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The other specialty grains would be the Caramunich III, and the Carapils which Steve has suggested I not use.

Why would it dilute the Munich Malt if I mashed them together?

And what's your take on using the Carapils for better head retention?


Ingredients / Re: Spice extracts in vodka
« on: July 25, 2014, 06:33:38 PM »


Ingredients / Spice extracts in vodka
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:55:48 PM »
I've read about it, but details always seem to be sketchy. 

If someone has done it, please tell me how you used it, quantities of spice used for what kinds of brew and how much vodka did you put it into. 

If you make more than you need, how long will it keep in the vodka, will it get stronger with time ?

Yes, I put 73 F in my calculations for both the fermenting and the bottle conditioning.

Thanks for the tip.  I'll do it and send you an update in a couple of months when I taste the first bottle.

Thanks, Steve.

I'm trying to make something similar to an Oktoberfest lager, but don't have the capability of fermenting at lager temperatures.  So I'm trying to put together an ale with a grain bill that's similar and see how it turns out.

I also don't like too much hops in my brew.
When you say don't bother with the Munich grain, steeping it in a grain bag for a while won't accomplish anything?

What other changes would you recommend?

Primary and secondary were both 73 F.  I don't have a cellar or basement, so I'm brewing and fermenting ales at basically room temperature.  Since I grow a vegetable garden and often in July and Aug we have outside temps of 95 F and higher with high humidity, I don't like keeping the A/C much lower than 73 F.  The difference between inside and outside is enough of a contrast even at 73 F.

I'm going to brew the first recipe I've put together on my own as an extract with specialty grains.

Mutant Munich Ale

Munich Malt Syrup 75%
Caramunich III 12%
Breiss Munich 10L 6 %
Carapils 6%

Fuggles for bittering and Tettnag for aroma

Your comments please.

I'm relatively new to brewing and thinking long term about a fruit beer for next spring, but unsure of batch vs. fermenter size.  If I brew for a three-gallons of finished brew, would I want to use a 6.5 gal ale pail or 5 -gal carboy to add the fruit to in the secondary?

Thanks for your tips.


You may be right, but what is puzzling to me is that other brews that I've made have developed a good head instantly as they are being poured.  And, I am one of those crazy guys that like to drink ales at 40 F versus the "politically-correct" temp of 55 to 57 F.


I've got a red ale bottle conditioning that spent 14 days in primary, 18 in secondary, and 13 days bottle conditioning at about 73 F after being bottled with plenty of sugar per priming calculator.

When I opened a chilled bottle last night and put it in a very cold mug, the beer tasted fine, but was otherwise quite flat i.e. very minimal carbonation.

I inverted all the bottles for a few seconds then turned them back upright and plan to do this every other day for about a week before sampling another bottle.

I used Safale US-05 and the beer was properly fermented, but carbonation is low.

Any other suggestions.

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