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Get used to not having nearly the selection in yeast that you have back home. Brouwland carries the largest variety of Wyeast. White Labs from what I've seen can only be got from the Swedes or the Danes. Brouwland also does not handle their stock very well. I have had several bad or expired yeast batches from them.

I dunno if this is something you can do, but if you're willing to have some Blichmann 55 gallon boilermakers shipped APO I'd be happy to compensate you with a very fun leave in Paris. :-D

Pimp My System / Re: Old Soda Machine Conversion to a Kegerator
« on: April 18, 2014, 08:08:09 AM »
Holy cow. Amazeballs. That thing is awesome!

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Pics of recent brews?
« on: April 09, 2014, 09:52:54 AM »
Wow. I'll have one of those, please.

The Pub / Re: Great British Beer Festival
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:23:44 PM »
Hey! I'm planning on going, too! We normally have a vacation freeze in August, but my boss made an exception. What a guy! I'm planning to only go to the festival on the 12th, so I'll take the train in on either the 10th or the 11th and heading back on the 13th.

Bachelor or with the ladyperson? I doubt I'll be doing every single day either (that's a lot of beer). Hopefully we can get some more people on board so as to keep apartment rental costs low.

The Pub / Great British Beer Festival
« on: February 25, 2014, 02:55:33 PM »
Hi everybody,

I'm planning on going to the GBBF this year. It's from August 12th - 16th (Tues through Sat). I'd like to know if anyone else was planning on attending, and if so if you'd be interested in doing a group apartment rental for the occasion. Price for lodging through airbnb looks to be about 1k euros / 1,300 usd for four nights, so if we can get four people that's $350 per person. This would be right next door to the convention center.

Ticket prices for the event itself are £10/day, and beer prices are typical london, around £3-4 for a pint. I've been once and it was a riot. Lots of interesting people, plenty of good beer, mostly British styles of course but there's an 'imports' section as well. Also going on at the same time (I think) is the London Craft Beer Festival, which is £35 for a ticket, glass, and a free sampling from each of the stands.

Homebrew Clubs / Re: Technical meeting ideas
« on: February 07, 2014, 08:38:31 AM »
Purely technical. We already have two social meetings per month, and as those are in the evening and as this is France, they don't get started until 9pm. I was used to these sort of things getting going at 6pm and ending around 9 (what they do in London for example), and for most of the social meetings I ended up sitting in the bar by myself waiting around for 2 hours before people started to show up. Thus I figured I'd just start something else that I could do on my own schedule. Fourth Sunday of the month at 1pm is totally doable for me, so I picked that time and now we've got 5 or 6 people scheduled to come by. From what I've seen the majority of the club is not really interested in hearing about how they can improve their beer (even if they could probably use it) so everybody wins.

Homebrew Clubs / Technical meeting ideas
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:05:45 AM »
We're starting a new technically-focused meeting in two weeks and I'm wondering if any of you have ideas about what form these meetings should take, what should be discussed, etc. Our rough draft is currently: 30 min presentation, 5 min Q&A, 15-30 min BJCP style example discussion, 30 min 'what happened to my beer?' panel and then 30 min -> ??? general discussion.

Beer Travel / Re: Initial thoughts on Munich
« on: February 06, 2014, 09:22:40 AM »
So if I understand correctly, the Germans call their beer shops "Drinking Centers." I love Germany.

I just gotta make it out there this summer. It sounds like so much fun.

Ingredients / Re: Needed... 16.5 Tons of Pilsner Malt
« on: January 09, 2014, 12:35:50 PM »
Does it have to be from the US? I can talk to my guy at Castle Malting...

The Pub / Re: Plywood face frames?
« on: December 23, 2013, 09:02:19 AM »
Should have clarified, my problems related to planing and whatnot are due to stupid wood dimensions here. You cannot buy "standard dimensions" (even EU standard) because hardwood isn't sold to the general public in pre-cut form, it's only available in specialty shops as rough sawn wavy planks. Hence my need of many, many tools...

Plywood is the thickness it is.  You can't plane it so I can understand your concerns a bit more.  I would love a planer but have not found the right justification for it yet.

Good luck and have fun with the project.


The Pub / Re: Plywood face frames?
« on: December 19, 2013, 10:27:05 AM »
Thanks guys. Believe it or not the idea of just trying out a piece of spare ply on the router did not occur to me. Not enough coffee these days.

I have also considered getting a contractor saw, but they're still on the order of 500 euros for a basic dewalt (~$750). But the problem is not ripping, the problem is planing them down to an appropriate size.

Still I have plenty of plywood primer, off-white paint and spare bits of ply so I guess I'll just give it a go and see how it looks.


The Pub / Re: Plywood face frames?
« on: December 15, 2013, 05:49:27 PM »
Martin, did you do any routing on the face of the boards? I really want that detail and am worried that it'll be just like Steve is talking about. Here's a pic of what I'm trying to do FYI if this helps:

The Pub / Plywood face frames?
« on: December 15, 2013, 02:55:18 PM »
So originally I was going to be milling all the face frames for our kitchen redo myself, from cherry stock (same for the door rails & stiles). However that precluded getting a table saw, and for the moment I think we're holding off on that purchase.

I am wondering if anyone knows of any reason other than aesthetic that I could not use birch plywood for cabinets, face frames, rails and stiles and panels all together? The cabinets would be getting painted, face frame assembly is with biscuits and pocket hole screws. The face frames on the drawer side will get a 3/16" radius beaded edge, so I will need to be routing the faces of the ply. Should I be concerned about chip out on the router cuts? Is there any reason why I can't get away with 100% ply for the whole kitchen? I am thinking to use 20mm ply for the whole project.

As an FYI/reminder, I'm in France, there are no such things as lumber supply stores, and plywood is $75 a sheet, which is still way cheaper than pre-milled precut hardwoods.

The Pub / Re: Fake Brew Dog pub in China
« on: December 09, 2013, 05:07:37 PM »
At a club meeting a guy shared a Tactical Nuclear Penguin. The small sip of that hot mess of a beer was all I needed. I don't think the trip across the Atlantic was responsible for that.

TNP and those other super-crazy-expensive-extreme beers are pure marketing. They're not worth it at all. 5 AM Saint, Hardcore IPA, Hoppy Christmas, etc etc - those are super great beers. Hardcore IPA is about as close as I can get to a Pliny-type beer without paying out the nose or flying to California.

Equipment and Software / Re: Beer Engine
« on: December 09, 2013, 01:55:44 PM »
I've got one and use it fairly often. The trick is to get a CO2 aspirator and hook that up to the gas post on your corney. That way you don't have to drink everything in a day. That being said the ideal would be a stout tap on nitro, but those are very expensive out here, and very hard to source the gas mix if you're not a professional.

Another consideration is where to put it - these are typically mounted onto a ledge of some sort and need enough room around them to pull all the way through.

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