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General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV - this week
« on: September 20, 2010, 03:56:06 PM »
Coming up this Friday the 24th:

Jake recaps GABF 2010...while Chip and Mike are left back in cold MN having their own beer fest around Dawson's Top Tier system.

see the teaser here:

- New Glarus Brewing Company

Brewing TV makes a long-awaited and anticipated (by us.... by you, too?) road trip to visit New Glarus Brewing Company. Well-known for their beers and packaging, we talk with Dan and Deb Carey about NGBC's mission and beer philosophy. Hop on a Spotted Cow and come with us.

All for brew, brew for all!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV - Episode 17: Hop Madness 2010
« on: September 03, 2010, 01:42:27 PM »

- B. Crosby Hop Farm (OR)
- Simple Earth Hops (WI)
- Time to Brew: Wet-Hopped Red Rye

We've been waiting a while for this episode to ripen and be ready to pick. From the messages BTV fans have posted for us at and Facebook -- you can't wait either. Well, here it is!

We're celebrating the hop harvest of 2010 in grand style. This episode includes visits with two hop-growers, one in Oregon and one in Wisconsin.

Then, it's a very special Time to Brew. We're picking fresh hops right off the bine and tossing them straight into the brew kettle. It smells oh so nice!

all for brew, brew for all...Let's hop to it!


- Jake & Lucretia Keeler brewing a Chocolate Milk Stout
- "Beer O'Clock" radio show with host The Beer Goddess

This one's for the ladies! We begin in the Keeler kitchen, where Jake is joined by his wife - Lucretia - in the brewing of a Chocolate Milk Stout. How's the old saying go? "Give a woman a beer, please her for a day. Teach her to brew, please her for a lifetime..." Right?

Then, BTV on the Radio. We visit Lisa Morrison aka The Beer Goddess during an episode of her craft beer radio show "Beer O'Clock" to get her input on women in craft beer and homebrewing.

All for brew, brew for all!


- Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
- BTV Tasting Notes: Patersbier

Of all the professional brewers that Brewing TV has visited with, Kurt and Rob Widmer may just be our favorites. They were cool, funny, extremely interesting, great storytellers.... and above all else, they hold homebrewing in the high esteem that we feel it deserves. We talk with the Widmer Brothers about their roots in and ongoing connection to homebrewing.

And we have a follow-up to the BTV Challenge: Open/Closed Patersbier Fermentation. See how Chip's beer turned out.

All for brew, brew for all!

- Jake's Homebrewery Project
- Time to Brew: Caribou Slobber

Jake Keeler has a problem. Actually, he has a lot of problems, but this one we can publicly discuss. Over the years he has collected a lot of equipment and toys for homebrewing - now he's trying to figure out how to fit it all in, move it all around and make the homebrews that he wants to drink.

Perhaps you can help Jake decide the best way to go about converting his space into a super homebrewery. See what he has now, where he'd like to be, and send us your suggestions.

The Pub / Re: The Demise of TechTalk
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:54:03 PM »
thanks Darkside!


The Pub / Re: The Demise of TechTalk
« on: August 06, 2010, 06:49:17 PM »
As the a member and Vice-Chair of the Governing Committee, I'll be 100% honest in stating that I advocated for the end of Tech Talk, and transition to the forum.  Here is a reply I sent to the Tech Talk email, and AHA members at large:

The decision to end Tech Talk was one that was in the works prior to my appointment on the Governing Committee.  However, I have endorsed the move, and I think this decision has strong majority support from the Governing Committee and the AHA.

That said, we fully understand that Tech Talk has been a valuable, and well-used resource by those AHA members taking advantage of it's function.  By no means does the AHA think that the Forum ALONE should decide the fate of Tech Talk.
Also, while reading through the responses so far, it strikes me how universal the tone of protest is.  Many, not all, but many seem to be speaking from a very personal and emotional stand-point.  Several have protested, but respected the AHA's reasoning, which I feel is a legitimate and appropriate response.

To this observation, I think three factors need to be reiterated, and I would encourage all AHA members to pause and give consideration to the wants of the few vs. the needs of the many.

1. Tech Talk costs a disproportionate amount of capital, and more importantly time vs. the forum.  The forum has more participation, strikes a more egalitarian form of dissemination, and has the ability to evolve with user interaction and new technology.  Tech Talk is a media avenue that is being phased out in most areas of retail, marketing, social interaction, and online communication.  In other words, if not ended now, it would surely end within the coming years as more robust forms of online media are developed and users become more educated.  There is a smaller but active participant group with Tech Talk now, but trends in internet marketing and communication point to this audience being in fast decline, and altogether becoming a drastically marginalized demographic.  In business parlance: When does an asset become a liability, and when does an entity assess the risk and loss in it's efforts related to said asset/liability?  The AHA would be remiss to not make proactive decisions in regards to use of member funds, and serving a growing majority vs.a diminishing minority.    I know, this sounds heartless and corporate, but these are the pains of growth.  And to ignore good business practice in place of allowing our hearts to guide us would surely be a mistake.  The heart must inform the mind, but the mind must make logical decisions. Sometimes, they are inexorably at conflict...such is life.

2. Secondary to this is the member usage, it is estimated that only about 2,500 people actually open the email vs. the over 15,000 (closer to 19,000 now) that are being sent out.  At best (based on 15,000), this is 17% success/use rate.  It should also be noted that not all 2500 that open the email respond, and/or even read it. This, by most estimations with email campaigns, is marginally successful.  Also, we have seen explosive membership growth in the last year, and the overwhelming majority of these new members do not use Tech Talk.  Therefore, the 17% will quickly diminish if the current membership trending holds true.  The 2,500 will become a further minority due to a growing majority.  This said, this minority segment is important, vital, and has all the same rights to consideration and support as the majority.  So the question becomes:  Does the AHA continue to spend a disproportionate amount of time and capital to serve this segment?  Or, do we make efforts to replace their needs with something comparable and strike a better balance with the majority, knowing full well that there will be backlash and protest?  We have chosen the latter, and I think it is a sound decision.  Change is usually not welcomed, but it is the byproduct of growth and progression.  If one wants a better service/advocacy,  one must expect and accept a reasonable amount of change.

3. The Forum is a robust and quality resource which serves almost exactly the same function of Tech Talk.  I use this forum myself, and find it to be one of the better online resources for Homebrewing currently available on the internet.  At Northern Brewer, we have had a forum for many years, and it has been enormously successful.  Never have we considered an email format such as Tech Talk, because of the labor vs. gains, minority audience, and most importantly the fact that there are more robust and effective avenues such as forums, social media avenues, and especially video.  Likewise, the AHA must start thinking and working toward developing new, better means of serving it's members.  Better discounts, increased resources through the website, increased efforts to protect homebrewers' rights and interests on State and Federal levels, providing more events and avenues for homebrewers to connect and create communities, and exploring new media that can better serve the homebrewing community at large and AHA members.

Reformatting TechTalk with labor usage, or the structure of the content would only solve one of the factors which is time/capital.  And, this effect would be finite as the minority user demographic shrinks, the capital/labor equation eventually does not "add up" once again.  We'd be right back where we are now.

This is the tipping point for me.  We, as a culture need to start thinking more proactively, rather then reactionary.  If we do not re-align our way of thinking about how to manage this community, hobby, industry, and culture we will surely see an end to "Golden Age" of homebrewing we are currently in.  Historical data would suggest that the higher the numbers climb, the larger the valley will be. If we do not take an analytical, and sometimes brutally honest look at what we are doing, we shall not be able to create sustainable models to stabilize our current prosperity. It is the AHA's responsibility to be the guardians of Homebrewing's health and direction.  Taking on that responsibility means making tough decisions, and not always being able to please everyone.  Those disappointed, aggravated, and those who would take their protest in the form of obstaining from renewing their memberships have EVERY RIGHT to feel the way they feel.  We can only ask to consider the criteria which has been given, and join us in making this transition.  This should not be perceived as a line in the sand, but rather an opportunity to asses where the AHA has been, and where it shall go in serving all of it's members in the most democratically feasible way.


Jake Keeler

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV #13 - Full Sail/Biere de Garde
« on: August 06, 2010, 12:56:29 PM »

- Brewer's Share Program at Full Sail Brewing Co.
- Time to Bottle: Biere de Garde

It's a pretty big deal to graduate from extract to all-grain brewing. But imagine making the transition and your first all-grain batch was nearly 500 gallons?! We're off to Full Sail Brewing Company, to meet an employee/owner who faced that monumental challenge - and won.

Then we're back in Dawson's homebrewery to bottle a Biere de Garde. This is a special beer -- one being reserved for the holidays -- so we're using snazzy cork-finished Belgian bottles.

All for brew, brew for all

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV #12 - Backyard Hop Crop
« on: July 30, 2010, 01:21:19 PM »
- BTV Backyard Hop Crop Report (July 2010)
- Time to Blend: Radler

Summertime ... and the brewing is easy. Flight patterns over Chip's house are low, and the hops are high. Join us on a laid-back journey into three backyards for a survey of this year's hop growth and, then, for some beer-blended refreshment.

all for brew, brew for all!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV #11 - Tasting Notes
« on: July 16, 2010, 01:19:24 PM »

- A whole lot of tasting notes!

We've received viewer requests that we go back and revisit some of the beers that we've brewed in past episode now that they are ready to drink. Here are tasting notes and self-critiques on Northwood/Worth Pale Ale (Ep. 3), Jake's ESB (Ep. 5) and the experimental Tomax + Xamot (Ep. 9). Brew them and tell us what you think!

All for brew, brew for all!


In this week's episode we ask ourselves: What's in a name? There's a big debate going on right now in the worlds of homebrewing and craft beer. It involves a new-ish style some are calling Cascadian Dark Ale, some are calling Black IPA and some are calling, well, you'll see...

Join us as we attempt to shine a light into this Dark space.

All for brew, brew for all.


In this episode, we tag along with Furthermore brewer Aran Madden as he deconstructs IPA and rebuilds it ... with spices. Then in Time To Brew, Jake and Michael take it out and chop it up with a split batch.

Watch here:

Brewing TV episode 1.8 now up!

We recap the 2010 National Homebrewer's Conference.
It was a grueling week, and some long hours were spent getting this to you all.   We hope this is a trip down memory lane, or chance to live vicariously through BTV at this year's record breaking conference.

all for brew, brew for all!

General Homebrew Discussion / Brewing TV episode #6 up!
« on: June 11, 2010, 03:30:25 PM »

- Time to Brew: Tasting the Topless Hefeweizen
- Mark Stutrud, founder of Summit Brewing Company and keynote speaker at 2010 National Homebrewers Conference

BTV viewers asked for it, here it is. We begin this episode with some quick tasting notes on Dawson's Topless Hefeweizen brewed and open-fermented in Episode 4.

Our main segment focuses on Mark Stutrud, founder of Summit Brewing Company. Mark tells us about the changes he's seen in beer culture over the last 30 years, the argument of style vs. brand, and importance of homebrewing

Going to NHC this summer? Brewing TV will be there, too. Maybe you'll make it into a future episode.


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