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Thanks for the posts guys.  I bought a 5/16" high speed drill bit, and the holes opened up super easy.  I should have went with the 3/8" bit, as I kind of had to move the bit around to widen it more than 5/16 (the u-bolt threads were 5/16" and the fit was too tight at first).  Pumps are secured and water test went smooth. 

The only other issue I had was Lowes didn't have the size u-bolt I wanted.  It was too long, so I had to put the loop end of the u-bolt facing upwards under the pump body.  The u-bolt is 2" wide (the next size up is 2/5", which is too wide), so the loop doesn't fit right against the mounting bracket.  Not a big deal, but doesn't look as nice.  I can post a pic if people are interested.


Thanks for the tip, Martin.  Do you have a pic to help show?  I wasn't planning on putting the u-bolts over the housing.  I had planned on putting them through holes in the mounting bracket with the pump and bracket sitting on top the stainless steel tube frame.  I have the pumps attached to the stand this way right now using some zip ties just so I can make progress on getting all my hoses measured and cut.

I would like to mount my pump to my brew stand using u-bolts.  Looks like I need to use 1/4" diameter, and ~2.25" to 2.5" for the width.  Problem is, the largest width u-bolt I can find at 1/4" is 2".  Any ideas on how to mount the pump without welding?  Is it reasonable for me to drill out the holes in the mounting bracket to get to 5/16"?  U-bolts with 5/16" diameters come in larger widths, which is why I ask.

I'm using this diagram to figure out the needed dimensions.  U-bolt would be going from front to back (right hand side of diagram).


General Homebrew Discussion / Re: 1st round NHC results
« on: May 02, 2012, 04:44:53 PM »
Seems to me that the best solution would be to increase 1st round sites from 10 to 15, but limit those beers going on from 1st-3rd to 1st-2nd.  In this case, you increase NHC entries by 30%, but keep the NHC final round at the same amount.  The biggest issue here is finding 5 more suckers... I mean volunteers willing to organize.  It is really a lot of work to organize.  My gut says that limiting entries will not increase the entry spots enough to satisfy demand.

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