different versions of WortHog's North German Pilsner. Final batches with 835 will be another Pilsner(Bluesman's from the wiki on here), a traditional Bock, and finally a Doppelbock from Denny. No thoughts on the 835 yet, but the samples from first batches were tasty and crystal clear after 18 days total in primary, including a 6 day rest at 65ish.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Getting low OG.....?!
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:26:53 PM »
This was taken post boil, but I did take a pre-boil, which of course I don't have on hand right now.  I was really expecting to get much close to my numbers after this happened once already (as this time I was more diligent about temps, timing, and volume).

My grains were crushed at my local brew supply shop, and by all appearances look the way I have seen elsewhere.  I ended up using the spent grains to make a great bread, so they weren't so coarse that I couldn't eat them comfortably.  I will take that into consideration and ask for a finer crush next time (until I can assemble my own mill).

They probably won't be thrilled with being asked to adjust their mill grind finer. But they likely won't mind if you just ask them to double mill it (mill twice at their usual gap). I used to do that before I bought a mill - made a noticeable  difference.
+1, same experience here

All Grain Brewing / Re: Getting low OG.....?!
« on: May 16, 2016, 10:38:32 AM »
Just another thing to look at, was your 1.042 before or after your boil? Silly question I know, but plugging that grist into beersmith for my typical 6 gallon batches, I get 1.048 pre-boil estimate at 7.66g, down to 6g into fermenter at 1.056. Changing volume to 5g into fermenter, I get 1.056 down to 1.068. Your 7.5 g boiled down to 5g should yield 5g at 1.063.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: First bottling day
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:10:18 AM »
Nice work Erik. Patience is the key at this point. Get that next one going so you have a fairly steady supply of homebrew. Enjoy the first batch and make your adjustments in execution thtat you have noted for the second batch

The Pub / Re: Wolverines!
« on: May 15, 2016, 09:33:39 AM »
Sad to hear. Great story though of a great journey

Thanks so much for the great reviews Pete. The IPA came straight from these pages, maybe f Mader's grist or erockrph. 75/20/5 2row, munich I, and victory. Bittered with Columbus and generous portions of amarillo, citra, Centennial and Simcoe throughout.
The brown is still too sweet for me as well. The missus loves it although she told me 2 nights ago that she felt this iteration was a lot more bitter than my previous 2 attempts.  It has a large portion of honey malt in it and my next attempt will be greatly reducing that. The local brewer tells me that they use either magnum or northern brewer for bittering. He also said it doesn't matter which, as they really aren't going for a bitterness factor. I agree with you though and will likely go higher in the future. They market it as 30 IBUS in a 1.100 OG brew at 10%. I have struggled to find the right combination to hit that attenuation, first attempt did not finish and was really sweet. Second wound up close to 11% ABV. This batch started a little short at 1.096 but finished around 1.012 I think. So again should be much drier than it drinks. I really think the honey malt is throwing it off. Thanks again for the reviews and I am glad you enjoyed them. Just waking up, I had a hard time remembering what was left, but now I know it's Jamil Z's Evil Twin. Second time for that brew and I am really liking it, hope you do too.

The Pub / Re: The 2 B's
« on: May 14, 2016, 07:30:55 AM »
Being from Cleveland and formerly in the restaurant biz,  I saw a ton of games at Jacobs Field (true Clevelanders will always call it that) and when I left over 4 years ago, there was plenty of GLBC for local and some larger national brands of non BMC brews to be had. They were not everywhere, but you could find them. Once the games started though, it was sometimes tough back then to turn down a frosty cold BMC in the seats from the roving vendors. I am sure if and when I make it to Great American Ballpark, I will do more searching, because it will be worth to find better. Jacobs Field was beautiful and the gem of the league when it was built, but never had a swimming pool in the outfield like I saw in Phoenix(I think that's where I saw that) That's crazy stuff

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