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- Prairie Homebrewing Companions: two group brews, club yeast bank
- Hoppy Halloween Challenge
- Jamil Zainasheff
- Heretic Brewing Company
- Bromance

Chip makes a solo mission to Fargo, ND for a Hoppy Halloween weekend of brew sessions, homebrew judging, kicking it with the Prairie Homebrewing Companions and Jamil Zainasheff... who, by the way, make a very big announcement in this episode.

all for brew, brew for all.

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV - Episode 22: Madison WI
« on: October 22, 2010, 05:40:55 AM »

- The Great Dane
- House of Brews
- Time to Brew: Dark Farm House Ale #2 (The Kriegers)
- Madison Homebrewers & Tasters Guild
- Great Taste of the Midwest
- The Malt House

Madison, WI is a lot of things in one city: a state capital, a college town, a hot spot for restaurants -- and one of the best beer cities Brewing TV has ever seen. Come along with us for a road trip to Madison. Meet some pro brewers, a man with a brewery plan, and a supercool homebrew club. We also hand over the reins to a father/son brew team for our Time to Brew segment.

all for brew, brew for all!


At Brewing TV, we focus mainly on homebrew and craft beer. But there is a wide range of other (often ancient) fermented beverages that homebrewers have made their own. Among them - mead. In this episode, we visit with mead master Curt Stock to learn more about the process and payoff of making your own mead.

All for mead, mead for all!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV - Episode 20: Fred Eckhardt
« on: October 01, 2010, 06:20:35 AM »

- The one, the only... Fred Eckhardt

Whether you're a homebrewer or simply a lover of great beer in America -- we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Fred Eckhardt. Brewing TV was lucky enough to chat with Fred over a few pints. This is what he had to say about the past, present and future of good beer.

All for brew, brew for Fred

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV- Episode 19: GABF 2010
« on: September 24, 2010, 09:23:23 AM »

- Jake at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO
- Michael & Chip sulking and brewing back in STP, MN

Jake Keeler grabs BTV's JV Squad camera and heads to Denver, CO for three days of beery goodness.

Meanwhile, Michael and Chip are forced to survive without him back in St. Paul, MN. They find plenty of fun to be had with a TopTier and the Varsity Squad camera.

Brewing TV High School football rules!

all for brew, brew for all.

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV - this week
« on: September 20, 2010, 08:56:06 AM »
Coming up this Friday the 24th:

Jake recaps GABF 2010...while Chip and Mike are left back in cold MN having their own beer fest around Dawson's Top Tier system.

see the teaser here:

- New Glarus Brewing Company

Brewing TV makes a long-awaited and anticipated (by us.... by you, too?) road trip to visit New Glarus Brewing Company. Well-known for their beers and packaging, we talk with Dan and Deb Carey about NGBC's mission and beer philosophy. Hop on a Spotted Cow and come with us.

All for brew, brew for all!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV - Episode 17: Hop Madness 2010
« on: September 03, 2010, 06:42:27 AM »

- B. Crosby Hop Farm (OR)
- Simple Earth Hops (WI)
- Time to Brew: Wet-Hopped Red Rye

We've been waiting a while for this episode to ripen and be ready to pick. From the messages BTV fans have posted for us at and Facebook -- you can't wait either. Well, here it is!

We're celebrating the hop harvest of 2010 in grand style. This episode includes visits with two hop-growers, one in Oregon and one in Wisconsin.

Then, it's a very special Time to Brew. We're picking fresh hops right off the bine and tossing them straight into the brew kettle. It smells oh so nice!

all for brew, brew for all...Let's hop to it!


- Jake & Lucretia Keeler brewing a Chocolate Milk Stout
- "Beer O'Clock" radio show with host The Beer Goddess

This one's for the ladies! We begin in the Keeler kitchen, where Jake is joined by his wife - Lucretia - in the brewing of a Chocolate Milk Stout. How's the old saying go? "Give a woman a beer, please her for a day. Teach her to brew, please her for a lifetime..." Right?

Then, BTV on the Radio. We visit Lisa Morrison aka The Beer Goddess during an episode of her craft beer radio show "Beer O'Clock" to get her input on women in craft beer and homebrewing.

All for brew, brew for all!


- Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
- BTV Tasting Notes: Patersbier

Of all the professional brewers that Brewing TV has visited with, Kurt and Rob Widmer may just be our favorites. They were cool, funny, extremely interesting, great storytellers.... and above all else, they hold homebrewing in the high esteem that we feel it deserves. We talk with the Widmer Brothers about their roots in and ongoing connection to homebrewing.

And we have a follow-up to the BTV Challenge: Open/Closed Patersbier Fermentation. See how Chip's beer turned out.

All for brew, brew for all!

- Jake's Homebrewery Project
- Time to Brew: Caribou Slobber

Jake Keeler has a problem. Actually, he has a lot of problems, but this one we can publicly discuss. Over the years he has collected a lot of equipment and toys for homebrewing - now he's trying to figure out how to fit it all in, move it all around and make the homebrews that he wants to drink.

Perhaps you can help Jake decide the best way to go about converting his space into a super homebrewery. See what he has now, where he'd like to be, and send us your suggestions.

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV #13 - Full Sail/Biere de Garde
« on: August 06, 2010, 05:56:29 AM »

- Brewer's Share Program at Full Sail Brewing Co.
- Time to Bottle: Biere de Garde

It's a pretty big deal to graduate from extract to all-grain brewing. But imagine making the transition and your first all-grain batch was nearly 500 gallons?! We're off to Full Sail Brewing Company, to meet an employee/owner who faced that monumental challenge - and won.

Then we're back in Dawson's homebrewery to bottle a Biere de Garde. This is a special beer -- one being reserved for the holidays -- so we're using snazzy cork-finished Belgian bottles.

All for brew, brew for all

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV #12 - Backyard Hop Crop
« on: July 30, 2010, 06:21:19 AM »
- BTV Backyard Hop Crop Report (July 2010)
- Time to Blend: Radler

Summertime ... and the brewing is easy. Flight patterns over Chip's house are low, and the hops are high. Join us on a laid-back journey into three backyards for a survey of this year's hop growth and, then, for some beer-blended refreshment.

all for brew, brew for all!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV #11 - Tasting Notes
« on: July 16, 2010, 06:19:24 AM »

- A whole lot of tasting notes!

We've received viewer requests that we go back and revisit some of the beers that we've brewed in past episode now that they are ready to drink. Here are tasting notes and self-critiques on Northwood/Worth Pale Ale (Ep. 3), Jake's ESB (Ep. 5) and the experimental Tomax + Xamot (Ep. 9). Brew them and tell us what you think!

All for brew, brew for all!


In this week's episode we ask ourselves: What's in a name? There's a big debate going on right now in the worlds of homebrewing and craft beer. It involves a new-ish style some are calling Cascadian Dark Ale, some are calling Black IPA and some are calling, well, you'll see...

Join us as we attempt to shine a light into this Dark space.

All for brew, brew for all.

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