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Beer Travel / Bavaria!
« on: March 15, 2011, 10:45:54 AM »
I need a vacation, and I've always wanted to drive on the Autobahn. Taking a trip to Bavaria provides both of these experiences. Where would you recommend? We typically like to stay in B&Bs as opposed to hotels, but not in big cities - Berlin, for example, I'd stay at a regular hotel. I always would LOVE to find a place that serves the traditional Weißwurst/Weißbier/Brezel breakfast. We're big into hiking so trails are a plus as well. Thoughts?

The Pub / Cigars and Beer
« on: March 10, 2011, 10:36:50 AM »
I never smoke, unless it's a cigar, and that I only do about once every couple-3 months. Yesterday I picked up a Davidoff and a couple Romeo & Julieta, all Claro Robustos. I like a cigar that's not going to wreck my palate. Probably going to have the Davidoff after Saturday's lunch, but I'm not sure about what to have it with. I just got a bottle of Oc'Ale noire that might work well:

Anybody else pair beers with cigars? What's your favorite combo?

General Homebrew Discussion / NHC Competition submission
« on: March 09, 2011, 08:05:06 AM »
My apologies if this has been covered already, but if I want to enter the NHC competition, can I? I don't have a club (yet) nor am I anywhere near a 'regional' area. Where should I send my bottles, and how many should I send, etc? Pointing me to a link and telling me to RTFM is totally fine, btw.

Equipment and Software / Poppit no pop, o-ring no seal?
« on: March 08, 2011, 04:19:33 PM »
I recently got another used corny keg, but while I was stripping it down to clean it, I noticed that for both the gas and beer ball lock assemblies, the poppits are wayyy stuck in there.

The little feet there seem to be hung up or something on what seems to be a bit of a lip on the solid steel piece (I don't have pics yet...)

Has anybody ever seen this before? I asked Brouwland to send a replacement, and they sent me a couple assemblies with the same "defect." So maybe it's just something I don't know how to do? All the kegs I've ever owned, the poppit came out super easy.

Also, with this same keg, the rubber o-rings that normally go on to the dip and CO2 tubes weren't the black rubber pieces I was used to. Rather, they were some kinda weird blue stuff that was REALLY old and cracking in places. Of course both of the leaked, so I wrapped 'em up with plumbers tape and it seems to be holding. Is plumber's tape bad? I dunno where to get new o-rings.

Homebrew Clubs / First Paris Homebrewer Meeting
« on: March 07, 2011, 02:05:41 PM »
I'm organizing Paris' first ever (maybe?) homebrewer meeting but am not sure what to talk about. I figure a tasting or two of some recent beers, but what else could be done besides that? Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Ingredients / Centennial delivery
« on: March 03, 2011, 09:13:06 AM »
My Hops Direct order for several pounds of Centennial, Mt Hood and (something else, I forgot) came in last night. I promised a friend 250g of centennial pellets so I had to open one of the vacuum bags (lucky I have a vacuum sealer). WOW. I looooooooove that aroma! It's awesome! I'm thinking about doing a SMaSH MO/Centennial but does anyone have anything other than that they'd recommend for something featuring centennial?

Equipment and Software / Copper manifold vs false bottom
« on: March 01, 2011, 07:20:52 AM »
So, I've got an electric boil kettle that I'm going to move to mash tun work as an electric direct-fire. The problem is, the diameter of the kettle is non-standard, at least for the false bottoms I can buy off-the-shelf, and I have no idea how to make a false bottom myself, nor where to buy the parts. So, copper manifold seems like the way to go. The question is, what sort of hit am I going to get on my efficiency? Am I going to be more prone to stuck sparges?

Yeast and Fermentation / %#*!^ Wyeast 2035
« on: February 28, 2011, 10:46:50 AM »
Got a smack pack of 2035 last week to use for my Brew Day sunday. Smacked it sunday morning, and there was almost no swelling. Pitched to a 1000ml Erlinmeyer of wort anyway, hoping for the best. Put it in the fridge overnight since it's a lager and whatnot, this morning there's -zero- activity.

Is it dead? What can I do to check?

Ingredients / Classic American Pilsner 6-row vs 2-row
« on: February 22, 2011, 12:06:59 PM »
I can't get 6-row out here, but I do have a 25kg sack of 2-row 3 EBC pilsner. Do I need to add anything to replicate the use of 6-row? Should I use a red cooler instead of a blue cooler to get the efficiency down?

The Pub / In appreciation of Port
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:49:20 AM »
I love me some of the Tawny stuff. I've found that, in terms of price per ounce per year of aging, Port is typically wayyyy better than Whisky. Don't get me wrong, I have a decent collection of Speyside and Islay single malts, but when it comes to after-dinner drinking I'm having a 10-year tawny that I buy at the grocery store for 12 euros. ANybody else like it?

Commercial Beer Reviews / Yards Brewing "Ales of the Revolution"
« on: February 22, 2011, 07:18:01 AM »
Anybody tried these?

They sound great - I remember the topic after the WH super bowl beer which referenced the Washington small beer, looks like they actually made it. Neat!

All Things Food / Wow Bao
« on: February 21, 2011, 04:13:47 PM »
Anybody tried making Bao before? There's a food kiosk in the 900 N michigan ave mall in Chicago called Wow Bao that sells the things, I had never had them until a few years ago. Amazing, and they freeze really well, apparently.

I found this recipe:

Seems like a good filler would be pulled pork with sriracha.

The Pub / Last Saturday
« on: February 21, 2011, 03:40:54 PM »
I'm posting this because I need to 'vent' it a bit and we really can't talk about it to family here for a number of reasons. We have a wonderful little 7.5 month old, he's the sweetest little guy, but last Saturday we had a hell of an accident and I'm feeling pretty depressed about it even though everything's ok now and it was absolutely not anybody's fault, but hey, this is the "pub" right, so it's a good place to talk I guess.

Anyway a friend brought over some used baby clothes last Friday but apparently didn't check to make sure they were 100% clean, and long story short, a big-ass (6cm) sewing needle was in there and happened to fall on Corby's play carpet. I was outside working on my deck extension and so I didn't hear him screaming, but apparently he had wiggled his way onto the needle and it was poking into his skin, causing him to be not so happy. My wife goes to check on him but doesn't know what's going on, and doesn't see the needle until it's almost completely in his back. She tries to get it out but can't, and runs outside to get me. She told me later that she wasn't sure about getting me because she didn't want to 'spoil my alone time.' We've since had a long talk about priorities. Anyway, by the time I get there, the needle is wayyy in there, starting to go perpendicular to his back, and the end of the needle is pushing his skin up like a tent, which seems very, very bad to me. So I take the sharpest knife I can find and cut a little bit of skin so the needle can pop out again and take some of the pressure off. The surgeon told me later that that was probably the thing that kept all this from becoming a much sadder story.

Anyway, I tell the wife to call an ambulance, and I'm sitting there holding him while he's still sobbing, and the lady on the other end says 'have you tried taking the needle out?" I try pulling just a bit but it's stuck fast, and I tell her it's not coming out. She says, 'Get in the car and drive to the hospital.' My wife explains that we can't do that, it's sticking out of his back. Finally I say "tell her to send a f---ing ambulance" and my wife says, "can you please send an ambulance, my husband is getting upset with me." So they send an ambulance. Paramedics show up, load us into the ambulance, and drive us over to the hospital. Head pediatrician comes in to take a look and tries to pull the thing out, then thinks better of it and orders an x-ray to see what the damage is. Radiology was interesting - the radiologist looked like quasi-freaking-moto, hunchback, limp and everything. That was not encouraging. But they got it done, and the results looked good, so they called the head surgeon to come down and pull it out. He has a pair of what look like disinfected vise-grips and he just pulls it right out. There's a tiny little dot where it was sticking out and that's it. He gives us a prescription for antibiotics and tells us to keep the bandage on for 48 hours, and that's it. Little corby was quite a brave guy, he was crying most of the time but right after that needle came out and he sat up, he was all smiles and laughing again. That made me feel better.

As I said everything's ok now, but given some of my family history this was a pretty stressful event and I just needed to get it out there to get it off of my mind. I was also quite happy to be living where we do, because out of all of this we only had to pay $10 for the prescription, everything else was free. When we got home I had a homebrew. Oof.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Ninkasi Brewery (in Lyon, not USA)
« on: February 21, 2011, 10:12:51 AM »

Bought three of their beers on Friday - a 750ml IPA, 33cl "Noire" and a 33cl "Ambree."

The IPA was great, must have been pretty fresh. Lots of citrus on the nose, nice malty backbone and a surprisingly crisp finish. Very enjoyable.

The Ambree, eh. Not enough bittering hops in my opinion, a bit too much cloying maltiness.

The noire was very nicely executed, although the SRMs should have been higher, I think. Color was a very deep mahagony, but if you're going to call it "Black" it better be "black." 6.5% ABV, noticeable alcohol on the nose but also some nice caramel and roasted notes.

If you're ever in Lyon, stop by the brewery for a tour - - they say "minimum 10 people" but at 3 euros per person I bet if you offered 30 euros for two people they'd take it ;-) That's what I'm going to try to do anyway.

The Pub / The Recipe for Coca Cola (well, maybe).
« on: February 18, 2011, 06:44:23 PM »
Your tax dollars at work. God I love NPR:

RECIPE, Coca Cola. Makes a 5-gallon batch.

6 Drams USP fluid extract of cocoa
6 oz citric acid
2 oz caffeine
60 pounds sugar (!)
5 gallons water
4 pints lime juice
2 ounce vanilla
3 ounces caramel
1 ounce flavor 7X (recipe follows)


7X Secret formula, makes -5 gallons- so you'll probably want to scale down
8 oz food grade alcohol (PGA works too)
20 drops orange oil
30 drops lemon oil
10 drops nutmeg oil
5 drops coriander oil
10 drops neroli oil
10 drops cinnamon oil

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