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Beer Recipes / Re: First Lager
« on: February 24, 2016, 11:25:27 AM »
For what it is worth... I would use that local pils. For a first lager shoot for a 1.045-ish gravity, maybe hop to 25-30 IBU with something noble-like, and use that dry yeast. I bet it will be just the hook to drag you into brewing lagers. When you really want to match a style like BoPils, then I think the malt will matter a lot more. Maybe throw a little corn (10-20%) and find some Cluster for a flavorful CAP.

I have really enjoyed this shift. Still love my ales, especially saisons - but something about clean pils character and nearly no detectible esters or phenols from the yeast makes lagers fascinating. And such a great place to feature hop character.

+1 A nice CAP would be a great place to start. 34/40 makes a pretty good one too.

The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« on: February 18, 2016, 07:54:04 PM »
Very nice, Ken. Tullamore  Dew makes a killer whiskey sour.

The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« on: February 13, 2016, 05:17:39 PM »
Just bought a bottle of Bowmore 12. Very tasty, and the price was right. Highly recommended.

The Pub / Re: BA letter to Peyton
« on: February 12, 2016, 09:25:51 AM »
You are all so naive.  "Budweiser" is street slang for HGH.


It will be interesting to see how the Cubs handle being favorites to win. Being a Cubs fan, I expect an implosion by July ::)

I got my Baseball Prospectus last week, and the section on the Cubs was the most happiness inducing thing I have ever read. However, I will continue to expect the worse until I am proven wrong.

The Pub / Re: Need Your Vote - 2016 Beer Drinker of the Year
« on: January 25, 2016, 05:41:29 PM »
Beer drinker of the year? Does whiskey count as beer?  ;)

Voted for ya. Hope you win and have fun.

The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« on: January 24, 2016, 11:33:27 AM »
Laphroaig 10 is my go-to as well. Caol Ila is another great one if you're into peat.

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Caol Ila? I never heard of it or have seen it as far as I know. Is it an Islay?

It is indeed an Islay. I've had them a couple of times. One was very good, the other was not. I forget what they were, other than they were aged in wine barrels.

The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« on: January 23, 2016, 04:40:00 PM »
Some good ones on that list. I am a fan of the Highland Park, Ardbeg, and the Aberfeldy. I have heard good things about Bowmore, which will be a purchase of mine soon.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: New year, new Zymurgy editor!
« on: January 12, 2016, 12:56:20 PM »
Thanks for all the hard work, Jill. Zymurgy has always been a treasure for me.

The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« on: January 12, 2016, 12:49:47 PM »
I received my bottles of Powell and Mahoney. I bought 2 of the ginger, 1 of the blood orange, and 1 pomegranate. I finished off the FEW bourbon with the ginger, as that whiskey just tasted worse and worse to me on its own. Made a couple of cocktails last night. 1 pt Aquavit, 1 pt ginger, 1 pt club soda, couple dashes of bitters -- very very tasty. Substituted the ginger with the blood orange, and upped the amount of club soda and added a twist of lemon, which was also very tasty. I had forgotten about the bottle of Aquavit I had bought from North Shore distillery. I aged a pint on the side with some American oak, and love that on its own. Otherwise, I have no Aquavit to compare it to. Good stuff.

The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« on: January 07, 2016, 07:52:23 PM »
Just don't bring me Bushmill's.

Ha! I say that all the time. I have never tried Bushmill's, and I never will.

I am drinking Green Spot at the moment, as well as some Michter's small batch. Love the Green Spot. I had Tulleymore Dew the other day in a whiskey sour. It was pretty dang good.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Quick tips
« on: January 03, 2016, 07:38:10 AM »
For those who brew outside in the cold winter: get all the water out of your hoses, and store them inside. I like to measure everything out the night before, but have to remember to keep buckets of water inside. It is always a good idea to have a couple gallons of distiller water around. I often use it to top off at the end of a boil, or add at the beginning of a boil when volumes aren't quite what they should be.

Beer Recipes / Re: Low ABV Brew
« on: December 29, 2015, 02:26:07 PM »
How about a Gratzer? 100% Oak smoked wheat malt. Then using you favorite noble, or noblish hop, bitter with 1 oz at 60 min, 2 oz at 15, and 3 oz at flameout. Ferment with 1007 German ale. My OG is usually between 1.036 and 1.044.

All Things Food / Re: Growing food - The Garden Thread
« on: December 26, 2015, 09:09:22 AM »
Do you till under the vetch? I planted some a few years ago in a spot where I wanted to expand my garden. It didn't work (I have really sandy soil and it did poorly), but what was able to grow has started spreading a bit. I wouldn't quite call it a weed at this point, but does seem a bit invasive.

That is a problem with vetch. Tilling it under wouldn't be a good idea, as it would just plant more seed. Unless you spread black plastic mulch over the tilled area, which would kill it quite well. The seeds would still be viable for quite a while though. My plan is to cut it down with the sickle bar, the use the flame weeder on it. Then plant something else right away. I may use black mulch after flame weeding as well. Otherwise, 2,4-d will do the job.

All Things Food / Re: Growing food - The Garden Thread
« on: December 23, 2015, 07:34:01 AM »
That's a real drag, Euge. Drip irrigation and some black mulch would help a lot with pests and water needs.

My cover crops on the field are still growing as we haven't had a sustained frost yet. Which is great cause that hairy vetch is putting in a ton of nitrogen, and the oilseed radishes must be four or more feet long at this point. I find this super spooky though. It will be 60 F outside tomorrow.

We finally got our tractor and attachments last week though. It only took four months after ordering, but I am going to have fun come spring.

The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« on: December 17, 2015, 05:33:31 PM »

That ginger concoction from Powell and Mahoney looks good. Have you tried any of their other products?

Their Bloody Mary sucks...I mean really, really, really sucks. I paid for the bottle and shipping so I will jazz it up and use it up, but if I had paid $5 or less I would pour it out. I also purchased their Margarita, but haven't used any of it yet. It better be good!

It only takes a splash of the ginger in a drink. It is spicy and nice.

I am glad I asked, as that is what I was thinking of adding.

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