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Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Need some help troubleshooting WLP023
« Last post by Ale Farmer on Today at 08:32:46 PM »
I can only offer my own anecdotal evidence, which isn't quite like your experience, but maybe there is something different about 023. My first attempt to use it two years ago failed completely--no nothing in a starter--but I pitched it anyway and, no surprise, no nothing in the porter I was brewing. (I salvaged that with some dry yeast--Nottingham.) I chalked that failure up to a mishandled package--but I've never had that experience before or after, even when buying from the same LHBS.

I had better luck last year--brewed a bitter and a porter. And I'm planning on using WLP 023 in January on a bitter.

What I have noticed about 023 is that, once in the fermenter, it has two lives: an initial small krausen, which falls, followed by a larger top-cropping-like krausen. This happened with the bitter and the porter--kinda unusual but interesting.

I very much like Burton Ale Yeast--but it has been an unusual yeast for me, although not quite as it has for you.

I'm very curious to learn of other experiences with it.
The Pub / Re: Whiskey
« Last post by Joe Sr. on Today at 06:53:06 PM »
Huh.  I love Sazerac and prefer it on ice rather than mixed.  I'll look for the heat with this bottle.

Since you mentioned Crown Royal, I've been thinking about checking out some Canadian whiskeys with the assumption that their prices haven't gone crazy.  Anyone got Canadian whiskey recommendations?
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: CO2 "Washing" Secondary Fermenter
« Last post by Joe Sr. on Today at 06:47:08 PM »
I might try that next time I brew.

Hoping to get a couple batches in after Christmas.  It's been almost 6 months since I last brewed...
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Porch Pirates
« Last post by Robert on Today at 04:08:57 PM »
This seems exponentially worse this year.  I've seen news items where they're even using children to steal packages.  Hell in a handcart and whatnot.  One PD near here is putting out bait packages with a GPS tag in that nice smiley box.  Two arrests first day.   But I feel a little guilty for cheering on a couple of local women who are saving up all their cat poo and making their own "bait" packages. Only hope a thief does get that one, not the guy  waiting for his grain and hops.  Merry Christmas, Hooper.
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Porch Pirates
« Last post by Hooper on Today at 03:55:06 PM »
Yeah...I doubt it was home brewer that stole it...Unless it was a Colorado brewer short of Citra hops...Today is Sunday...but I am working it with FedEx...Had to chuckle thinking of them lugging that heavy box as fast as they could only to find out it wasn't fudge...
All Things Food / Re: Why buy a 22" WSM
« Last post by BrewBama on Today at 03:38:38 PM »
Hope you enjoy it as much and we do around here.

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It was awesome. I cooked a 9#  brisket from Costco. It was the smallest whole brisket they had. It got to 205F in 4 hours. I then rested it in a cooler for 2 hours while I cooked sides.

I can’t imagine how the brisket would be better by cooking it slower.

Exactly. You can’t beat it.

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General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Porch Pirates
« Last post by mabrungard on Today at 03:14:17 PM »
It was a delivery from MoreBeer with 20 lbs of assorted grains and 1 lb of Citra hops.

And it probably ended up in the trash when the thief found out what it was. Sad.
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Mash/wort pH and oxidation
« Last post by mabrungard on Today at 03:12:06 PM »

5.4 is where you want to be for mash pH, with a 10 min acid addition in the boil to knock down to 5.0. This is the best of all worlds.

There is a lot to be said for mashing at 5.4 and keeping that temp for most of the boil. This is certainly true when brewing beers with high Pils malt content since the 5.4 pH helps convert SMM to DMS and its subsequent volatilization. However, I question the late boil reduction to 5.0. That pH might be OK for some styles, but not all.

I'm assuming that Derek's recommendation of 5.0 has something to do with the typical lager yeast's lesser capacity to acidify beer? My experience is that typical ales don't need their wort pH that low. They will acidify their beer to an appropriate pH if their wort pH is under 5.4 (OK, stouts and porters might be higher). An additional consideration is that beer's made with little or no Pils malt are far less likely to have DMS problems and probably don't have to have the 5.4 pH during the boil. 
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Porch Pirates
« Last post by HoosierBrew on Today at 02:10:10 PM »
I have packages shipped to my work address. Not every employer is on board with that. Luckily mine is. I'm a laid back guy but the pirates give me thoughts of violence. Total horses**t.
General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Mash/wort pH and oxidation
« Last post by Robert on Today at 01:11:39 PM »
Getting some good info here, thanks all.  Looking back at notes, I have had good results getting a reduction in pH in the kettle with calcium additions there, too.  Lots to consider.  As I said I'm looking for the right compromise strategy, taking my water supply as a given, with nothing to excess.  This is as much philosophy as anything else on my part (see my signature.) But recently I  have realized oxidation can come into play even though my beer is quickly consumed on draught.   (I mighttry to address this just with better purging and transfer procedures.)
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