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Ingredients / Re: Looking bad for barley...
« on: October 07, 2011, 07:42:34 AM »
FWIW prices for corn and rice are going up as well.

I have a friend who freezes his light lagers, but they are much clearer after freezing than before.

He freezes them solid??? WTF for???

The Pub / Re: Steve Jobs Dead at 56
« on: October 06, 2011, 04:33:39 PM »
I just watched a short CNN storyline. A huge loss for the tech world. He was certainly a tech prodigy and will be sadly missed. Apple will suffer from this loss...

I have an iPhone and a couple iPods. Fabulous products IMHO.

Steve Jobs had little impact on any kind of invention--Apple isn't particularly innovative and just sells crap that other people invented.

That happens to be a big thing.

I've seen tons of technology come and go in my time.  In fact, a lot of Apple's products are technology that failed.  Smart phones?  the iPhone sucks; i had an iPaq PDA with Microsoft PocketPC 6, phenomenal handwriting recognition ... you could open PocketWord, sit down, and just write, and write... write 50 page reports, write novels, whatever ... on a 3 inch screen.  One day they shoved a cell phone chip into it and called it a "Smart Phone."

It flopped.

There was no 3G.

Palm's stuff flopped.  Blackberry would be the pathetic state of the art FOREVER if Apple didn't break into the market with the iPhone.  Google Android wouldn't have come about as a response.  I'm still confused about the industry's vocal and obvious attempt to get rid of the stylus (the first statement directly of this I saw was Samsung's), as I find it both immediately useful for high-accuracy applications (stylus typing is faster than finger typing on 3.5 inch screen keyboards) and important for handwriting recognition input (which PocketPC 6 did phenomenally circa 1998).

Tablets ... remember in 2001, Windows Tablet Edition... laptops with swivel screens ... a complete flop.  Again, with phenomenal handwriting recognition.  The iPad did it 10 years later ... again, with 3G connectivity; wifi wasn't big back then, much less 3G.  Laptops are still worthless in college, although every college student "needs a laptop" (it has to go with them to class, somehow ... something I haven't figured out yet).

The iPod showed up when MP3 players looked popular, but were really crappy.  The technology would have peaked, then died off.  Apple figured out how to leverage that perfectly.

And that's what Apple does.

That's what Steve Jobs was good at.

The tech industry tends to lock up a lot.  There is so much technology that never makes it because businesses simply don't know how to leverage it.  a lot of Apple's products are a step up, and a lot are a step down; but in pretty much all cases, Steve Jobs was pulling tech that was going nowhere and putting it in a shiny box in a form that was actually useful.

Steve Jobs drove the industry.

That's what he was good at.

Now we need a new one, and it's hard.  It's hard because it's hard; and it's hard because whoever gets that job will be too busy trying to be Steve Jobs instead of trying to do what Steve Jobs did.  If you are trying to emulate a person, you have no idea what you're doing; if you actually get it, you only have to be yourself.

Technology may stagnate for a while....

The thing that Steve Jobs and Apple did was to take other's innovations and make them accessible and artful. As the old art school saying goes, good artists innovate - great artists steal.  ;)

Ingredients / Re: Looking bad for barley...
« on: October 06, 2011, 09:06:25 AM »
Speaking from an ag supplier side, the higher prices are required to stay in business. Diesel, fertilizer, chemicals, equipment, labor, and other imputs are up. The growers don't set the price, it's supply and demand (except when Big Brother steps in).

By the way, I believe that a little less than half the total barley ends up in malt products

But if brewers go out of business because they can't afford to brew beer then the growers lose money too.

Ingredients / Re: Looking bad for barley...
« on: October 06, 2011, 08:16:03 AM »
From the American Malting Barley Assoc. production report..

Production is estimated at 155 million bushels, down 8 percent from the August forecast and 14 percent below 2010, and the lowest since 1936. Average yield per acre, at 69.2 bushels, is down 3.9 bushels from the previous year. Producers seeded 2.56 million acres in 2011, down 11 percent from last year. This is the lowest planted acreage on record. Harvested area, at 2.24 million acres, is down 9 percent from 2010, and the lowest level since 1881. Seeded area in North Dakota establishes a record low for the State, while harvested area is the lowest since 1901. In addition, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Utah producers set new record lows for seeded acreage, while producers in New York seeded a record-tying low. Record lows for harvested area were set in Michigan and Wisconsin. A record high yield was set in North Carolina, while producers in Arizona reported a record-tying yield.

Sounds like a determined effort to jack up prices. Similar to hops a few years ago. Only on hops the prices needed to come up. Barley is already super expensive and has been rising steadily for years.

I can drink Boston Lager, I have been thankful as well when the choice was Bud Light or Boston Lager. Boston Lager isn't really anything like a Czech Pils though. Way to much caramel. The hops might be what you are tasting.

I'm sure there is a way to fine a sanke, but I'm not going to mess with it.  ;) Yes, I'm positive they are completely thawed out.

Stratification is kind of what I thought. Maybe that would explain the stronger flavor on the alt.

Ron, did your beer pour clear before it froze? Did it clear up over time?

I'm not too terribly worried but I do think it is odd that I am noticing these changes. The haze on the alt was definitely not there prior to freezing.

Has anyone ever frozen beer before? I have but it has been years and years ago. Long story short; I forgot to put the ranco probe in my chest keggerator and froze all the beer in there solid. I've only tried two but one is an alt and the other is a tripel. Both are drinkable but they also both seem to have "stronger" flavors than before, especially the alt. Also, the alt now has a haze that wasn't there before. The tripel hadn't completely cleared up prior to freezing but it seems to also have a bit more haze.

Anyone have any experience or science to back this up?

The Pub / Steve Jobs Dead at 56
« on: October 05, 2011, 06:37:58 PM »
Wow! What an impact this is going to have on the tech world. Love or Hate Apple they have been profoundly influential on modern technology and Steve Jobs was the core of Apple - pun intended. Sucks for anyone to pass at such a young age.

The Pub / Re: Ken Burns' Prohibition
« on: October 05, 2011, 02:17:00 PM »
Far more old west and men getting soused every night, gambling fortunes and sleeping with women of ill repute, etc

You say that as if it's a bad thing.  :-\

Beer Recipes / Re: Grapefruit IPA?
« on: October 05, 2011, 08:03:54 AM »
Or WY1056/WL001 - if you don't make starters stick with US-05 dry yeast. You want to make sure you pitch the proper amount of yeast and ferment at the right temp to be sure the beer is clean to let the hops shine through.

Yep, bringing homebrew to the pig roast tailgate at the Miami game this Saturday.  Doesn't get much better than that.

Sure it does . . the Dolphs could actually do something foreign to them and win!   :D

I've been a Dolphan since the team started.  I think they are playing this way on purpose; they want the #1 draft pick next year.

They're still the only team with an undefeated season.  You could never tell by the way they play these days.

BTW - hokerer is talking about the Canes at VA Tech

I guarantee the Dolphins won't lose next weekend... 

(it's their bye week)

Suck for Luck? There's quite a few teams out there in the running.  ;)

Now we are getting somewhere! Let's go ahead and throw in some pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw, extra pickles and hot sauce.

 :P :P to you all who don't enjoy watching foortball :P :P

Beer Recipes / Re: Grapefruit IPA?
« on: October 04, 2011, 05:48:13 PM »
Put them in the last 10 minutes of the boil.

A good IPA hopping would be something like

.5 oz Columbus @ 60
1 oz Centennial @ 20
2 oz Centenial @ 10
2 oz Cascade @ 0
2 oz Amarillo @ 0

You really can;t put too much finishing hops in! ;)

Beer Recipes / Re: Grapefruit IPA?
« on: October 04, 2011, 03:35:55 PM »
You don't need the cara pils.

You do need more hops. Way more hops. Especially in the last 10 minutes.

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