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I would like to see the AHA make the competition software used for the National Competition available as shareware to the clubs.

I would like to second this sentiment.  Here are some ideas for requirements.

- Accept online entry data and output to a standard format.
- Output category winners list in PDF, Excel, or some other standard electronic format.
- Output points by brewer and club for use by regional competition circuit to keep totals for total brewer points, club points and team points.
- Interface with PayPal or other payment options to gather data.
- Be able to select categories for a competition that does not include all BJCP styles and/or groups styles in different categories.  We have at least four such competitions in the Lone Star Circuit(Bluebonnet, Celtic, Limbo and Dixie Cup).

If I may, there is already this type of software freely available to clubs that does most of the requested items above. It's called Brew Competition Online Entry. I created and maintain the code just for this reason.

Go to to test drive an installation. Clubs can download the entire source code and install it on their web servers OR clubs can have their competition entry website hosted by for a very minimal fee.

See also:
Hosting Information
Order Hosting
Download at Google Code
Download at SourceForge

Please contact me directly with any questions at



If SWMBO concurs, I'll be doing a double-dog-dare brew day on Sunday:

Brew 1: Fetchez la Vache - a Biere de Garde - Mash in at 9:00; boil by 11:00
Brew 2: Vader - Cascadian Dark Ale - Mash in at 11:30; boil by 1:30

Gotta have some fall/winter brews on tap!  ;D


I've got an straight up Oktoberfest working its way now, but since I've been planning on brewing a Doppelbock, it got me thinking: why not reuse the Oktoberfest yeast for it?

According to Wyeast, their Oktoberfest strain is a "a blend of lager strains designed to produce a rich, malty, complex and full bodied Octoberfest style beer. Attenuates well while still leaving plenty of malt character and mouthfeel. Low in sulfur production."

Sounds like a great option to me for a darker-end Doppelbock (see the base recipe at

Can anyone think of a reason not to?


I'm diving into an Imperial IPA based upon the Gordon clone that Jamil and Mike McDole detailed on a recent "Can You Brew It" podcast.

Here's the planned log:

Pitching it straight atop the yeast cake my Pale American Whiteboy is currently sitting on.

Now, if the weather will cooperate and not be snowing too much, I'll be good.

The Rock Hoppers Brew Club of Castle Rock, Colorado is proud to announce our inaugural homebrew competition: Bière de Rock. This AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition centers on Belgian and French styles, BJCP categories 16, 17 b through f, and 18.
Judging will take place December 5, 2009.
Complete rules, award, entry, and sponsor information is available on the Bière de Rock website at

Second Call For Judges and Stewards
If you are willing to be a judge or steward, please go to the Biere de Rock website, register, and fill out the appropriate information.
This year's judging location will be the Dry Dock Brewing Company tap room in Aurora, Colorado. Lunch will be provided for judges and stewards. All judges and stewards will receive an email reminder with a map to the location and judging assignments as the judging date approaches.

Call For Entries

To enter, go to the Bière de Rock website, click "Register" from the main navigation, proceed through the registration process, and enter each of your brews.

From our registration website, you can add, edit, and track each of your entries and print the required documentation (pre-filled in bottle labels and recipe forms based upon each of your entries). You can even pay your entry fees via PayPal.
Entries will be accepted between November 15, 2009 and November 28, 2009. Please check the Biere de Rock website for shipping and drop-off locations.

Please check the Bière de Rock website for general information. Direct all competition related inquires to Walt Chleva, Biere de Rock Competition Coordinator.


Geoff Humphrey
Communications Director
Rock Hoppers Brew Club
Castle Rock, Colorado

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